Wednesday, May 18, 2011

surgery (orthopedic) -- keywords

I’m posting several surgery term lists that I generated in response to a request from a blog follower. I haven’t had time to play with or revise these lists. I am sure that substantial revisions will be needed and that the revisions needed will vary depending on the nature and specificity of the other search concepts.

amputat* OR disarticulat* OR hemipelvectom* OR arthrodes* OR arthroplast* OR arthroscop* OR "joint capsule release" OR "joint capsule releases" OR ilizarov[tiab] OR diskectom* OR osteotom* OR tenodes* OR tenotom* OR vertebroplast* OR kyphoplast* OR myotom* OR bunionectom* OR THA OR TKA OR "internal fixation" OR "open repair" OR ((Orthopedic OR orthopaedic OR spine OR spinal OR lumbar OR thoracic OR "cervical spine" OR ilium OR ilial OR ischial OR ischium OR pelvic OR pelvis OR pubis OR symphysis OR acetabul* OR ankle* OR femur* OR femoral OR tibia OR fibula* OR tibial OR knee* OR hip OR hips OR intervertebral OR atlanto-axial OR gleno-humeral OR glenohumeral OR shoulder* OR humerus OR humeral OR ulnar OR ulna OR radius OR radial OR scapula* OR costal OR clavicle* OR clavicular OR sternum OR sternal OR elbow* OR wrist* OR interphalangeal OR inter-phalangeal OR tarsal OR carpal OR phalan* OR bone OR bones OR skeletal OR skeleton* OR fractur* OR intramedullary OR joint* OR limb* OR patella* OR costochondral OR cartilag* OR costal OR rib OR ribs OR talus OR talar OR metacarpal OR metatarsal OR tarsal OR carpal OR tendon* OR ligament* OR muscle OR muscles ) AND (electrosurg* OR radiosurg* OR surgery OR surgeries OR surgical OR operative OR operation OR operations OR dissect* OR microdissect* OR cauter* OR transplant OR transplants OR transplanting OR transplanted OR transplantation OR implant OR implants OR implanted OR implanting OR implantation* OR graft OR grafts OR grafting OR homograft* OR allograft* OR xenograft* OR autograft* OR prostheses OR prosthesis OR prosthetic OR bypass OR rod OR rods OR screw* OR pin OR pins OR cage OR cages OR diversion OR divert* OR drainage OR drain OR drained OR draining OR drains OR revasculari* OR replacement* OR lengthen* OR distraction OR fixat* OR salvage* OR traction OR fusion[tiab] OR fused OR fusing OR reconstruct* OR harvest*))