Monday, August 24, 2009

pharmacoepidemiology -- keywords

(pharmacoepid*) OR ((prescrib* OR prescript* OR drug OR drugs OR therapy OR therapies OR therapeutic OR medication* OR pharmaceutic* OR pharmacy OR pharmacies OR oral OR intravenous OR nasogastric OR rectal OR milligram* OR microgram OR micrograms OR dose OR doses OR dosage* OR administer* OR chemotherap* OR adjuvant OR pill OR pills OR tablet* OR lozenge* OR suppositor* OR injection* OR infusion*) AND (utiliz* OR utilis* OR pattern* OR audit* OR use OR usage OR epidemiolog*))

Pharmacoepidemiology -- MeSH

("Drug Utilization"[mesh] OR (("adverse effects"[sh] OR "drug therapy"[sh] OR "Drug Prescriptions "[mesh] OR "Pharmaceutical Preparations"[mesh] OR "Therapeutic Uses "[mesh] OR "therapeutic use"[sh] OR "Drug Therapy"[mesh]) AND ("Medical Audit "[mesh] OR "Attitude of Health Personnel "[mesh] OR "Physician's Practice Patterns "[mesh] OR "Epidemiology "[mesh] OR "epidemiology"[sh])))

Grave's Disease -- MeSH and keywords

("Graves Disease"[Mesh] OR “graves disease” OR “grave’s disease” OR “graves’ disease” OR “Basedow's Disease” OR “Basedow's Disease” OR “Basedow Disease” OR “Exophthalmic Goiter” OR “Exophthalmic Goiters” OR ((graves OR grave’s OR graves’ OR thyroid*) AND (ophthalmopath* OR proptosis OR orbitopath* OR “eye disease” OR "eye diseases" OR exophthalm* OR dermopath*)))

treatment resistance -- MeSH and keywords

Usually only a subset of the following terms will be appropriate for a given search:
("drug resistance"[mesh] OR "treatment failure"[mesh] OR "recurrence"[mesh] OR "treatment outcome"[mesh] OR resistan* OR refractory OR nonrespon* OR non-respon* OR responsiveness OR recur* OR relaps* OR fail*)

Friday, August 21, 2009

methimazole -- keyword and mesh

("Methimazole"[Mesh] OR Methimazole OR Antitiroide OR Bromazolo OR Danantizol OR Favistan OR Mercaptizol OR Mercasolyl OR OR Mercazol OR Mercazole OR Mercazolyl OR Mercazolil OR Merkazolil OR Methylmercaptoimidazole OR Methymazol OR Metibasol OR Methizol OR Metisol OR Metizol OR Metothyrin OR “Neo Endofren” OR Northyx OR Sirenitas OR Strumazol OR Tapazol OR Tapazole OR Thacapzol OR Thiamazole OR Thimazol OR Thycapzol OR Thyromazol OR Thyrozol OR Tiamazol OR Timazol OR Tirodril OR Tirozol OR Unimazole)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors -- keywords and MeSH

("Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors"[Mesh] OR "Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors "[Pharmacological Action] OR "Captopril"[Mesh] OR "benazepril "[Substance Name] OR "Enalapril"[Mesh] OR "Enalaprilat"[Mesh] OR "Fosinopril"[Mesh] OR "Lisinopril"[Mesh] OR "moexipril "[Substance Name] OR "Perindopril"[Mesh] OR "quinapril "[Substance Name] OR "Ramipril"[Mesh] OR "trandolapril "[Substance Name] OR "Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor" OR "Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors" OR "Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor" OR "Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors" OR "Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme-Inhibitor" OR "Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme-Inhibitors" OR "ACE inhibitor" OR "ACE inhibitors" OR ACEI OR Acovil OR Benazepril OR Captopril OR Enalaprilat OR nalapril OR Fosinopril OR Hiperlex OR Lisinopril OR Monopril OR Moexipril OR Perindopril OR Quinapril OR Ramipril OR Trandolapril OR Aceon OR Accupril OR Altace OR benazapril OR benzazepril OR Briem OR Capoten OR Capozide OR Carasel OR Cibacène OR Cibacen OR Delix OR Dynacil OR Enalapril* OR Erbumine OR Fempress OR fosinorm OR Fositens OR Fosinil OR Fozitec OR Gopten OR Labopal OR Lopirin OR Lotensin OR Lotrel OR Lysinopril OR Mavik OR Moex OR Monopril OR Newace OR " Pres iv" OR Perdix OR Perstarium OR Prinivil OR Ramace OR Renitec OR Renitek OR staril OR Tenso OR Tensocardil OR Triatec OR Tritace OR Udrik OR Univasc OR Zabien OR Univasc OR Uniretic OR Vasotek OR Vasotec OR Vesdil OR Zestril OR Xanef)

