Wednesday, May 18, 2011

surgery (endocrine) -- keywords

I’m posting several surgery term lists that I generated in response to a request from a blog follower. I haven’t had time to play with or revise these lists. I am sure that substantial revisions will be needed and that the revisions needed will vary depending on the nature and specificity of the other search concepts.

adrenalectom* OR hypophysectom* OR parathyroid* OR thyroidectom* OR pancreatectom* OR ((endocrine* OR adrenal[tiab] OR adrenals OR thyroid OR thyroids OR parathyroid* OR hypophys* OR pituitary OR “sella turcica” OR Rathke*[tiab] OR pancreas OR pancreatic OR “beta cells” OR “beta-cells” OR “beta cell” OR “beta-cell” OR diabetes OR diabetic* OR hyperpituitar* OR hypopituitar* OR hypothalam* OR hyperthyroid* OR goiter* OR hypothyroid* OR hurthle*[tiab] OR islet OR islets) AND (electrosurg* OR radiosurg* OR surgery OR surgeries OR surgical OR operative OR operation OR operations OR dissect* OR microdissect* OR cauter* OR transplant OR transplants OR transplanting OR transplanted OR transplantation OR implant OR implants OR implanted OR implanting OR implantation* OR graft OR grafts OR grafting OR homograft* OR allograft* OR xenograft* OR autograft* OR prostheses OR prosthesis OR prosthetic OR bypass OR diversion OR divert* OR drainage OR drain OR drained OR draining OR drains OR revasculari* OR extract* OR osteotom* OR replacement* OR replant* OR reconstruct* OR harvest* OR resect OR resects OR resected OR resecting OR resection* OR flap OR flaps))