Saturday, June 4, 2011

How often are IV to oral administration changes, recommended as part of a pharmacist-managed program, implemented? --kewords

The strategy below was designed for EBSCOhost databases (PubMed will not handle all of the needed phrases). The strategy was designed to retrieve relatively comprehensive and relatively focused results (not an all out effort to retrieve comprehensive results):

("parenteral to oral" OR "parenteral-to-oral" OR "injectable to oral" OR "injectable-to-oral" OR "IV to oral" OR "intravenous to oral" OR "IV to enteral" OR "intravenous to enteral" OR "IV-to-oral" OR "intravenous-to-oral" OR "IV-to-enteral" OR "intravenous-to-enteral" OR ((inject* OR infusion* OR parenteral OR IV OR intravenous) AND (oral OR enteral OR "p.o.") )) AND (step-down OR "step down" OR stepdown OR conver* OR switch* OR steward*) AND ( pharmacist OR pharmacists ) AND (complian* OR comply* OR complie* OR efficacy OR efficacious OR effective* OR retrospective OR achiev* OR outcome* OR impact* OR evaluat* OR assessment* OR audit* OR accept* OR reject* OR follow* OR declin* OR agree* OR disagree* OR “go along” OR "goes along" OR “went along” OR object OR objects OR objected OR objecting OR refuse OR refuses OR refused OR refusing OR refusal*)