ORing in the following investigational names may be helpful. However, I had some problems with a search statement that included these (a multi-concept search that included investigational names retrieved fewer results than a search statement without these OR'd in). I haven't figured out the problem yet.

"CGS-14824-A" OR "CGS-14824A" OR "CGS 14824A" OR "CGS 14824-A" OR "CGS14824A" OR "CI 906" OR "CI-906" OR CI906 OR "HOE-498" OR "HOE 498" OR HOE498 OR "L-154826" OR "L 154826" OR L154826 OR "MK-421" OR "MK 421" OR MK421 OR "MK-422" OR "MK 422" OR MK422 OR "MK-521" OR "MK 521" OR MK521 OR "PD 109452-2" OR "PD-109,452-2" OR "S-9490-3" OR "S 9490-3" OR "McN-A-2833-109" OR "RS 10085" OR "RS-10085" OR RS10085 OR "RU 44570" OR RU44570 OR "RU-44570" OR "S-9490" OR "S 9490" OR S9490 OR "S 9490-3" OR "S 9490 3" OR "S 94903" OR "SCH 31846" OR "SCH-31846" OR SCH31846 OR SQ-14,534 "SQ 14,534" OR "SQ14,534" "SQ-14534" OR "SQ 14534" OR SQ14534 "SQ-14,225" OR "SQ 14,225" OR "SQ14,225" OR "SQ-14225" OR "SQ 14225" OR SQ14225 OR "SQ-28,555" OR "SQ 28,555" OR "SQ28,555" OR "SQ-28555" OR "SQ 28555" OR SQ28555

Angiotensin Receptor Blockers -- keywords and MeSH

("Receptors, Angiotensin/antagonists and inhibitors"[mesh] OR "Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Blockers"[Mesh] OR "Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Blockers"[Pharmacological Action] OR "candesartan "[Substance Name] OR "eprosartan "[Substance Name] OR "irbesartan "[Substance Name] OR "Losartan"[Mesh] OR "olmesartan "[Substance Name] OR "telmisartan "[Substance Name] OR "telmisartan-hydrochlorothiazide "[Substance Name] OR "valsartan "[Substance Name] OR "tasosartan "[Substance Name] OR "Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonists" OR "Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonist" OR "Angiotensin II-Receptor Antagonists" OR "Angiotensin II-Receptor Antagonist" OR "Angiotensin-II-Receptor Antagonists" OR "Angiotensin-II-Receptor Antagonist" OR "angiotensin receptor blockers" OR "angiotensin receptor blocker" OR "angiotensin-receptor blockers" OR "angiotensin-receptor blocker"OR Candesartan OR Eprosartan OR Irbesartan OR Losartan OR Olmesartan OR Telmisartan OR Valsartan OR TASOSARTAN OR Atacand OR Teveten OR Avapro OR Avalide OR Cozaar OR Hyzaar OR Benicar OR Micardis OR Diovan OR Kalpress OR Lorzaar OR Micardis OR Miten OR Nisis OR Pritor OR Provas OR Tareg OR Teveten OR Vals OR walsartan)

ORing in the following investigational names may be helpful. However, I had some problems with a search statement that included these (a multi-concept search that included investigational names retrieved fewer results than a search statement without these OR'd in). I haven't figured out the problem yet.

