Wednesday, June 15, 2011

disparities -- keywords

The "disparities" concept like the "treatment" concept is one that I usually do not include in keyword searches.  However, today I was confronted with a search that retrieved an overwhelming number of irrelevant results without the "disparities" concept so I've started a disparities keyword list.  Suggestions are welcome.

(disparat* OR disparit* OR  inequit* OR unequal* OR inequal* OR different OR difference OR differences OR  discrepan* OR equit* OR fairly OR fairness  OR unfair* OR disadvantage* OR advantage* OR variation* OR barrier* OR "Odds ratio" OR "relative risk" OR "relative risks"  OR versus OR compare OR compares OR comparable OR compared OR comparing OR comparison*)

Depending on the search, the generic 'rate-related' terms might be useful also:
rate OR rates OR incidence* OR prevalence* OR statistic* OR "per capita" OR risk OR risks