Wednesday, May 11, 2011

sleep apnea -- keywords

("sleep apnea" OR "Sleep Hypopnea" OR "sleep apnoea" OR "Sleep Hypopnoea" OR "sleep-disordered breathing" OR (Hypersomni* AND ("Periodic Respiration" OR "periodic breathing")) OR ((obese OR obesity) AND hypoventilat*) OR OSA[tiab] OR OSAS[tiab] OR OSAHS[tiab] OR SDB OR "central apnea" OR "obstructive apnea" OR "mixed apnea" OR "central apnoea" OR "obstructive apnoea" OR "mixed apnoea" OR "upper airway resistance syndrome" OR UARS OR Pickwickian OR "excessive daytime sleepiness" OR "respiratory event–related arousal" OR RERA OR "sleep-related breathing disorder" OR SRBD OR apneic-hypopneic OR apnoeic-hypopnoeic)

Thanks to the blog readers who offered comments and additional terms.