Saturday, May 14, 2011

Roflumilast (therapeutic use) -- MeSH and keywords

"Roflumilast" [Supplementary Concept] AND ("Aminopyridines/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Benzamides/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Cyclopropanes/therapeutic use"[Mesh])

(Roflumilast* OR Roflumilastum OR APTA2217 OR B9302-107 OR BY217 OR BYK20869 OR Daxas OR Daliresp)

The following hyphenated and multiword phrases were not recognized, caused retrieval of irrelevant results and so were removed from the search statement.
APTA-2217 OR "APTA 2217" OR B-9302-107 OR "B 9302-107" OR BY-217 OR "BY 217" OR BYK-20869 OR "BYK 20869"