Wednesday, May 11, 2011

dabigatran -- keywords and MesH

(Dabigatran* OR Dabigatranum OR Dabigatrani OR BIBR-953 OR BIBR-953ZW OR BIBR-1048 OR "BIBR-1048/BS/RS1"[tiab] OR BIBR-1048MS OR BIBR953 OR BIBR953ZW OR BIBR1048 OR "BIBR1048/BS/RS1"[tiab] OR BIBR1048MS OR "BIBR 953" OR "BIBR 953ZW" OR "BIBR 1048" OR "BIBR 1048/BS/RS1"[tiab] OR "BIBR 1048MS" OR Pradax OR Pradaxa)

MeSH (the class name MeSH headings are included to allow the searcher to associate subheadings with the dabigatran concept):
"dabigatran etexilate "[supplementary concept] AND ("Benzimidazoles"[Mesh] OR "Pyridines"[Mesh])