Tuesday, May 24, 2011

simvastatin -- keywords and MeSH

("Simvastatin"[Mesh] OR Simvastatin* OR MK-733 OR “MK 733” OR “MK733” OR Simvastatiini OR Sinvinolina OR Synvinolin OR Szimvasztatin OR Velastatin* OR Actalipid OR Adacai OR Adipur OR Afordel OR Alcosin OR Alpheus OR Altercor OR Altovast OR Amlidual OR Androlip OR Antichol OR Apomastina OR Arstatin OR Arteriostad OR Arterosan OR Arudel OR Aterostat OR Avastat OR Avastinee OR Avatratin OR Awestatin OR Belmalip OR Bestatin OR Bevostatin OR Biolipe OR Biosim OR Buztin OR Cardin OR Cardiosim OR Ceabisin OR Ceasin OR Cholemed OR Cholestad OR Cholestat OR Cholevas OR Cholevast OR Choltric OR Christatin OR Clinfar OR Coledis OR Coleflux OR Colemin OR Colesken OR Colesterminol OR Colvastina OR Coralip OR Cordiron OR Corolin OR Corsim OR Corstat OR Cotritev OR Covastin OR Cynt[tiab] OR Denan OR Detrovel OR Diskolestina OR Dislipina OR Docsimvasta OR Doctiverine OR Dosavastatin OR Ecosta OR Egilipid OR Endovaz OR Esvat OR Ethicol OR Eucor OR Eurocor OR Euvasten OR Extrastatin OR Fansia OR Forcad OR Gemistatin OR Gensi OR Gerosim OR Glipal OR Glutasey OR Goldastatin OR Hisplenil OR Histop OR Iamastatin OR Ifistatin OR Imbistad OR Inegy OR Ipramid OR Ivast OR Jabastatina OR Josken OR Kavelor OR Klonastin OR Krustat OR Kymazol OR Labistatin OR Lepur OR Lesvatin OR Lipaz OR Lipcut OR Lipenil OR Lipex OR Lipexal OR Lipidex[tiab] OR Lipimibe OR Lipinorm OR Lipivas OR Lipix OR Lipociden OR Lipomax OR Lipomin[tiab] OR Liponorm OR Lipopress OR Liporex OR Lipotex OR Lipovas OR Lipozid OR Liptrat OR Lisac OR Lochol OR Lodales OR Lovacor OR Lowcholid OR Lusimva OR Marsim OR Medipo OR Medistatin OR Menocol OR Mersivas OR Michol OR Mivalen OR Nafatab OR Nezatin OR Nimicor OR Nitastin OR Nivelipol OR Nodolip OR Normastin OR Normofat OR Normotherin OR Nosterol OR Nyzoc OR Omistat OR Orovas OR Pantok OR Perichol OR Phalol OR Placol OR Pontizoc OR Prelon OR Prevencor OR Priacin OR Prizelip OR Qualicor OR Qualistat OR Quibus OR Ransim OR Ranvor OR Ravostan OR Rechol OR Redicor OR Redusterol OR Regumet OR Rendapid OR Revastin OR Ritechol OR Rowestin OR Salvaxil OR Saveor OR Selvim OR Sevacol OR Sicor OR Simacor OR Simaspen OR Simator OR Simbado OR Simbathree OR Simbatrix OR Simbela OR Simcard OR Simchol OR Simcor OR Simcora OR SimcorHexal OR Simcovas OR Simgal OR Simirex OR Simlo OR Simovil OR Simplaqor OR Simratio OR Simredin OR SimStatin OR Simstin OR Simtan OR Simtin OR Simva OR SimvaAPS OR Simvabell OR Simvabeta OR Simvacard OR Simvachol OR Simvacol OR Simvacop OR Simvacor OR Simvadoc OR Simvador OR Simvadura OR Simvafour OR Simvagamma OR Simvagen OR Simvahex OR Simvahexal OR Simvakol OR Simvalark OR Simvalid OR Simvalimit OR Simvalip OR Simvalip OR Simvanox OR Simvaprol OR Simvar OR Simvarcana OR SimvaRex OR Simvasim OR Simvasine OR Simvass OR Simvast OR Simvastad OR Simvastaine OR Simvastamed OR Simvastec OR Simvasten OR Simvasterol OR Simvastil OR Simvastin OR Simvastol OR Simvastur OR Simvasyn OR Simvatin OR Simvax OR Simvaxon OR Simvaz OR Simvep OR Simvoget OR Simvor OR Simvotin OR Simzor OR Sinccord OR Sinova OR Sinpor OR Sintar OR Sinvacor OR Sinvalip OR Sinvane OR Sinvascor OR Sinvastacor OR Sinvastamed OR Sinvastil OR Sinvastin OR Sinvaston OR Sinvat OR Sinvatrox OR Sinvax OR Sinvaz OR Sistatin OR Sitatinal OR Sivastin OR Sivatin OR Sivinar OR Soneto OR Sotovastin OR Stadex OR Starezin OR Stasiva OR Statinal OR Statinum OR Stativer OR Statosan OR Stavid OR Stavid OR Stavid OR Stazor OR Sterylip OR Sumaclina OR Tanavat OR Tavitan OR Tavor[tiab] OR Teylor OR Tinasin OR Torio OR Tremital OR Vabadin OR Vabadin OR Valemia OR Vamstat OR Vascor[tiab] OR Vascorim OR Vasilip OR Vasomed OR Vasostat OR Vasotenal OR Vassor OR Vastan OR Vastat OR Vastatil OR Vastatin OR Vastichol OR Vastilan OR Vazim OR Vazz OR Velkastatin OR Veristin OR Veritrat OR Vidastat OR Vidastat OR Vivastin OR Vytorin OR Wilsim OR Ximvast OR Ximve OR Xintilan OR Xipocol OR Zapil OR Zaptrol OR Zeid OR Zemox OR Zetsim OR Zimcor OR Zimetek OR Zimmex OR Zimstat OR Zimva OR Zimvacor OR Zintrepid OR Zivas OR Zocolip OR Zocor OR Zocord* OR Zolestat OR Zolvastin OR Zorced OR Zorstat OR Zosta OR Zovast OR Zovatin OR Zurocid OR Zysim)

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"L 644128 00U"
"Alipas Duo"
"Diocomb SI"
"Pulsar-AT Dual"
"Sinterol Compuesto"