Tuesday, June 21, 2011

central lines -- keywords

("central line" OR "central lines" OR "central line-associated" OR "central line-related" OR central-line* OR "central intravenous line" OR "central intravenous lines" OR "central venous line" OR "central venous lines" OR "central venous access catheter" OR "central venous access catheters" OR "central catheter" OR "central catheters" OR "split cath" OR split-cath OR propicc OR vascupicc OR multicath OR  “central venous catheter” OR “central venous catheters” OR “central venous access” OR “peripheral intravenous central catheters” OR “peripherally inserted Central Catheter” OR “peripheral intravenous central catheter” OR “peripherally inserted Central Catheters” OR IAP OR “umbilical artery catheters” OR UACs OR “umbilical vein catheters” OR UVCs OR “central venous access devices” OR CVADs OR “central IV line” OR “umbilical artery catheter” OR UAC OR “umbilical vein catheter” OR UVC OR “central venous access device” OR CVAD OR “central IV lines” OR mediport  OR “swan-ganz” OR “swan ganz” OR ((Hickman*[tiab] OR Groshong*[tiab] OR broviac[tiab] OR hohn[tiab] OR leonard[tiab] OR trifusion OR jugular* OR subclavian OR femoral OR "pulmonary artery" OR "split stream" OR eschelon OR midline OR morpheus OR neostar OR “central venous pressure” OR “central venous pressures” OR cvp OR cvps OR “central access”) AND (access OR line OR lines OR catheter OR catheters OR catheterisation* OR catheterization*)) OR CVC OR CVCs OR PICC OR PICCs OR powerPICC OR RadPICC OR CLABSI* OR TIVAS OR "central intraarterial line" OR "central intraarterial lines" OR "central arterial line" OR "central arterial lines" OR "pulmonary artery catheter" OR "pulmonary artery catheters" OR "pulmonary artery line" OR "pulmonary artery lines" OR "central intra-arterial line" OR "central intra-arterial lines" OR "swan ganz" OR swan-ganz OR ((implanted OR implantable OR Groshong[tiab] OR omega[tiab] OR passport OR dignity OR titanium OR triumph*) AND (port OR ports OR catheter* OR line OR lines)) OR "totally implantable venous access" OR portacath* OR porta-cath* OR port-a-cath* OR microport OR bardport OR powerport OR infuse-a-port OR medi-port OR mediport OR x-port OR slimport OR powerline OR powerhohn OR powerhickman OR powergroshong OR per-q-cath OR "p.a.s. port" OR "pas port" OR life-port* OR lifeport* OR "life port" OR "life ports" OR titanport* )