Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ondansetron -- keywords and MeSH

("Ondansetron"[Mesh] OR Ondanset* OR Amilene OR Atossa OR Avessa OR Axisetron OR cellondan OR Cetron OR Dantron OR Dismolan OR Emivox OR Espasevit OR Finaber OR Finoxi OR Frazon OR Gardoton OR Glaxosetron OR Injectrax OR Izofran OR Kliran OR Narfoz OR Nodanton OR Novetron OR Odanex OR Ondanavarra OR Ondanoglax OR Ondanthouras OR Ondavell OR Ondaz OR Ondemet OR Osetron OR Setronon OR Trorix OR Trovensis OR Tructum OR Vomceran OR Vometraz OR Vometron OR Zetron OR Zofran OR Zophren OR Ansentron OR Antivom OR Atossa OR Axisetron OR Biosetron OR Cedantron OR cellondan OR Cruzafen OR Danac OR Danemet OR Danset OR Dantenk OR Dantron OR Dantroxal OR Datron OR Dentron OR Dismolan OR Dosatron OR Emeset OR Emetron OR Emistop OR Emital OR Emizof OR Emodan OR Entron OR Fedral[tiab] OR Fixca OR Glaxosetron OR Helmine OR Hexatron OR Invomit OR Izofran OR Lametic OR Modifical OR Morpar OR Nalisen OR Nausedron OR Nausetron OR Nausiend OR Nofail OR Odanostin OR Odasen OR Odnatron OR Olmar OR Onancen OR Oncoemet OR Onda[tiab] OR Ondagen OR Ondal OR OndaLEK OR Ondameton OR Ondanoglax OR Ondaren OR Ondaseprol OR Ondaz OR Ondemet OR Ondensan OR Ondeton OR Onsetron OR Onsia OR Ontrax OR Osetron OR Otobrol OR Otredil OR Periset OR Precirux OR Setrodan OR Setron OR Setrono OR Setronon OR Tiosalis OR Trondamet OR Vefron OR Vometron OR Vomiof OR Vomitron OR Vomiz OR Vonau OR Vosrym OR Yatrox OR Zantron OR Zetron OR Zodatron OR Zofer OR Zofran OR Zofron OR Zoltem OR Zontron OR Zophralen OR Zophren OR Zotrix OR GR-38032 OR "gr 38032" OR gr38032 OR GR-C507-75 OR "GR-C507/75" OR GR-38032F OR "gr 38032f" OR gr38032f OR Odanserin OR Ond√°nszetronhidroklorid OR SN-307 OR "sn 307" OR sn307)

The proprietary name “Onset” was removed from the search because it was causing retrieval of irrelevant results.