Friday, June 18, 2010

outcomes of supplementary interventions for cancer -- keywords and mesh

The following search strategy looks for outcome words/headings only:

outcome* OR ((treatment* OR chemotherap* OR protocol* OR regimen* OR drug OR drugs OR agent OR agents OR anti-neoplastic) AND (respond* OR response*)) OR failure* OR mortality OR fatal* OR death OR dead OR deaths OR "passed away" OR demise* OR Recurren* OR progression OR progressed OR relaps* OR growth OR grew OR growing OR remission* OR regression OR survival OR disease-free OR cure OR cures OR "quality of life" OR qol OR morbidit* OR adverse OR "side effect" OR "side effects" OR events OR nausea OR nauseous OR vomit* OR emesis OR comfort* OR pain OR painful OR painfree OR pain-free OR stress OR PTSD OR analges* OR narcotic OR opioid OR neuropath* OR toxicity OR toxic OR toxicities OR nephrotoxic* OR hepatotoxic* OR cardiotoxic* OR overdos* OR suicid* OR depression OR depressed OR anxiet* OR anxious OR fatigu* OR tired OR sleep OR sleeping OR sleeps OR slept OR insomnia OR insomniac OR rest OR resting OR health OR "Outcome Assessment Health Care "[Mesh] OR "Mortality"[Mesh] OR "mortality "[Subheading] OR "Survival"[Mesh] OR "Survival Analysis"[Mesh] OR "Remission Induction"[Mesh] OR "Remission, Spontaneous"[Mesh] OR "Neoplasm Regression, Spontaneous"[Mesh] OR "adverse effects "[Subheading] OR "Sentinel Surveillance"[Mesh] OR "Drug Toxicity"[Mesh] OR "Quality of Life"[Mesh] OR "Vomiting"[Mesh] OR "Nausea"[Mesh] OR "Signs and Symptoms"[Mesh] OR "Depression"[Mesh] OR "Depressive Disorder"[Mesh] OR "Anxiety"[Mesh] OR "Anxiety Disorders"[Mesh] OR "Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic"[Mesh] OR "Pain"[Mesh] OR "Pain Measurement"[Mesh] OR "Sleep"[Mesh] OR "Sleep Deprivation"[Mesh] OR "Sleep Disorders"[Mesh] OR "Rest"[Mesh] OR "Health"[Mesh] OR "Health Status Indicators"[Mesh] OR "Health Status"[Mesh] OR "stress, psychological"[mesh]