Friday, June 25, 2010

safety keywords for drug-realated searches -- keywords

Not all of the listed terms are appropriate for all searches. Additional terms will be needed for many searches. For example, osteonecrosis/onj terms would need to be added to a search for the safety/adverse effects of bisphosphonates.

adverse OR "side effect" OR "side effects" OR "sentinel event" OR "sentinel events" OR hypersensitive OR hypersensitivity OR hypersensitivities OR sensitivity OR sensitivities OR allergic OR allergy OR allergies OR allergenic OR drug-induced drug-related OR chemically-induced OR "drug reaction" OR "drug reactions" OR "drug interaction" OR "drug interactions" OR eruption* OR hive OR hives OR urticaria OR urticarial OR exanthem* OR rash OR rashes OR anaphyla* OR SJS[tiab] OR Stevens-Johnson OR "stevens johnson" OR "toxic epidermal necrolysis" OR irritant* OR extravasat* OR safe OR safety OR safely OR teratogen* OR carcinogen* OR epileptogen* OR nephrotoxic* OR hepatotoxic* OR cardiotoxic* OR toxic OR toxicity OR toxicities OR contraindicat* OR biohazard* OR hazard* OR danger OR dangers OR dangerous OR endanger* OR precaution* OR caution* OR "safety glasses" OR "protective clothing" OR gown OR gowns OR gowned OR gloved OR gloves OR respirator OR respirators OR hood OR hoods OR biocontain* OR exposure OR exposures