Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Surgery (general terms) – keywords

I’m posting several surgery term lists that I generated in response to a request from a blog follower. I haven’t had time to play with or revise these lists. I am sure that substantial revisions will be needed and that the revisions needed will vary depending on the nature and specificity of the other search concepts.

some surgical instrument/equipment terms:
sutur* OR stitch* OR incision* OR hemostat* OR haemostat* OR retractor* OR scalpel* OR curret* OR clip OR clips OR clamp OR clamps OR forcep OR forceps OR trocar OR trocars OR staple OR staples OR staplers OR sponge* OR scissor* OR blade* OR laser OR lasers OR laser-assisted OR radiofrequenc* OR suction OR "needle holder" OR "needle holders"

some surgery terms (most not specialty specific):
surgeon* OR neurosurg* OR orthoped* OR orthopaed* OR electrosurg* OR radiosurg* OR cryosurg* OR microsurg* OR surgery OR surgeries OR surgical OR operation OR operations OR operative OR operating OR reoperat* OR re-operat* OR post-surgical OR postsurgical OR pre-surgical OR presurgical OR post-operative OR postoperative OR pre-operative OR preoperative OR pre-op OR preop OR PARU OR PACU OR "recovery room" OR "recovery rooms" OR "recovery unit" OR "recovery units" OR intra-operative OR intraoperative OR perioperative OR peri-operative OR post-anesth* OR postanesth* OR post-anaesth* OR postanaesth* OR anesthesi* OR anaesthesi* OR anesthetic* OR anaesthetic* OR endoscop* OR dilatation OR curettage OR "minimally invasive" OR "minimally-invasive" OR "minimal access" OR "minimal-access" OR video-assisted OR "video assisted" OR excis* OR resect OR resects OR resected OR resecting OR resection* OR biops* OR exploratory OR dissect* OR microdissect* OR revision OR laparotom* OR laparoscop* OR "second look" OR second-look OR "first intention" OR "second intention" OR debrid* OR repair OR repairs OR repairing OR repaired OR end-to-end OR anastomos* OR cautery OR cauteriz* OR cauteris* OR ligat* OR reconstruct* OR "blood salvage" OR "blood salvaging" OR replant* OR "wound closure" OR "wound closures" OR mobiliz* OR mobilis* OR fenestrat* or replacement* OR reconstruct* OR transplant OR transplants OR transplanting OR transplanted OR transplantation OR implant OR implants OR implanted OR implanting OR implantation* OR graft OR grafts OR grafting OR homograft* OR allograft* OR xenograft* OR autograft* OR prostheses OR prosthesis OR prosthetic OR bypass OR diversion OR divert* OR drainage OR drain OR drained OR draining OR drains OR revasculari* OR extract* OR replacement* OR replant* OR reconstruct* OR harvest* OR flap OR flaps OR enlargement*