Tuesday, May 24, 2011

trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole -- keywords and MeSH

("Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole Combination"[Mesh] OR Co-trimoxazol* OR Cotrimoxazol* OR Abacin OR Abactrim OR Acuco OR Adrenol OR Agoprim OR Agsulfa OR Andoprim OR Anitrim OR Antrimox OR Arcanaprim OR Assepium OR Azosulfin OR Babytrim OR Bacfar OR Bacgen OR Bacidal OR Bacin OR Bacpiryl OR Bacprotin OR Bacris OR Bacta OR Bactekod OR Bactelan OR Bacteracin OR Bacteric OR Bacterol OR Bacticel OR Bactide OR Bactifor OR Bactilen OR Bactille OR Bactin OR Bactiver OR Bactoprim OR Bactopumon OR Bactoreduct OR Bactox OR Balsamico OR Bactramin OR Bactren OR Bactrex OR Bactricid OR Bactricin OR Bactrim* OR Bactrinol OR Bactrisan OR Bactrizol OR Bactron OR Bactropin OR Bacxal OR Baczole OR Baklinger OR Baktar OR Bakton OR Balsandin OR Balsiprin OR Balsoprim OR Bantizol OR Baserin OR Bateral OR Batrizol OR Batrox OR Baxapril OR Becaltrin OR Belfactrin OR Bencole OR Benectrin OR Berlocid OR Binoctrin OR Bioprim OR Biosulten OR Biseptol OR Bismoral OR Bisultrim OR Blaxezan OR Blexon OR Bridotrim OR Briscotrim OR Brogamax OR Broncomega OR Broncorema OR Broncovir OR Brongenit OR Bronquibys OR Bronquicisteina OR Bronquimar OR Bronquimucil[tiab] OR Bronquium OR Busetal OR Casicot OR Chemitrim OR Chemix OR Chemoprim OR Chemotrim OR Ciplin OR Clorcetamol OR Clotrizol OR Cocydal OR Colizole OR Comix OR Cotamox OR Cotrazol OR Cotribene OR Cotrim*[tiab] OR Co-Trimexazole OR Cotripharm OR Cotristad OR Cotrivan OR Cotriver OR Co-tromoxazole OR Cozole OR Cozole OR CTR OR Danferane OR Dertrin OR Dhatrin OR Diazol OR Dibaprim OR Dientrin OR Diocla OR Diseptyl OR Dispeptrin OR Doctrim OR Doctrimox OR Dotrim OR Drilozole OR Drylin OR Dumotrim OR Duobact OR Duobiocin OR Duoctrin OR Duotrim OR duratrimet OR Durobac OR Dynazole OR Ectaprim OR Ectrin OR Eduprim OR Embatrim OR Entercal OR Enterobacticel OR Enterone OR Epahol OR Erphatrim OR Escoprim OR Espectrin OR Espectroprima OR Esteprim OR Eusaprim OR Eutrim OR Fabubac OR Fartropin OR Fectri OR Fectrim OR Fedimed OR Forcrim OR Forteprim OR Frocimole OR Gamactrin OR Gantaprim OR Gantrim OR Globaxol OR Groprim OR Groseptol OR Guayaprin OR Helveprim OR Heractrin OR Hulin OR Ibtrim OR Ikaprim OR Imexim OR imuneprim OR Infatrim OR Infecteracin OR Infectrin OR Introcin OR isobac OR Isotrim OR Ivatrim OR Ixazotrim OR Jenamoxazol OR Kaftrim OR Kaltrim OR Kassemox OR Kathrex OR Katrim OR Kemoprim OR Kepinol OR Ladar OR Lagatrim OR Lapikot OR Laratrim OR Lastrim OR Leotrim OR Letus OR Libetusin OR Licoprima OR Lictora OR Lidaprim[tiab] OR Lifactrin OR Linaris OR Linurin OR Lotusix OR Lupectrim OR Macromed OR Maxitrin OR Medcotrim OR Mediprim OR Meditrim OR Medixin[tiab] OR Mefloxine OR Meprotrin OR Metomide OR Metoprim OR Metoprin OR Metoxiprim OR Metrim OR Metxaprim OR Mezenol OR Mezine OR Microbac OR Microbactim OR Microcetim OR Microtrim OR Mictrex OR Mikrosid OR Mixange OR Momentol OR Moxadden OR Moxzole OR Mycosamthong OR Neofatrim OR Neotrim OR Neotrin OR Netocur OR Neumobacticel OR Neumopectolina OR Neumotrim OR Nopil OR Norisep OR Novidrine OR Nufaprim OR Octex OR Octiban OR Odisulfan OR Oecotrim OR Omsat OR Onetrim OR Oprizole OR Oradin OR Ottoprim OR Oxaprim OR Pantrim OR Partrim OR Patartim OR Pectocolbiotic OR Pediatrim OR Pehatrim OR Pharmaprim OR