Friday, May 27, 2011

sleep apnea -- for OVID MEDLINE

This sleep apnea strategy was created for OVID MEDLINE by Marina Englesakis, BA(Hons), MLIS. She agreed to let me post it here for the benefit of blog followers who have access to databases that allow adjacency searching and phrase truncation. Marina notes that there is some duplication of terms. I'm guessing that the client just wanted the coverage of certain terms to be very explicit/clear.

1. exp sleep apnea, obstructive/
2. obesity hypoventilation syndrome/
3. (obstruct* adj2 sleep apne*).mp.
4. (obstruct* adj2 sleep apnoe*).mp.
5. (upper airway resistan* adj2 sleep apne*).mp.
6. (upper airway resistan* adj2 sleep apnoe*).mp.
7. (upper airway resistan* adj2 syndrom*).mp.
8. obes* hypoventil* syndrome?.mp.
9. (obes* hypoventil* adj2 apne*?).mp.
10. (obes* hypoventil* adj2 apnoe*?).mp.
11. (pickwick* adj1 syndrom*).mp.
12. (obstruct* adj2 hypopnea*).mp.
13. (obstruct* adj2 hypopnoea*).mp.
14. (obstruct* adj2 hypoapnea*).mp.
15. (obstruct* adj2 hypoapnoea*).mp.
16. (obstruct* adj2 hypo-apnea*).mp.
17. (obstruct* adj2 hypo-apnoea*).mp.
18. (sleep disorder* adj1 breathing).mp.
19. (sleep adj2 respirat* disorder*).mp.
20. (sleep related respira* adj1 disorder*).mp.
24. (cheyne-stokes adj1 breath*).mp.
25. (cheyne-stokes adj1 respirat*).mp.
26. (hypersomni* adj2 periodic respirat*).mp.
27. (hypersomni* adj2 periodic breath*).mp.
28. (mixed adj2 apnea*).mp.
29. (mixed adj2 apnoea*).mp.
30. exp Sleep Apnea Syndromes/
31. Cheyne-Stokes Respiration/
32. apneic-hypopneic*.mp.
33. apnoeic-hypopnoeic*.mp.
34. (nocturnal adj2 hypoventilation).mp.
35. (sleep disorder* adj1 respirat*).mp.
36. (nocturnal adj2 hypoxemia).mp.