Sunday, May 22, 2011

levothyroxine -- keywords

(Levothyroxin* OR Levotiroksin OR Levotiroksino OR Levotiroxina OR Levotiroxinnátrium OR Levotyroksiininatrium OR Levotyroxinnatrium OR Lewotyroksyna OR Thyroxine OR L-Thyroxine OR LThyroxine OR "L Thyroxine" OR Thyroxinum OR Tirossina OR Tiroxina OR Abutiroi OR Bagothyrox OR Berlthyrox OR Bitiron OR Combithyrex OR Cynocuatro OR Cynoplus OR Daltroid OR Dermocinetic OR Dexnon OR Diotroxin OR Dithyron OR Eferox OR ElThyro OR Elthyrone OR Eltroxin OR Eltroxine OR Esaldox OR Eurolev OR Euthirox OR Euthroid OR Euthyral OR Euthyrox OR Eutirox OR Eutroid OR Eutroxsig OR Evotrox OR Jodthyrox OR Juno OR Karet OR Letequatro OR Letrox OR Leutiral OR Levaxin OR Levo-T OR LevoT OR "Levo T" OR Levotec OR Levothroid OR Levothyrox OR Levotiron OR Levotirox OR Levotiroxina OR Levotrin OR Levoxyl OR Lixin OR L-Thyrox* OR LThyrox OR Medithyrox OR Neothyron OR Novothyral OR Novothyrox OR Novotiral OR Oroxine OR Patroxin OR PercutacrineThyroxinique OR Pondtroxin OR ProloidS OR Prothyrid OR PuranT4 OR Sintrocid OR Somatoline OR Synthroid OR T4 OR Tefor OR Tetroid OR Thevier OR ThyradinS OR Thyrax OR Thyreocomb OR Thyreotom OR Thyrex OR Thyro4 OR Thyrohex OR Thyrohormone OR Thyrolar OR Thyronajod OR Thyrosit OR Tiracrin OR Tiroidin OR Tiroidine OR Tirosint OR Tivoral OR Tyroplus OR Unithroid)

The following hyphenated, multi-word, and quoted phrases were not recognized by PubMed and thus were removed from the search statement to avoid irrevelant results.  Some searchers may wish to OR portions of these terms into the search statement:
"Levotiroxin natrium"
"El Thyro"
"Liotrix Tablets USP 32"
"L Thyrox"
"Percutacrine Thyroxinique"
"Proloid S"
"Puran T4"
"Thyradin S"
"Thyreocomb N"
"Thyro 4"
"Tiroide Amsa"