Thursday, June 23, 2011

exercise -- keywords

This strategy was composed as part of a search for the effects of exercises that raise pulse and respiratory rates. I'm sure I've left out some important terms. The following is a place to start.

(exercise OR exercised OR exercising OR exercises OR exerciser* OR aerobics OR calisthenic* OR active OR activity OR activities OR "physical education" OR "physical training" OR sport OR sports OR basketball* OR baseball* OR softball* OR football* OR volleyball* OR lacrosse OR squash OR hockey OR soccer OR rugby OR ((play OR plays OR played OR playing OR player*) AND (ball OR balls OR tag OR "hide and seek")) OR racquetball* OR "roller blading" OR rollerblad* OR "track and field" OR vault* OR hurdle* OR marathon* OR triathlon* OR biathlon* OR pentathlon* OR race[tiab] OR races[tiab] OR raced OR racing OR races OR racer* OR dash OR dashes OR dasher* OR sprint* OR run OR runs OR running OR ran OR runner* OR jog OR jogs OR jogging OR jogged OR jogger* OR jump OR jumps OR jumped OR jumping OR jumper* OR swimming OR swim OR swims OR swam OR swimmer* OR polo OR canoe* OR kayak* OR rowing OR row OR rows OR rowed OR rower* OR cycling OR cyclist* OR bicycl* OR skating OR skate[tiab] OR skates[tiab] OR skated OR skater* OR ski OR skis OR skiing OR skied OR skier* OR snowboard* OR tennis OR judo OR "martial arts" OR "martial art" OR (martial AND (art[tiab] OR arts OR artist*)) OR "martial artists" OR spar OR sparred OR sparring OR spars OR jiu-jitsu OR jiujitsu OR jujutsu OR sojutsu OR defendo OR karate OR kenpo OR kickbox* OR shinkendo OR aikido OR jodo OR judo OR kendo OR kyudo OR ninjutsu OR boxing OR shootfight* OR taekwondo OR sumo OR fencing OR fence OR fences OR fenced OR fencer* OR wrestle OR wrestles OR wrestling OR wrestled OR wrestler* OR gymnastic* OR gymnast OR gymnasts OR zumba* OR dance OR danced OR dances OR dancing OR dancer* OR ballet OR ballerina* folkdance* OR walk*[tiab] OR orienteer* OR hike OR hikes OR hiked OR hiking OR hiker* OR climb OR climbs OR climbing OR climber* OR climbed)