Sunday, May 22, 2011

amitriptyline -- (keywords and MeSH

("Amitriptyline"[Mesh] OR Amitript* OR Amitryn OR Conmitrip OR Emotrip OR Fiorda OR Limbitol OR Morelin OR Mutabon OR Tiperin OR Tripsyline OR Trisomatol OR Tryptalgin OR Tryptil OR Amitript* OR Tryptizol OR Adepril OR Adepsique OR ADT OR Amineurin OR Amioxid OR Amitec OR Amitrip OR Amitrol OR Amixide OR Amyline OR Amytril OR Amyzol OR Anapsique OR Antalin OR Deprelio OR Diapatol OR Domical OR Elatrol OR Elatrolet OR Elavil OR Eliwel OR Endep OR Enovil OR Equilibrin OR Etrafon OR Euplit OR Klotriptyl OR Laroxyl OR Lentizol OR Levate OR Limbatril OR Limbatrilin OR Limbitrol OR Limbitryl OR Longopax OR Maxivalet OR Minitran OR Mutabase OR Mutabon OR Neuragon OR Neurarmonil OR Neurotrypt OR Nobritol OR Noriline OR Novoprotect OR Pantrop OR Pantrop OR Parks-Plus OR Pertriptyl OR Polybon OR Polytanol[tiab] OR Proavil OR Protanol OR Qualitriptine OR Redomex OR Saroten OR Sarotena OR Sarotex OR Sedans OR Stelminal OR Sylvemid OR Syneudon OR Tensorelax OR Teperin OR Thymontil OR Trepiline OR Triavil OR Triphenaze OR Tripsol OR Tripta OR Triptafen OR Triptilin OR Triptizol OR Triptyl OR Triptyline OR Tryptal[tiab] OR Tryptanol OR Tryptine OR Tryptizol OR Tryptomer OR Uxen)

The following hyphenated and multi-word terms were not recognized by PubMed and were removed to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
“Amilit IFI”
“Anxipress D”
“Novo Triptyn”
“PMA Levazine”
"Apo Peram"