Wednesday, May 11, 2011

dexamethasone -- keywords and MeSH

drug names are from Martindale's (MICROMEDEX)

("Dexamethasone"[mesh] OR dexamethason* OR Deksametasoni OR Deksametazon OR Desamethasone OR Dexametason OR Dexametasona OR Dexametasone OR Dexametazon OR Dexamethason OR Dexamethasonum OR Hexadecadrol OR Deksametasoniasetaatti OR Deksametazono OR Dexametasonacetat OR Dexamethasoni OR Adexone OR Adrecort OR Afacort OR Alegi OR Alerdex OR Alergi OR Alin OR Ambene OR Amplidermis OR Antimicotico OR Aquapred OR Arthrodex OR Artrosone OR Aurizone OR Azona OR Baycadron OR Baycuten OR Belbar OR Bexine OR Bicrinol OR Biocort OR Butisel OR Cetadexon OR Chronocort OR Cilodex OR Cilodex OR Cilodex OR Cilodex OR Cilodex OR Cilodex OR Ciloxadex OR Ciprodex OR Ciprodex OR Ciprodex OR Cipromet OR Clinit OR Cortidax OR Cortidex OR Cortidexason OR Cortisumman OR cortyk OR Cresophene OR Cresophene OR Cryometasona OR Cylocort OR Danasone OR Decan OR Decaspray OR Decdan OR Decilone OR Decobel OR Decofluor OR Deflaren OR Deicol OR Dekort OR Deksalon OR Deksamet OR Dermazon OR Deronil OR Desalark OR Deseronil OR Dexa OR Dexabion OR Dexabronchisan OR Dexacidin OR Dexacine OR Dexacip OR Dexaclor OR Dexacloran OR Dexacort OR Dexacortal OR Dexacortin OR dexaden OR Dexadutil OR Dexafenicol OR Dexafenicol OR Dexaflam OR Dexaflan OR Dexagenta OR Dexagreen OR Dexagrin OR Dexahist OR Dexal OR Dexalergin OR Dexalocal OR Dexalone OR Dexaltin OR Dexaltin OR Dexamed OR Dexameral OR Dexameth OR Dexametonal OR Dexametrat OR Dexamex OR Dexamilan OR Dexamin OR Dexaminor OR Dexamiso OR Dexamonozon OR Dexamycin OR Dexamytrex OR Dexaneol OR Dexanevral OR Dexanicol OR Dexano OR Dexaplast OR Dexapolcort OR Dexapostafen OR Dexasalyl OR Dexason OR Dexasone OR Dexasporin OR Dexatam OR Dexatopic OR Dexatotal OR Dexicar OR Deximet OR Dexmene OR Dexmetha OR Dexmethsone OR Dexne OR Dexolan OR Dexona OR Dexone OR DexPak OR Dextaco OR dextafen OR Dextamine OR Dexthasone OR Dextone OR Dextrasone OR Dibutasona OR Dioptrol OR Duocom OR Ekzegamma OR Endomethasone OR Endomethazone OR Erladexone OR Etason OR ExamsaOR Fadametasona OR Fenidex OR Firmalone OR Fluorobioptal OR Fluoropoen OR Fluoscin OR Fluoskin OR Fortecortin OR Fotadex OR Fotamicin OR Genefacort OR Gentadex OR Gotadex OR Hexadrol OR Hongosan OR Indarzona OR Indexon OR Infectrol OR Inmatrol OR Inzitan OR Isodexam OR "Isopto Dex" OR Isoptomax OR "Isopto Maxidex" OR Isore OR Kaarmepakkaus OR Kalmethasone OR Kanasone OR Kodakon OR Lanadexon OR Larsen[tiab] OR Lasoproct OR Lergosin OR Licodexon OR Linfol OR Linfospray OR Lofoto OR Lorson OR Lotharson OR Luxazone OR Magopsor OR Maradex OR Maxicort OR Maxidex OR Maxidrol OR Maxirap OR Maxitrol OR Metadex OR Mexasone OR Mexona OR Migradexan OR Millicortene OR Millicortenol OR Minidex OR Molacort OR Multodrin OR Mydexin OR Neodex OR Neodexaplast OR Neopolydex OR Nepodex OR Netazon OR Neurosido OR Nexadron OR Nipiol OR Nufadex OR Nystalocal OR Oftcor OR Onadron OR Oradexon OR Oradexon OR Oradexon* OR Otomize OR Otospray OR Ozurdex OR Parasone OR Pardex OR Percutalgine OR Percutalgine OR Pigmanorm OR Pimafucort OR Polaronil OR Polidemisin OR Poly-Dex OR Polyplex OR Postop OR Postoti OR Pritacort OR Prodexon OR Purpumicina OR Pycameth OR Pyradexon OR Pyrimon OR Quidex OR Quinocort OR Ramtrex OR Rapidex OR Resorborina OR Reusan OR Rheumasit OR Rheumesser OR Rinedrone OR Rinosbon OR Rupedex OR Santeson OR Scandexon OR Sedesterol OR Sedofarin OR Sofradex OR Sokaral OR Soldextam OR persadexoline OR Tacines OR Talkosona OR Taprodex OR Taxyl OR Tevacutan OR Therops OR Tobrasone OR Todex OR Todexona OR Toflam OR Trabit OR Tratomax OR Trazidex OR Trodex OR Ultra-Demoplas OR Uromont OR Vagilen[tiab] OR Vengesic OR Vexamet OR Vistacom OR Visumetazone OR Vixalerg OR Vixidone OR Wasserdermina OR Wiserdex OR Wymesone OR Xibradex OR Zolidime OR Aldyzine OR Baycuten* OR Cortitop OR Cresophene OR Cyprodex OR Decadron OR Decadronal OR Decaject OR Dectancyl OR Deflaren OR Dexa-Citoneurin OR Dexacobal OR Dexadent OR Dexadermil OR Dexadoze OR Dexameson OR OR Dexaneurin OR Dexanil OR Dexasalyl OR Dexason OR Dexazen OR Dexone OR Doxiproct OR Dexamethason OR "Doxiproct Plus" OR Duo-Decadron OR Emistin OR Eucaryl OR Hongal OR Mepacyl OR Micogynax OR Neodex OR Percutalgine OR Percutalin OR Polycutan OR Pulpomixine OR Pulpomyxine OR Rockles OR Sofradex OR Solurex OR Supertendin OR Topidexa OR Tribesona)

