Wednesday, June 15, 2011

non-surgical therapy -- keywords

I usually don't add a treatment concept to keyword searches when I'm trying to retrieve all relevant articles. I just select the treatment-related articles from among those retrieved by my other search concepts. However, today I ran into a search in which the amount of non-treatment related literature was just too overwhelming. So I've started a non-surgical treatment keyword list. Any suggestions for additions are welcome : - ). Of course some of the following are relevant for some searches and not for others. Drug names, drug class names would be needed to in many searches.

(treat OR treats OR treating OR treated OR treatment* OR managed OR manage OR manages OR managing OR management OR care OR caring OR cares OR cared OR "standard of care" OR "standards of care" OR "best practice" OR "best practices" OR "recommended practice" OR "recommended practices" OR therapy OR therapeutic OR therapies OR rehabilitat* OR exercis* OR aerobic OR anaerobic OR diet OR nonpharmacolog* OR non-pharmacolog* OR drug OR drugs OR medication* OR pharmacotherap* OR chemotherap* OR chaemotherap* OR dose OR doses OR dosage* OR administer* OR oral OR nasogastric OR inject* OR intraderm* OR intra-derm* OR subcut* OR intramuscular OR intra-muscular OR infus* OR parenteral OR intraperiton* OR intra-periton* OR intrathecal OR intra-thecal OR epidural OR inhaler* OR intranasal OR intra-nasal OR intraocular OR Intra-ocular OR "care plan" OR "care plans" OR protocol* OR guideline* OR algorithm* OR "standard order" OR "standard orders" OR compliance OR adherence OR noncompliance OR nonadherence OR non-compliance OR non-adherence OR comply OR complied OR complying OR complies OR adhere OR adheres OR adhering OR adhered OR adherent OR compliant OR "support group" OR "support groups" OR appointment* OR visit OR visits OR follow-up OR continuity OR "patient education" )