Tuesday, August 27, 2013

premature infants -- keywords and mesh

A place to start with this search:

("Premature birth"[mesh] OR "Infant, Premature"[mesh] OR "Infant, Very Low Birth Weight"[mesh] OR "Infant, Premature, Diseases"[mesh] OR ((preterm OR prematurity OR premature OR prematurely OR "respiratory distress syndrome" OR "respiratory distress syndromes" OR rds OR "transient tachypnea" OR "cerebral leukomalacia" OR "cerebral leukomalacias") AND (deliver* OR birth* OR infant* OR infancy OR baby OR babies OR neonat* OR newborn* OR retinopathy* )) OR  preemi* OR premi OR premie OR premies OR preterm OR "very low birth weight" OR VLBW OR "low birth weight" OR LBW OR "very low birthweight"  OR "low birthweight"   OR "post-conceptual age"  OR "post-conceptual ages"  OR "postconceptual age"  OR "postconceptual ages"  OR "bronchopulmonary dysplasia" OR (periventricular AND (leukomalac* OR encephalomalac*)) OR "hyaline membrane disease" OR "retrolental fibroplasia" OR  (("second trimester" OR "first trimester" OR "gestational age" OR "gestational ages" OR "gestational weeks" OR "gestational week" OR undevelop* OR underdevelop* OR under-develop*) AND (deliver* OR birth* OR labor OR labors  OR labour*)))