Sunday, May 22, 2011

zolpidem -- keywords and MeSH

("zolpidem "[Substance Name] OR Zolpidem* OR "SL80.0750"[tiab] OR "SL80.075023N"[tiab] OR Tsolpideemitartraatti OR Zolpidemi OR Zolpidemo OR Adormix OR Alespan OR Ambien OR Ambiz OR Atrimon OR Balidorm OR Bikalm OR Cedrol OR Cymerion OR Dalparan OR Damixan OR Dorlotil OR Dormilam OR Dormilan OR Dormizol OR Dormosol OR Durnit OR Eanox OR Edluar OR Hypnoforin OR Hypnogen OR Insom OR Ivadal OR Ivedal OR Lioram OR Mondeal OR Myslee OR Nasen OR Nimadorm OR Niotal OR Nitrest OR Nocte OR Nottem OR Noxidem OR Nytamel OR Onirex OR Pidezol OR Polsen OR Sanval OR Sedovalin OR Snovitel OR Sobrium OR Somidem OR Somit OR Somnil OR Somnipax OR Somnipron OR Somno OR Somnor OR Sove OR Stella OR Stildem OR Stilnoct OR Stilnox OR Stilpidem OR Sucedal OR Sumenan OR Tovalt OR Vicknox OR Xentic OR Ziohex OR Zleep OR Zodorm OR Zodormdura OR Zoldem OR Zoldorm OR Zolmia OR Zolnod OR Zolnoxs OR Zolodorm OR Zolpi* OR Zolsana OR Zonadin OR Zonoct OR Zopim OR Zoratio)

The following hyphenated term and multi‐word, quoted phrase were not recognized by PubMed and
were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:

“SL 80.0750”
“SL 80.0750-23”