Friday, May 20, 2011

hospital-acquired infection -- keywords and MeSH

("Disease Outbreaks"[Mesh] OR "Infection"[Mesh] OR "Meningitis"[Mesh] OR "Bacterial Infections and Mycoses"[Mesh] OR "Carrier State"[Mesh] OR "Communicable Disease Control"[Mesh] OR "Colony Count, Microbial"[Mesh] OR infection* OR infectious OR HAI OR infecting OR infect OR infects OR infected OR cross-infection* OR crossinfection* OR "cross infection" OR "cross infections" OR bacteremi* OR bacteraemi* OR sepsis OR septic OR septicemi* OR septicaemi* OR celluliti* OR pneumonia* OR suppora* OR abscess* OR pus) AND ("Equipment Contamination"[mesh] OR "Decontamination*"[mesh] OR "ventilator-related" OR "ventilator related" OR "ventilator-associated" OR "ventilator associated" OR "Postoperative Complications"[mesh] OR postoperative OR post-operative OR "post operative" OR nosocomi* OR hospital-acquired OR "hospital acquired" OR healthcare-associated OR "healthcare associated" OR catheter-associated OR "catheter associated" OR HAI[tiab] OR iatrogen* OR "cross infection" OR "cross-infection" OR "cross infections" OR "cross-infections" OR "cross contamination" OR "cross-contamination" OR "cross contaminations" OR "cross-contaminations" OR "Iatrogenic Disease"[mesh] )