Friday, June 3, 2011

osteonecrosis of the talar navicular bone -- keywords

The following is an initial stab at this search topic.

(( avascular OR ischem* OR ischaem* OR osteonecro* OR necrotic OR necrosis OR necroses OR osteochondrosis OR osteochondroses OR osteochondriti* OR kohler*[tiab] OR koehler*[tiab] OR "Mueller-Weiss" OR "mueller weiss" OR muller-weiss OR "muller weiss" OR bipartite OR bi-partite ) AND navicular*) OR (((osteopathia[tiab] AND deformans[tiab]) OR "kohler's disease" OR "kohler disease" OR "koehler's disease" OR "koehlers disease" OR "mueller weiss syndrome" OR "mueller-weiss syndrome" OR "muller-weiss syndrome" OR "muller weiss syndrome" OR "Brailsford's disease") AND (tarsal OR foot OR feet OR ankle OR navicular*))

The following multi-word phrases were not found by PubMed and caused retrieval of irrelevant results:

"brailsfords disease" OR "brailsford disease"