The following hyphenated and multi-word names were removed because they were not recognized by PubMed and were causing retrieval of irrelevant results:
Dexametazon-acetat OR Dexamethason-acetat OR Aeroseb-Dex OR Ak-Trol OR Antilerg-F OR Artrolin-F OR Biamotil-D OR Cianotrat-Dexa OR Cortidexason-S OR Corto-Tavegil OR CP-Dexa OR Desamix-Neomicina OR Dexa-B OR Dexa-Biofenicol-N OR Dexa-Bronchisan OR Dexa-Citoneurin OR Dexacortin-K OR Dexa-Gentamicin OR Dexagent-Ophtal OR Dexalocal-F OR Dexa-Neuriberi OR
Dexa-M OR Dexa-O OR Dexa-P OR Dexa-Phlogont OR Dexa-Vastrictol OR Dexa-Y OR Dexosyn-C OR Dexosyn-N OR Dinill-D OR Ell-Cranell OR eyebrex-Dexa OR Grifoftal-D OR Indarzona-N OR Isenia-Dex OR Lokalison-antimikrobiell OR Lokalison-F OR Lokalison-universale OR Neo-Cortofen OR Neo-Dex OR Neodex-V OR O-Biotic OR Ocu-Trol OR Oflono-D OR Dexa-Chlora OR Otofenicol-D OR Polydex-N OR Predni-F-Tablinen OR Saocin-D OR Sebo-Psor OR Ster-Dex OR Storz-N-P-D OR Tobrin-D OR Uro-Stilloson OR Xao-Dex OR Dexa-Cronobe OR Dexa-Siozwo OR Dexa-Turipol OR Sofradex-F OR "afpred forte tagdragee" OR "Anemul mono" OR "Antikeloides Creme" OR "Aqua Dexa" OR "B Dexol" OR "Beamoken A" OR "Bideon Biotic Plus" OR "Bio Cabal” OR “Ciplox D” OR “Cirflox Oftal” OR “Ciriax D” OR “Cortaler Novo” OR “Cortison Chemicetina” OR “Decaderm in Estergel” OR “Desamix Effe” OR “Dexa Aminofilin” OR “Dexacrinin D” OR “Dexa Fenic” OR “dexa Fenicol” OR “Dexamonozon N” OR “Dexa N” OR “Dexapolcort N” OR “Dexaprof D” OR “Dexa Tavegil” OR “Dexa Teosona” OR “Dexa Vasoc” OR “Dexosyn Plus” OR “Duodexa N” OR “Ell-Cranell dexa” OR “Exudrol con Dexametasona” OR “Flexicamin B12” OR “Flogiatrin B12” OR “Gentacip D” OR “Gotabiotic F” OR “Isopto Max” OR “Isopto Maxitrol” OR “Isotic Neolyson” OR “Isotic Tobrizon” OR “Klonamicin Compuesto” OR “Lokalison-antimikrobiell Creme N” OR “Luxazone Eparina” OR “Maxiflox D” OR “Mefenix Relax” OR “Naxo TV” OR “Oflox D” OR “Oftan Dexa” OR “Oftan Dexa-Chlora” OR “Oftan Dexamethason” OR “Otobacid N” OR “Otosporin Dexa” OR “Oto Vitna” OR “paraflex Plus” OR “Poentobral D” OR “Poentobral F” OR “Poentobral Plus” OR “Polideltaxin NF” OR “Provisual Compuesto” OR “Radina Dex” OR “Rectolmin Bronquial” OR “Rinidyl DN” OR “Rino Vitna” OR “Sincerum Biotic” OR “Solocalm Plus” OR “Solutio Cordes Dexa N” OR “Sophixin DX” OR “Supertendin 2000 N” OR “Supertendin 3000” OR “Terracortril Dexagenta” OR “Thilomicine Dex” OR “Tobrabiotic D” OR “Tobracin D” OR “Tobragan D” OR “Tobraler DX” OR “Toflamixina Plus” OR “Tuttozem N” OR “UV IX” OR “Vitatonus Dexa” OR “Xolof D” OR “Aknichthol Dexa” OR “Decadron Depot” OR “Empecid Cort” OR “Telugren Plus” OR “Una A” OR “Uni Dexa” OR “Vibetrat Dexa"