"ANA-756" OR "ANA 756" OR ANA756 OR "BIBR 277" OR "BIBR-277" OR BIBR277 OR "BMS 186295" OR BMS-186295 OR BMS186295 "CGP-48933" OR CGP48933 OR "CGP48933" OR "CS-088" OR "CS 088" OR CS088 OR "CV 11974" OR CV11974 OR "CV-11974" OR "DuP 753" OR DuP753 OR "DuP-753" OR "MK 954" OR MK954 OR "MK-954" OR "MRK 717" OR MRK717 OR MRK-717 OR "RNH 6270" OR "RNH-6270" OR RNH6270 OR "SK&F 108566" OR "SKF-108566" OR "SKF 108566" OR SKF108566 OR "SR 47436" OR "SR-47436" OR SR47436 OR WAY-ANA-756 OR "WAY ANA 756" OR WAYANA756

Monday, August 17, 2009

male -- keywords

(man OR men OR gentlemen OR gentleman OR male OR males OR husband* OR father* OR son OR sons OR grandson* OR nephew* OR step-son* OR “step son” OR “step sons” OR stepson* OR step-father* OR “step father” OR “step fathers” OR stepfather* OR father-in-law OR fathers-in-law OR “father in law” OR “fathers in law” OR monk OR monks OR widower OR widowers OR bachelor* OR uncle* OR brother* OR step-brother* OR “step brother” OR “step brothers” OR stepbrother* OR grandfather* OR grandpa* OR paternal OR paternity OR fatherhood OR inseminat* OR semen OR “seminal fluid” OR “seminal vesicle” OR “seminal vesicles” OR testic* OR testes OR testis OR scrotum OR scrotal OR prostate* OR “vas deferens” OR seminiferous OR penis OR penile OR circumcis* OR circumciz* OR orchiectom* OR vasectom*)

for male children include
boy OR boys

when searching for articles about adult males, also consider ORing in:
king OR kings OR duke* OR prince OR princes

infants -- keyword

(infant* OR baby OR babies OR NICU OR neonat* OR perinatal OR preemi* OR prematurity OR Premi OR premie OR premies OR preterm OR bairn* OR newborn* OR suckling* OR weanling*)

consider ORing in species-specific words if searching for articles focused on non-humans
consider Oring in birth and obstetric words if appropriate
birth OR births OR deliver* OR labor OR obstetric* OR cesarean OR caesarean OR forcep* OR extract*

Rural -- MeSH

"Rural Population"[Mesh] OR "Rural Health Services"[Mesh] OR "Hospitals, Rural"[Mesh] OR "Rural Health"[Mesh] OR "Wilderness"[Mesh] OR "Wilderness Medicine"[Mesh] OR "United States Indian Health Service"[Mesh]

