Wednesday, May 11, 2011

cimetidine -- keyword and MeSH

This search statement which was created to allow me to check students' work. The search statement, therefore, includes unnecessary terms (e.g. terms like cimetidina which would be retrieved by cimetidin*). Drug names are from Martindale's (MICROMEDEX). If you're using IE, you may have to use the "Advanced search" page's search box to get the browser to transmit the entire search statement.

("Cimetidine"[Mesh] OR cimetidin* OR Cimetidina OR Cimetidinhydroklorid OR Cimetidini OR Cimetidino OR cimetidina OR Simetidiinihydrokloridi OR Cimetidin OR Cimetidinas OR Cimetidinum OR Cymetydyna OR Simetidiini OR Simetidin OR SKF-92334 OR SKF92334 OR "SKF 92334" OR Acidex OR Acidown OR Aciflux OR Aciloc OR Acinil OR Acitak OR Aidar[tiab] OR Alcatex OR Algitec OR Alkastom OR Alserine OR Altramet OR Antag OR Antil OR Asaurex OR Azucimet OR Beamat OR Besidin OR Biomag OR Blocan OR Brumetidina OR Campanex OR Cavimet OR Cedine OR Cementin OR Cementin OR Cemidin OR Cencamat OR Chintamet OR Ciclem OR Cidine OR Cigamet OR Cigamete OR Cimag OR Cimagen OR Cimal OR Cime OR Cimebec OR Cimebeta OR Cimecodan OR Cimedax OR Cimedine OR Cimedul OR Cimeffer OR Cimegast OR Cimehexal OR Cimeldine OR Cimemerck OR Cimephil OR Cimet OR Cimeta OR Cimetag OR Cimetalgin OR Cimetase OR Cimetetax OR Cimetid OR Cimetidan OR Cimetil OR Cimetilab OR Cimetimax OR Cimetin OR Cimetina OR Cimetinax OR Cimetine OR Cimetival OR Cimetix OR Cimeton OR Cimexol OR Cimi OR Cimidine OR Ciminpac OR CimLich OR Cimlok OR Cimulcer OR Cimulcer OR Cinadine OR Cintidina OR Cinton OR Cinulcus OR Citidine OR Citimid OR Ciuk OR Climatidine OR Clinimet OR Colimet OR Columina OR Contracid OR Corsamet OR Cymi OR Cytine OR Dimetigal OR Dina[tiab] OR Doccimeti OR Duogastril OR Duomet OR Duotric OR Duractin OR duraH2 OR Dyspamet OR Edalene OR Erlmetin OR Etideme OR Etidine OR Eureceptor OR Evicer OR Fremet OR Gadol OR Galenamet OR Gastab[tiab] OR Gastasil OR Gastidin OR Gastidine OR Gastrobitan OR gastrodin OR Gastrodina OR Gastrodine OR Gastrolem OR Gastrolene OR Gastromet OR Gastroprotect OR Geramet OR Grinolon OR Haldin[tiab] OR Hexamet OR Himetin OR Histodil OR Hocimin OR Inesfay OR Ipirovet OR iscaten OR Iwamet OR Jenametidin OR Lakamed OR Laveran[tiab] OR Lenamet OR Licomet OR Lock-2 OR Magicul OR Malimed OR Manomet OR Mansal OR Maritidine OR Medelan OR Megadin OR Mempotal OR Metidisol OR Metinet OR Metracine OR Milamet OR Montidin OR Neutromed OR Neutronorm OR Neutronorm OR Novacimet OR Novamet OR Novamet OR Nuardin OR Nulcer OR Oskoval OR Pallia OR Pallosixanet OR Peptica OR Peptidine OR Peptimax OR Peptol OR Phimetin OR Pinamet OR Piovalen OR Pondarmett OR Primamet OR Pristonal OR Procimeti OR Promet[tiab] OR Prometidine OR Rimatidine OR Rinadine OR Sanmetidin OR Sasapir OR Secadine OR Sercim OR Sertidine OR Servicimet OR Setard OR Shintamet OR Siamidine OR Sigacimet OR Sigmetadine OR Simaglen OR Simaglen OR Simex OR Sincimet OR Sinegastrin OR Sonsuur OR Startidine OR Stomakon OR Stomedine OR Stomet OR Stomet OR Syncomet OR Tagadine OR Tagagel OR Tagaliv OR Tagamet OR Tagapro OR Tametin OR Tanapas OR Temaril[tiab] OR Temic OR Therapelcin OR Timet OR Tinder OR Tranimet OR Trisolvenol OR Ulcacin OR Ulcedin OR Ulcedine OR ulcedine OR Ulcedor OR Ulcemet OR Ulcenon OR Ulcerac OR Ulceracid OR Ulcerase OR Ulcerfen OR Ulceridine OR Ulcerim OR Ulcerin OR Ulcidine OR Ulcimet OR Ulcimet OR Ulcinax OR Ulcine OR Ulcitag OR Ulcitrat OR Ulcodina OR Ulcofalk OR Ulcogranil OR Ulcomedina OR Ulcomet OR Ulcometin OR Ulcostad OR Ulcubloc OR Ulcumet OR Ulcusan OR Ulgastrin OR Ulis OR Ulkusal OR Ulmarin OR Ulmet OR Ulogen OR Ulsamet OR Ulserral OR Ulsikur OR Ultec OR Umame OR Vagolisal OR Valmagen OR Xepamet OR Zagastrol OR Zimerol OR Zimetin OR Zita OR Zymerol OR Altramet OR Cimecid OR Cimehexal OR Cimetag OR Edalene OR Gastromet OR Histodil OR Notul OR Primamet OR Ulcestop OR Ulcim OR Ulcomet OR Ulcometin OR Ulcostad)

The following hyphenated and multi-word names were removed because they were not recognized by PubMed and were causing retrieval of irrelevant results:
Cimetidin-hidroklorid OR Acid-Eze OR Aci-Med OR Cimet-P OR Med-Gastramet OR Novo-Cimetine OR Nu-Cimet OR Pose-CM OR "Ali Veg" OR "Gastro H2" OR "Gaviscon Prevent" OR "KB Cymedin" OR "Neo Gastrausil" OR "Up Mep" OR "Ulcolind H2"

Removed because of alternate meanings:
Cimex OR "H 2 Blocker" OR CMD[tiab] OR Cim[tiab] OR Tamper