Sunday, May 22, 2011

montelukast (therapeutic use) -- keywords and MeSH

(Airon OR Asmenol OR Astmirex OR Asventol OR Brondilat OR Clast OR Drimon OR Eonic OR Inuvic OR Kastair OR Kastorion OR Kipres OR Leukast OR Lukair OR Lukasm OR Luxat OR Milukante OR Monkasta OR Montair OR Montecross OR Montegen OR Montek OR Montelast OR Montelukast* OR Montemax OR Monteratio OR Montessan OR Montest OR Montiget OR Monukast OR “N-Fess” OR Notta OR Onceair OR Respair OR Rolast OR Singulair OR Singulergy OR Synglarin OR Zespira OR L706631 OR MK-476 OR MK476 OR "mk 476")

L-706631 and "L 706631" were removed because they were not recognized by PubMed and caused retrieval of irrelevant results.

"montelukast"[Substance Name] AND ("Acetates/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Quinolines/therapeutic use"[Mesh])