Thursday, June 28, 2018

Isosorbide -- keywords and MeSH

Names taken  from Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference :

("Isosorbide"[Mesh] OR "AT 101” OR “AT101” OR “AT-101” OR “Iso Mack” OR “NSC40725” OR “NSC-40725” OR “Xin Shu” OR “Yan De” OR Acordin OR Aerosonit OR Angil OR Angiolong OR Angi-Spray OR Angitak OR Angitrit OR Angsobide OR Antup OR Anzidin OR Apo-ISDN OR Bideren OR Biderit OR Biordyn OR Cardicap OR Cardiket OR Cardioket OR Cardonit OR Cardopax OR Carvasin OR Cedocard OR Coradur OR Cordil OR Coronex OR Corovliss OR  Cortespasmo OR Debisor OR Diasera-L OR Diconpin OR Dicor[tiab] OR Dignonitrat OR Dilanid OR Dilatrat OR Dilatrate  OR Diniket OR Dinisan OR Dinisorb OR Dinit OR Dinospray OR Disorlon OR duranitrat OR Elantan OR Esconitro OR EureCor OR Farsorbid OR Flasorbid OR Flindix OR Frandol OR Gasorbid OR Hapisor OR Hartsorb OR Hexanitrat OR Imtack OR Insucar OR Isacardin OR Isdin OR Ismotic OR Isobar OR Isobenil OR Iso-Bid OR Isobide OR Isobin OR Isobinate OR Isocard OR Isocardide OR Isocard-Spray OR Isochron OR Isocord OR Isocoronal OR Isoday OR Isodinit OR Isodinitrat OR isoforce OR Isogen OR Isoket OR Isolong OR Isomack OR Iso-Mik  OR Isopelet OR Isopront OR Iso-Puren OR Isorbid OR Isordil OR Isorem OR Isosifar OR Isosorbid OR isosorbida OR Isosorbiddinitrat OR Isosorbide OR Isosorbidi OR Isosorbidi* OR Isosorbidum  OR Isostad OR Isostenase OR Isotard OR Isotrate OR Izo OR Izosorbid OR Izosorbido OR Izosorbidu OR Izoszorbid-dinitr√°t OR Jenacard OR Jeridin OR Kalliant OR Kardiket OR Langoran OR L-Ohnesgen OR Maycor OR Maydil OR Medocor OR Menilet OR Nitorol OR Nitrosid OR Nitrosorbide OR Nitrosorbon OR Nitro-Spray OR Nitro-Tablinen OR Novisor OR Novo-Sorbide OR Orbipront OR Pensordil OR Prodicard OR Rifloc OR Risordan OR Soni-Slo OR Sorbangil OR Sorbichew OR Sorbid OR Sorbide OR Sorbidilat OR Sorbidin OR Sorbitrate OR Sorbonit OR Sornil OR Trindil OR Vascardin OR Vasorbate OR Vermicet OR Zanisor )[all]

Removed because they are “not found” by PubMed and cause retrieval of irrelevant results:
“Ai Bei” OR “An Nuo Xin Mei” OR “Di Xin Ni” OR “Er Fu Xin” OR “Hao Xin” OR “Isorde Plus” OR “Kai Wei Xin” OR “Ling Xin” OR “NSC 40725” OR “Pei Xin” OR “Pu Xin Qing” OR “Rui Li Xi” OR “TD Spray Iso” OR “Wei Xin Ping” OR “Xin He Ping” OR “Yi Shu Da” OR “Zhong Sheng Rui Xing”

Removed the following brand name because it is used most frequently for a concept other than as a name for isosorbide:
Cardio OR iso