Pisatrina OR Polibatrin OR Pribac OR Primadex OR Primazole OR Primotren OR Primsulfon OR Prizogen OR Procor OR Protaxol OR Protrim OR Protrin OR Pulkrin OR Pulmosterin Duo OR Pulmotrim OR Pulvicin OR Purbac OR Qiftrin OR Rancotrim OR Renatrim OR Resprim OR Rimezone OR Rotrace OR Roubac OR Roytrin OR Sadocin OR Salvatrim OR Sanprima OR Santafurin OR Scribcin OR Sedactrim OR Selectrim OR Selectrin OR Sepmax OR Septiolan OR Septol OR Septoprin OR Septra OR Septran OR Septrin OR Servitrim OR Servitrim OR Sigaprim OR Silpin OR SMZ-TMP OR Solfoton OR Soltrim OR Soluseptol OR Spectrem OR Spectrim OR Steroprim OR Sulbacta OR Sulfacet OR Sulfagrand OR Sulfamethoprim OR Sulfaprim OR Sulfatrex OR Sulfatrim OR Sulfawal OR Sulfometh OR Sulfort OR Sulfotrim OR Sulfotrimin OR Sulmen OR Sulprim OR Sultiprim OR Sultral OR Sultrimmix OR Sumetrolim OR Sumetrolim OR Sunicol OR Suntrim OR Supracombin OR Suprex OR Suprim OR Suprin OR Supristol OR Suss OR Sutrim OR Syltrifil OR Syndal OR Synermed OR Syraprim OR Tabrol OR Tactrim OR Tampo[tiab] OR Teutrin OR thiocuran OR Thoxaprim OR Thriazol OR Timizol OR TMS OR Toose OR Toprim OR Tosdetan OR Traquivan OR Trelibec OR Tresium OR Trib OR Tribakin OR Tricban OR Tri-Co OR Tricomed OR Tricomox OR Trifatrim OR Trifen OR Triforam OR Trigonyl OR Trilogan OR Trimaxazole OR Trime/Sulfa OR Trimecor OR Trimel[tiab] OR Trimephar OR Trimesul OR Trimesuxol OR Trimetazole OR Trimethox OR Trimetoger OR Trimetox[tiab] OR Trimetrin OR Trimexazol* OR Trimexole OR Trimezol* OR Triminex OR Trimitrix OR Trimocom OR Trimoks OR Trimol OR Trimox[tiab] OR Trimoxazole OR Trimoxis OR Trimoxol OR Trimoxsul OR Trimoxzol OR Trim-S OR Trimzol OR Trimzol OR Trinelax OR Triphimox OR Triprim OR Tripur OR Trisazol OR Trisufin OR Trisul OR Trisulfa OR Trisulfose OR Tritenk OR Trixzol OR Trixzol OR Trizole OR Troxazole OR Ulfaprim OR Ultrasept OR Ultrazole OR Urizal OR Urobactrex OR Urobioctrin OR Uroctrim OR Urofar OR Uroneotrim OR Uroplus OR Uropol OR Uroxazol OR Utrim OR Vanadyl[tiab] OR Virin OR Vitavox OR Wiatrim OR Xanazole OR Xepaprim OR Xerazole OR Xeroprim OR Ylestrom OR Zamboprim OR Zaprin OR Zoleprim OR Zolmed OR Zoltrim OR Zultrop OR ( (Aubril OR Balin OR Berlocombin[tiab] OR Coptin OR Ditrim[tiab] OR D-Med OR Kelfiprim[tiab] OR Kombinax OR Lidaprim[tiab] OR Monotrim OR Polytrim OR Potesept[tiab] OR Proloprim[tiab] OR Rifaprim[tiab] OR Soltrim OR Sulfatrim OR TMP OR Trentina OR Triglobe[tiab] OR Trimanyl[tiab] OR Trimed OR Trimetin[tiab] OR Trimex OR Triprim OR Trizine OR Trimethoprim OR Triméthoprime OR Trimethoprimum OR Trimetopriimi OR Trimetoprim OR Trimetoprima OR Abaprim OR Alprim OR Alprimol OR Beaglobe OR Idotrim OR InfectoTrimet OR Ipral OR Lidatrim OR Maderan OR Monoprim OR Neoftalm OR Neolag OR Oftalmotrim OR Otix OR Pertrim OR Primoptic OR Primosept OR Purium OR Ritroprim OR Syraprim OR Tediprima OR Tiempe OR Trimesan OR Trimethop OR Trimogal OR Trimol OR Trimono OR Trimopan OR Trimoptin OR Trisulprim OR Uretrim OR Urotrim OR Utisept OR Velaten OR Wellcoprim OR Ximeprim OR 106568 OR NSC106568 OR Trimethoxyprim OR Trimetoprimas) AND (Ro-4-2130 OR Sulfamethoxazol OR Sulfaméthoxazole OR Sulfamethoxazolum OR Sulfametoksazol OR Sulfametoxazol OR Sulfisomezole OR Sulphamethoxazole OR Szulfametoxazol Or Gantanol OR Sulfamethoxazole OR Ro42130 OR Sulfametoksatsoli OR Sulfametoksazolas OR Pyramet) ) )