Monday, May 23, 2011

azithromycin -- keywords and MeSH

(azithromycin[MeSH] OR doyle[tiab] OR Sumir[tiab] OR Atsitromysiini OR Azithromycinum OR Azitromicinas OR Azitromisin OR Azytromycyna OR Azithromycin OR Azithromycine OR Azitromicina OR Azitromycin OR Azytromycyna OR CP-62993 OR CP62993 OR "CP 62993" OR "XZ 450" OR XZ-450 OR XZ450 OR 3Z OR "3 Z" OR 3-Z OR Abacten OR Altezym OR Amizin OR Amovin OR Amsati, Aruzilina OR Arzomicin OR Arzomicina OR Arzomidol OR Asipral OR Astro OR Atizor OR Atoxitom OR Atromicin OR Atromizin OR Azacid OR Azadose OR Azalide OR AzaSite OR Azatill OR Azax OR Azax OR Azee OR Azeltin OR Azenil OR Azi OR Azibact OR Azibactron OR Azibiot OR Azibiotic OR Azicid OR Azicin OR Azidral OR Azidromic OR Azifarm OR Azifast OR Azigram OR Azimakrol OR Azimax OR Azimed OR Azimit OR Azimix OR Azimycin OR Azinostil OR Aziphar OR Azirox OR Azirutec OR AziTeva OR Azithral OR Azithrin OR Azithro OR Azithrobeta OR Azithrohexal OR Azithrox OR Azithrus OR Aziton OR Azitral OR Azitrax OR Azitrin OR Azitrix OR Azitro OR Azitrocin OR Azitrocin OR Azitrogal OR Azitrogran OR Azitrohexal OR Azitrolab OR Azitrolan OR AzitroLEK OR Azitrolid OR Azitrom OR Azitrom OR Azitromax OR Azitromicil OR Azitromin OR Azitromin OR Azitron OR Azitrona OR Azitronax OR Azitrophar OR Azitrox OR Azitroxil OR Azivirus OR Aziwok OR Azixratio OR Azomax OR Azo-Max OR Azomycin OR Azro OR Azromax OR Aztrin OR Azycyna OR Azytan OR Azyter OR Azyth OR Bezanin OR Binozyt OR Biozitra OR Biozitrom OR Cetaxim OR Charyn OR Clamelle OR Clearsing OR Clindal OR Clindaz OR Cronopen OR Disithrom OR "Ems-Max"[tiab] OR emsmax OR Fabramicina OR Figothrom OR Finatres OR Floctil OR Geozit OR Gigatrom OR Goldamycin OR Goxil OR Gramokil OR Hemomycin OR Koptin OR Lazitrom OR macazi OR Macromax OR Macromax OR Macrozit OR Marzivag OR Mazitrom OR Medatz OR Mezatrin OR Misultina OR Naxocina OR Neblic OR Neofarmiz OR Nifostin OR Nobaxin OR Novatrex OR Novozithron OR Novozitron OR Oranex OR orflazkit OR Orobiotic OR Pefloden OR Razimax OR Ribotrex OR Safkit OR Selimax OR SELIMAXPULSO OR Sicalan OR Siftromin OR Sitrox OR Sumamed OR Talcilina OR Tanezox OR Texis OR Throzimax OR Toraseptol OR Tremac OR Trex OR Triamid OR Triazi OR Tritab OR Tromicina OR Tromix OR Trozocina OR Trozyman OR Truxa OR Ultreon OR Unizitro OR Vascin OR Vectocilina OR Vinzam OR Visag OR Zarom OR Zentavion OR Zertalin OR Zetamac OR Zetamaks OR Zeto OR Zibramax OR Zicho OR Zidimax OR ZI-Factor OR ZIFACTOR OR "ZI FACTOR" OR Zifin OR Zimicina OR Zinfect OR Zistic OR Zithran OR Zithrobest OR Zithrocin OR Zithrogen OR Zithromax OR Zithroned OR Zithropan OR Zithroplus OR Zithrotel OR Zithroxyn OR Zitrax OR Zitril OR Zitrina OR Zitrocin OR Zitroflam OR Zitroken OR Zitrolid OR Zitromax OR Zitromil OR Zitroneo OR Zitrotek OR Zitrozina OR Zival OR Zmax OR Zomax OR Zotax OR Z-Pak OR "Z pak" OR zpak OR Zycin OR Zyramycin)

The terms orflaz-kit, “orflaz kit”, “selimax pulso”, selimax-pulso, zithro-due, “ems max”, “mac azi”, and mac-azi were removed as they were not found by PubMed and caused retrieval of irrelevant results. The drug name -- saver -- was removed because of it's frequent use for other concepts.