neuroendocrine tumors -- MeSH and keyword

("neuroendocrine adenoma" OR "neuroendocrine adenomas" OR "neuroendocrine tumor" OR "neuroendocrine tumors" OR "neuroendocrine cancer" OR "neuroendocrine cancers" OR "neuroendocrine carcinoma" OR "neuroendocrine carcinomas" OR "neuroendocrine neoplasm" OR "neuroendocrine neoplasms" OR (("Cushing's syndrome" OR "Kulchitsky cell") AND (adenoma[tiab] OR adenomas[tiab] OR tumor[tiab] OR tumors[tiab] OR cancer[tiab] OR cancers[tiab] OR carcinoma[tiab] OR carcinomas[tiab] OR neoplasm[tiab] OR neoplasms[tiab] OR neoplastic[tiab] OR malign* OR metastas* OR metastat*)) OR carcinoid*[ti] OR vipoma* OR "Verner-Morrison syndrome" OR "pancreatic cholera" OR WDHA[tiab] OR "watery diarrhea hypokalemia and achlorhydria syndrome" OR apudoma* OR gastrinoma* OR "Zollinger-Ellison syndrome" OR insulinoma*[ti] OR Glucagonoma* OR Somatostatinoma* OR GRFoma* OR ACTHoma* OR PPoma* OR "islet cell tumor"[ti] OR "islet cell tumors"[ti] OR "pancreatic endocrine tumor" OR "pancreatic endocrine tumors" OR "Merkel cell carcinoma" OR "small cell carcinoma" OR pheochromocytoma*[ti] OR neuroblastoma*[ti] OR "medullary carcinoma" OR "medullary carcinomas" OR Paraganglioma* OR ((acidophil[tiab] OR basophil[tiab] OR chromophobe[tiab] OR secrete OR secreting OR secretion OR corticotroph OR "growth hormone" OR ACTH OR prolactin OR gonadotropin* OR "follicle-stimulating hormone" OR Luteinizing OR prolactin* OR FSH OR FSH-secreting OR LH OR LH-secreting) AND pituitary[tiab] AND adenoma*[tiab]) OR "Neuroendocrine Tumors"[MeSH:NoExp] OR "Adenoma, Acidophil"[mesh] OR "Adenoma, Basophil"[mesh] OR "Adenoma, Chromophobe"[mesh] OR "Apudoma"[mesh] OR "Carcinoid Tumor"[mesh] OR "Carcinoma, Neuroendocrine"[mesh] OR "Paraganglioma"[mesh] OR (("Gonadotropins, Pituitary"[mesh] OR "Human Growth Hormone"[mesh] OR "Growth Hormone"[mesh] OR "secretion"[sh]) AND "pituitary neoplasms"[mesh]) OR "Growth Hormone-Secreting Pituitary Adenoma"[mesh] OR "Prolactinoma"[mesh] OR "Nelson Syndrome"[mesh] OR "ACTH-Secreting Pituitary Adenoma"[mesh] OR "Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome"[mesh] OR "Gastrinoma"[mesh] OR "Insulinoma"[mesh] OR "Growth Hormone-Secreting Pituitary Adenoma"[mesh] OR "Neuroblastoma"[mesh])

Tai Chi -- keywords and MeSH

("Tai Ji"[MeSH] OR "T'ai Chi" OR "Tai Chi" OR "Tai Ji" OR Taiji OR Taijiquan)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Exercise -- MeSH

("Exercise Movement Techniques"[Mesh] OR "Locomotion"[Mesh] OR "Sports"[Mesh] OR "Dancing"[Mesh] OR "Physical Fitness"[Mesh] OR "Physical Education and Training"[Mesh] OR "Exercise"[Mesh] OR "Exercise Therapy"[Mesh] OR "Motor Activity"[mesh])

Depending on the search topic, consider ORing in "Leisure Activities"[mesh]. If "Leisure Activities"[mesh] is included, the narrower headings "Sports"[mesh] and "Dancing"[mesh] can be removed.

exercise -- keywords

(athlete* OR athletic* OR "active lifestyle" OR "physical activity" OR "physical education" OR fitness OR "physically fit" OR recreation OR exercis* OR jazzercise OR aerobics OR work-out OR workout OR "working out" OR "physical conditioning" OR calisthenic* OR yoga OR "tai chi" OR karate OR judo OR gymnastic* OR acrobatic* OR tumbling OR "tae kwon do" OR taekwon-do* OR taekwondo OR "martial arts" OR activity OR walking OR fitness OR "physical education" OR sport OR sports OR baseball OR football OR basketball OR tennis OR volleyball OR badminton OR bowling OR hockey OR lacrosse OR rugby OR soccer OR track OR wrestling OR wrestler* OR wrestled OR walk OR walking OR walked OR walks OR jog OR jogging OR jogs OR jogged OR jogger* OR run OR running OR run OR runs OR ran OR runner* OR marathon* OR sprint OR sprints OR sprinting OR sprinted* OR sprinter* OR boxing OR boxer* OR climbing OR climber* OR biking OR bicycling OR bikes OR bike OR biked OR bicyclist* OR hiking OR hike OR hikes OR hiked OR hiker* OR rafting OR kayak* OR canoe* OR row OR rows OR rowed OR rowing OR rower* OR swimming OR swim OR Swam OR swims OR rower* OR "track and field" OR jumping OR jump OR jumps OR jumped OR jumper* OR trampoline OR "lift weights" OR "weight lifting" OR dance OR dances OR danced OR dancing OR dancer* OR skating OR skate OR skates OR skated OR skater*)