Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cephalexin -- keywords and MeSH

(“Cephalexin”[Mesh] OR Cephalexin* OR 66873 OR LY061188 OR cefaleks* OR cefalex* OR kefaleks* OR Sefaleks* OR Abiocef OR Acacin OR Airex OR Alexin OR Ancetev OR Anxer OR ApoCepalex OR Arlexen OR Bacilexin OR Bandax OR Beliam OR Benlexin OR Betacef OR Betaspore OR Bidocef OR Biocef OR Bioporina OR Bioscefal OR Bloflex OR Butefina OR Caceff OR Canelin OR Capxin OR Cefaben OR Cefabiotic OR Cefabroxil OR Cefacapxin OR Cefacet OR Cefacin OR Cefaclen OR Cefacure OR Cefadina OR Cefadros OR Cefagel OR Cefagon OR Cefagran OR Cefagrand OR CefalehIna OR Cefalen OR Cefalexan OR Cefalexgobens OR Cefalexi OR Cefalin OR Cefalival OR Cefaloga OR Cefalorex OR Cefalver OR Cefamiso OR Cefanal OR Cefanex OR Cefaporex OR Cefapoten OR Cefarinol OR Cefasporina OR Cefax OR Cefaxon OR Ceferran OR Cefexin OR Cefexina OR Cefibacter OR Ceflax OR Ceflexin OR Ceflin OR Cefmix OR Ceforal OR Cefosporen OR Cefovit OR Cefrin OR Cefxin OR Celen OR Celex OR Celexin OR Celinax OR Cendalex OR Cepexin OR Cephadex OR CephadexLB OR Cephalen OR Cephalex OR Cephalexyl OR Cephalobene OR Cephanmycin OR Cephaxin OR Cephin OR Cephin OR Cepobrom OR Ceporex OR Ceporexin OR Ceporexine OR Cerexin[tiab] OR Cilex OR Cilicef OR Civalex OR Clephin OR Coliceflor OR Defaxina OR Difalex OR Domucef OR Edexin OR Efemida OR Eliphorin OR Erifalecin OR Exel OR Fablex OR Fabotop OR Falex OR Falexin OR Falexol OR Falteria OR Farmalex OR Felexin OR Fergon[tiab] OR Fexin OR Fleximin OR Flextinol OR Foce OR Forexine OR Fosfolexin OR Halcepin OR Ialex OR Ibilex OR Infexin OR Ivynall OR Janocilin OR Karilexina OR Kefalex OR Kefalexin OR Kefalospes OR Kefaxin OR Keflaxina OR Keflet OR Keflex OR Keflogen OR Kekrinal OR Kiflexin OR Kiflone OR Kufaprim OR Lafarin OR Lafexina OR Larixin OR Lars[tiab] OR Latoral OR Lenocef OR Lensafrend OR Lerporina OR Lewimycin OR Lexibiotico OR Lexin OR Lexincef OR Lexum OR Libesporal OR Lifalexin OR Lonarel OR Lorbicefax OR Lorexina OR Lyceplix OR Madexin OR Madlexin OR Maksipor OR Medalexine OR Medilexin OR Medolexin OR Medoxine OR MetaK OR Montralex OR Mucobiotina OR Mucocef OR Mycef OR Nafacil OR Naxifelar OR Nefadon OR OR NeoCeflex OR Neoceflex OR Neolecsin OR Neolexin OR Neptolin OR Nerfalex OR NixelafC OR Novalexin OR NovoLexin OR NuCephalex OR Nufex OR Nylichlor OR Oneflex OR Optocef OR OraC OR Oracef OR Orakef OR Ospexin OR Paferxin OR Pectorina OR Pediaflex OR Permvastat OR Phexin OR Pondnacef OR Pralexin OR Primacef OR PrindexMucolitico OR Profalexina OR Pyassan OR Quimosporina OR Rancef OR Ranceph OR Refex OR Respinal OR Rofex OR Rombox OR Sanaxin OR Sanibiotic OR Sef OR Sefasin OR Selzef OR Sepexin OR Septilisin OR Servicef OR Servispor OR Sialexin OR Sinthecillin OR Sintolexyn OR Sofaxin OR Sofilex OR Solulexin OR Sorlex OR Sporahexal OR Sporicef OR Sporidex OR Sporidin OR Sporol OR Stricef OR Sulquipen OR Suphalex OR Syntolexin OR Talinsul OR Tepaxin OR Theralexin OR Todexin OR Toflex OR Torlasporin OR Trexina OR Triblix OR Tricylamil OR Ulflex OR Ultralexin OR Uphalexin OR Valesporin OR Valflex OR Vataceph OR Velexina OR Xeface OR Xinflex OR Zabytrex OR Zartan OR Zepharyl OR Zeplex OR Zeporin OR Zepotex OR Zetacef OR Zexanta OR Zinace OR Zucoflaxin OR Cefalexini OR Keftab)

The following hyphenated term and multi‐word, quoted phrase were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
"LY 061188"
"Apo Cepalex"
"Cefaleh Ina"
"Cefalexin Capsules BP 2010"
"Cefaxon Ceferran"
"Cephadex LB"
"Meta K"
"Neo Ceflex"
"Nixelaf C"
"Nu Cephalex"
"Ora C"
“Prindex Mucolitico"