Sunday, May 22, 2011

atorvastatin -- keywords

(Atorvastatin* OR Altoram OR Alvastin OR Ampliar* OR Antorcin OR Arvastatil OR Aspavor OR Atarva OR Atenfar OR Ateroclar* OR Ateroz OR Atocor OR Atogal OR Atomax OR Atopitar OR Ator OR Atorgon OR Atoris OR Atorlip OR Atorlonga OR Atorpharm OR Atorsan OR Atorstat OR Atorv OR Atorval OR Atorvalet OR Atorvan OR Atorvanox OR Atorvastan OR Atorvasterol OR Atorvin OR Atorvox OR Atovarol OR Atractin OR Atrost OR Atrosterol OR Atrovita OR Atrox OR Attor OR Avarte OR Avitorel OR Biger OR Bisatum OR “CI 981” OR CI-981 OR Cl981 OR Caduet OR Cardyl OR Cardyn OR Cholvast OR Citalor OR Colastin* OR Colip OR Colmibe OR Corator OR CTR OR Danelip OR Delipost OR Dislipor OR Divator OR Doss[tiab] OR Envacar OR Faboxim OR Finlipol OR Fluxol OR Glustar OR Hipertensal* OR Hipolixan OR Holisten OR Hypolip OR Kalcor OR Kasitrin OR Kolestor OR Larus OR Liparex* OR Lipibec* OR Lipidra OR Lipifen OR Lipigan OR Lipitaksin OR Lipitor OR Lipizem OR Lipoarteriosan OR Lipocambi OR Lipodial OR Lipofin OR Liponorm* OR Liporest OR Lipostatin OR Lipostop OR Lipotropic OR Lipovast OR Lipovastatinklonal OR Lipox[tiab] OR Liprimar OR Liprimar OR Liptonorm OR Livostor OR Lorvaten OR Lowden OR Normalip[tiab] OR Pharmtina OR OR Prevencor OR Rotova OR Sincol OR Sortis OR Spatizalex OR Stator OR Storvas OR Tahor OR Tarden OR Tarimyl OR Telvarte OR Temax OR Texzor OR Tialipol OR Torid OR Torimibe OR Torivas OR Torvacard OR Torvalipin OR Torvaplus OR Torvast OR Torvastin OR Torvaxal OR Torvazin OR Totalip OR Triglyx OR Trimstat[tiab] OR Vartrual OR Vastazor OR Vastina OR Vaston OR Vastor OR Voredanin OR "X’tor"[tiab] OR Xanator OR Xarator OR Xippatin OR Zarator OR Zetitor OR Zurinel)

Tulip, Saphire, and Plan* were removed from the search because they are used most frequenlty for concepts other than atorvastatin.

The hyphenated and/or multi-word phrases CI-981, “CI 981”, Ator-chol, and Lipium-Raldex were removed from the search because they were not recognized by PubMed and caused retrieval of irrelevant results.