Wednesday, June 15, 2011

rural -- keywords

(Rural* OR agricultur* OR wilderness* OR frontier* OR ((tribal OR tribe OR tribes OR native OR indian) AND reservation*) OR farmer OR farmers OR farming OR farm OR farms OR nonurban* OR "non-urban"  OR remote OR outback* OR isolated OR "small town" OR "small towns" OR village* OR settlement*)

"remote" OR isolated  can cause problems with irrelevant results.  However, they work in some searches.   The following "isolate ___" OR "remote ____" phrases may work better  in some searches -- 

“remote area” OR “remote areas” OR “remote region” OR “remote regions” OR “isolated area” OR “isolated areas”  OR "isolated region" OR "isolated regions"  OR "remote location" OR "remote locations" OR "isolated location" OR "isolated locations" OR  "remote site" OR "remote sites" OR "isolated site" OR "isolated sites" 

In some searches the terms -- 
nonurban OR nonmetropolitan OR "non-urban" OR "non-metropolitan"  
-- may be important.  However, these may retrieve content concernign suburban areas.
Depending on the search topic, the searcher may wish to OR in 
--the names of native tribes and/or native peoples, e.g. 
eskimo* OR "first people" OR "first peoples" OR aborigin* ...

-- terms for migrant laborers
migrant* OR 

-- terms for other people groups who tend to live in rural settings
amish OR hutterite* ...

-- names of various farm animals, farm equipment, farm buildings, farm activities, crops, diseases associated with farming,  (although depending on other search concepts, some of these might cause retrieval of an overwhelming number of irrelevant results)

plow OR plows OR till OR tills OR tilling OR tilled OR plant OR plants OR  planting OR planted OR  tiller* OR harvest* OR horticultur* OR bovine OR cow OR cows OR heifer* OR steer* OR bull OR bulls OR beef OR sheep OR lamb OR lambs OR goat* OR chicken* OR porcine OR pig OR pigs OR sow OR sows OR horse OR horses OR equine OR mare OR mares OR silo OR silos OR barn OR barns OR coop OR coops  OR dairy OR dairies OR stable OR stables  OR "cow pox"....