Friday, June 3, 2011

gastric outlet obstruction -- keyword and MeSH

The search strategy below was designed to retrieve records focused on the topic of interest.  

(((stomach*[ti] OR gastric[ti] OR pyloric[ti] OR Pylorus[ti] OR gastroduo*[ti] OR pyloroduoden*[ti] OR gastrojejun*[ti] OR antral[ti] OR antrum[ti]) AND (obstruct*[ti] OR block[ti] OR blocks[ti] OR blocked[ti] OR blocking[ti] OR blockage*[ti] OR stenosis[ti] OR stenoses[ti] OR stenotic[ti] OR stricture*[ti] OR web[ti] OR webs[ti] OR volvul*[ti] OR intussuscept*[ti])) OR "bouveret syndrome"[ti] OR pyloromyotom*[ti] OR pylorostenos*[ti] OR ((pyloric[ti] OR pylorus[ti]) AND myotom*[ti]) ) OR "Gastric Outlet Obstruction"[Mesh]

The title tags would have to be removed to be assured of more comprehensive (less focused) results.