Tuesday, May 17, 2011

surgery (cardiovascular and thoracic) -- keywords

I’m posting several surgery term lists that I generated in response to a request from a blog follower. I haven’t had time to play with or revise these lists. I am sure that substantial revisions will be needed and that the revisions needed will vary depending on the nature and specificity of the other search concepts.

endovascular OR endarterectom* OR angioplast* OR atherectom* OR angioscop* OR ablation OR ablative OR electrocoagulat* OR shunt OR blalock-taussig OR taussig-blalock OR "blalock taussig" OR "taussig blalock" OR fontan[tiab] OR "pericardial window" OR Pericardiocent* OR vasoanastom* OR "assisted circulation" OR counterpulsation OR "intra-aortic balloon" OR "intra-aortic-balloon" OR heart-assist OR "heart assist" OR annuloplast* OR cardiomyoplast* OR (induced and ("cardiac arrest" OR "heart arrest")) OR "heart massage" OR revasculariz* OR revascularis* OR atherectom* OR transmyocardial OR norwood[tiab] OR pericardiectom* OR pericardiocentes* OR reperfus* OR embolectom* OR endarterectom* OR "limb salvage" OR "limb salvages" OR thrombectom* OR sternotom* OR thoracoplast* OR thoracoscop* OR thoracostom* OR thoracotom* OR thymectom* OR tracheostom* OR tracheotom* OR mediastinoscop* OR bronchoscop* OR "collapse therapy" OR pneumoly* OR ((artificial OR induced) AND pneumothora*) OR Pneumonectom* OR pneumonoly* OR hemoperfusion OR haemoperfusion OR "heart lung machine" OR "heart-lung machine" OR ((cardio-pulmonary OR cardiopulmonary OR heart OR hearts OR lung OR lungs OR heart-lung OR cardiac OR coronary OR vascular OR vein OR veins OR artery OR arteries OR arteriovenous OR valvular OR valve OR valves OR mitral OR aortic OR pulmonary OR pulmonic OR tricuspid OR pericardi* OR myocardi* OR endocard* OR trachea* OR bronchus OR bronchi OR bronchial OR bronchiole OR bronchioles OR bronchiolar OR alveol* OR pleural OR aorta* OR aortic OR aortopulmonary OR "vena cava" OR "vena caval" OR "vena cavas" OR ventricle OR ventricles OR ventricular OR atria OR atrium OR atrial OR thoracic OR pulmonary OR cardiothoracic OR cardio-thoracic OR mediastinal OR mediastinum OR peritoneovenous OR portasystemic OR portacaval OR splenorenal OR “patent ductus” OR “foramen ovale” OR “septal defect” OR asd OR vsd OR tetralogy OR fallot*[tiab] OR triology OR transposition ) AND (electrosurg* OR radiosurg* OR surgery OR surgeries OR surgical OR operative OR operation OR operations OR dissect* OR microdissect* OR cauter* OR transplant OR transplants OR transplanting OR transplanted OR transplantation* OR graft OR grafts OR grafting OR homograft* OR allograft* OR xenograft* OR autograft* OR prostheses OR prosthesis OR prosthetic OR bypass OR stent OR stents OR cutdown OR implant OR implants OR implanted OR implanting OR implantation* OR drainage OR drain OR drained OR draining OR drains OR revasculari* OR lobectom* OR shunt OR shunts OR reconstruct* OR harvest* OR Ligat* OR close OR closed OR closing OR closure))