Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pioglitazone (therpeutic use) -- keywords and MeSH

(Pioglit* OR AD-4833 OR AD4833 OR "AD 4833" OR U-72107A OR U72107A OR U72107E OR Actoplus OR Actos OR Cereluc OR Competact OR Deculin OR Diabamet OR Diabestat OR Diabetone OR Diaglit OR Dropia OR Duetact OR Exermet OR Glifix OR Glita OR Glizone OR Glubrava OR Glucozone OR Glustin OR G-Tase OR GTase[tiab] OR "G Tase" OR Higlucem OR Insulact OR Nilgar OR Opam OR Pepar OR PGlitz OR Pioglar OR Piogtan OR Piomed OR Piondia OR Pionix OR Piosafe OR Piotamax OR Pioz* OR Prialta OR Tandemact OR Tiazac[tiab] OR Utmos OR Zactos OR Zolid OR Zypi)

The following hyphenated term and multi‐word, quoted phrase were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:

"U 72107A" , "U 72107E" , "P Glitz" , P-Glitz , U-72107E

"pioglitazone "[Substance Name] AND "Thiazolidinediones/therapeutic use"[Mesh]