Sunday, May 22, 2011

prednisone -- keywords

(Prednison* OR NSC10023 OR Deltacortisone OR Deltadehydrocortisone OR Metacortandracin OR Adasone OR Anafilaxol OR Antiinflamat OR Artinizona OR Atrinol OR Barigesic OR Becortem OR Bersen OR Biosone OR Bioster OR Chrocort OR Coliriocilina[tiab] OR Combiflexona OR Cortancyl OR Corticorp OR Corticorten OR Cortiprex OR Dacortin OR Decortin OR Decortisyl OR Decorton OR Deltacortene OR Deltasone OR Deltison OR Demicina OR Disnetam OR Econosone OR Ednapron OR Encorton OR Fiacin OR Flamacorten OR Inflason OR Kanafosal OR Lodotra OR Losinon OR Metilen OR Metilpres OR Nocasio OR Norapred OR Nosipren OR Ofisolona OR Oleomycetin OR Oracort OR Otocusi OR Panafcort OR Peganix OR Pehacort OR Precortil OR Predeltin OR Predicor* OR Predison OR Prednax OR Prednicort OR Prednidib OR Prednilonga OR Predniment OR Prednipirine OR pred OR predni OR Prednis OR Prednison OR Prednisona OR Prednisoni OR Prednisonum OR Prednitone OR Predora OR Predoral OR Predson OR Predsone OR Predval OR Premagnol OR Prenisonal OR Prednizon OR Prednizonas OR Procion OR Prolix OR Promifen OR Pulmison OR Qualisone OR Rectodelt OR Steerometz OR Sterapred OR Trolic OR Ultracorten OR Vitazon OR Winpred )

The following hyphenated terms and quoted, multiword phrases were not recognized by PubMed, caused retrieval of irrelevant results, and so were removed from the search strategy.
Artrinol-On Oleomycetin-Prednison " “Fluorex Plus” “NSC-10023” "NSC 10023"