Sunday, May 22, 2011

digoxin -- keywords and MeSH

(Digoxin* OR Digoksin OR Digoksyna OR Digoxina OR Digoxine OR Card-Cosaldon OR “Card Cosaldon” OR Card-Dusodril OR “Card Dusodril” OR Cardial OR Card-Lamuran OR “Card Lamuran” OR Card-Progresin OR “Card Progresin” OR Digacin OR Digitek OR Digoregen OR Digosin OR Digox OR Dilanacin OR Eudigox OR Gradulon* OR Hemigoxine-Nativelle OR Intensain-Lanicor OR “Intensain Lanicor” OR Lanacard OR Lanacordin OR Lanicor OR Lanoxin OR Lenoxin OR Mapluxin OR Purgoxin OR Digoksiini OR Digoksinas OR Digoxinum OR Digoxosidum OR Bioxalyt OR Cardcor OR CardCosaldon OR CardDusodril OR CardFludilat OR CardInstenon OR Cardiogoxin OR Cardionil OR Cardioreg OR Cardioxin OR CardLamuran OR CardProgresin OR Certocor OR Cimecard OR Coragoxine OR CoroverlanDigoxin OR Crataelanat OR DigiNitronal OR Digitax OR DigiTromcardin OR Digixina OR Digobal OR Digocard OR DigocardG OR Digomal OR Digoxan OR Digoxen OR Digoxil OR Dogoxine OR Fargoxin OR Grexin OR HemigoxineNativelle OR IldamenDigoxin OR IntensainLanicor OR Lanacrist OR Lanox OR LenoxiCaps OR Purgoxin OR Sigmaxin OR StutgeronDigoxin OR TheoLanicor OR Toloxin OR Valoxin OR Valvulan OR DigiPulsnorma OR "Digoxin"[Mesh])

The following hyphenated term and multi‐word, quoted phrase were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:

Card-Fludilat, Card-Instenon, Coroverlan-Digoxin, Digi-Nitronal, "digi nitronal", Digi-Pulsnorma, Digi-Tromcardin, Digocard-G, Ildamen-Digoxin, Stutgeron-Digoxin, Theo-Lanicor "Card Fludilat" "Card Instenon" "Coroverlan Digoxin""Digi Tromcardin""Hemigoxine Nativelle""Ildamen Digoxin""Stutgeron Digoxin""Theo Lanicor""Digi Pulsnorma"