Tuesday, May 17, 2011

surgery (abdominal, non-urogenital) -- keywords

I’m posting several surgery term lists that I generated in response to a request from a blog follower. I haven’t had time to play with or revise these lists. I am sure that substantial revisions will be needed and that the revisions needed will vary depending on the nature and specificity of the other search concepts.

paracent* OR laparatom* OR laparoscop* OR anastomosis OR appendectom* OR cholecystectom* OR cholecystostom* OR choledochostom* OR gastroenterostom* OR "gastric bypass" OR "gastric bypasses" OR "jejunoileal bypass" OR "jejunoileal bypasses" OR pancreaticojejunostom* OR portoenterostom* OR bariatric OR gastroplast* OR pyloroplast* OR Roux-en-y OR lap-band OR "lap band" OR portoenterostom* OR ostom* OR sphincterotom* OR colectom* OR proctocolectom* OR enterostom* OR cecostom* OR colostom* OR colectom* OR duodenostom* OR ileostom* OR jejunostom* OR esophagectom* OR esophagoplast* OR esophagostom* OR fundoplicat* OR gastrectom* OR gastroenterostom* OR gastroplast* OR gastrostom* OR splenectom* OR hepatectom* OR pancreatectom* OR pancreaticoduodenectom* OR Whipple* OR pancreaticojejunostom* OR polypectom* OR herniorraph* OR hemorrhoidectom* OR ((biliary OR gallbladder OR hepatic OR liver OR livers OR gastric OR stomach* OR ileal OR ileum OR ilea OR jejunal OR jejunum OR jejuna OR intestinal OR intestines OR colon OR colons OR colonic OR anal OR anus OR ani OR peritoneal OR peritoneum OR peritonei* OR splenic OR spleen OR spleens OR pancreas OR pancreatic OR biliopancreatic OR digestive) AND (electrosurg* OR radiosurg* OR surgery OR surgeries OR surgical OR operative OR operation OR operations OR dissect* OR microdissect* OR cauter* OR transplant OR transplants OR transplanting OR transplanted OR transplantation OR implant OR implants OR implanted OR implanting OR implantation* OR graft OR grafts OR grafting OR homograft* OR allograft* OR xenograft* OR autograft* OR prostheses OR prosthesis OR prosthetic OR bypass OR diversion OR divert* OR drainage OR drain OR drained OR draining OR drains OR revasculari* OR eviscerat* OR exenterat* OR reconstruct* OR harvest* ))