Friday, May 27, 2011

A note to blog followers from Cindy Schmidt

Many thanks to those of you who've taken the time to send me new search strategies and notes about needed corrections and revisions in the posted search strategies. I appreciate your input.  Please do feel free to contact me with corrections, suggestions for search revisions, etc. I know I make mistakes/oversights/etc. and like to have the opprotunity to correct them.  My e-mail etc. can be found at

You have probably noticed that I post a lot of search strategies during the months of April and May. Some of these are strategies I've composed for use in correcting student searches. They may include terms that I would not include when composing searches solely for my own or my patrons' use.  For instance, I often include foreign generic names that would be retrieved by a truncated term that is also present in the search statement.  Some of the other searches I post are strategies generated in part by pharmacy students taking required drug information/literature evaluation courses. Our pharmacy students are required to write a systematic review during the course of their education and I teach the search skills needed to produce such a review.  Any student strategies I post are essentially authored/co-authored by me as I  know which terms I want the students to include before the course starts, I tell the students where to find the needed terms, how to compose the strategies, and then correct the strategies again, and again, and again until the students submit strategies that are very nearly the strategies I wanted to see before the course began.  That said, these strategies are not always the exact strategies I would generate if I was starting from scratch.  Still, I've put a lot of work into them and don't want to have to start from scratch if faced with the same topic in the future -- so I post them on the blog.  Your suggestions for revision are, of course, welcome! 

Some drug strategies have only been checked against the drug names listed in Martindale's: The Complete Drug Reference (MICROMEDEX). You may find additional drug names in the MeSH databases "entry term" list or in DrugDex. If you happen to find that I've missed terms listed in any of these sources or any other sources and if you have time, please do let me know.  Again, you can find my e-mail address and other contact info at:

sleep apnea -- for OVID MEDLINE

This sleep apnea strategy was created for OVID MEDLINE by Marina Englesakis, BA(Hons), MLIS. She agreed to let me post it here for the benefit of blog followers who have access to databases that allow adjacency searching and phrase truncation. Marina notes that there is some duplication of terms. I'm guessing that the client just wanted the coverage of certain terms to be very explicit/clear.

1. exp sleep apnea, obstructive/
2. obesity hypoventilation syndrome/
3. (obstruct* adj2 sleep apne*).mp.
4. (obstruct* adj2 sleep apnoe*).mp.
5. (upper airway resistan* adj2 sleep apne*).mp.
6. (upper airway resistan* adj2 sleep apnoe*).mp.
7. (upper airway resistan* adj2 syndrom*).mp.
8. obes* hypoventil* syndrome?.mp.
9. (obes* hypoventil* adj2 apne*?).mp.
10. (obes* hypoventil* adj2 apnoe*?).mp.
11. (pickwick* adj1 syndrom*).mp.
12. (obstruct* adj2 hypopnea*).mp.
13. (obstruct* adj2 hypopnoea*).mp.
14. (obstruct* adj2 hypoapnea*).mp.
15. (obstruct* adj2 hypoapnoea*).mp.
16. (obstruct* adj2 hypo-apnea*).mp.
17. (obstruct* adj2 hypo-apnoea*).mp.
18. (sleep disorder* adj1 breathing).mp.
19. (sleep adj2 respirat* disorder*).mp.
20. (sleep related respira* adj1 disorder*).mp.
24. (cheyne-stokes adj1 breath*).mp.
25. (cheyne-stokes adj1 respirat*).mp.
26. (hypersomni* adj2 periodic respirat*).mp.
27. (hypersomni* adj2 periodic breath*).mp.
28. (mixed adj2 apnea*).mp.
29. (mixed adj2 apnoea*).mp.
30. exp Sleep Apnea Syndromes/
31. Cheyne-Stokes Respiration/
32. apneic-hypopneic*.mp.
33. apnoeic-hypopnoeic*.mp.
34. (nocturnal adj2 hypoventilation).mp.
35. (sleep disorder* adj1 respirat*).mp.
36. (nocturnal adj2 hypoxemia).mp.

TKO vs. Locked IVs -- keywords

This is a first stab at a search attempting to compare the stability/etc. of locked IVs to that of TKO IVs. I'm posting it here because it took a long time to get this far and I don't want to have to start over if asked for the same search again in a couple years.

("continuous infusion" OR "constant infusion" OR "keep open" OR "keep-open" ) AND ( lock OR locks OR locked OR locking OR ((occasional OR intermittent OR regular) AND ( flush OR flushes OR flushing)))

Thursday, May 26, 2011

joint disease -- keywords

(Arthralgi* OR Arthriti* OR “joint disease” OR “joint diseases” OR ((Joint OR joints OR jaw OR jaws OR temporomandibular OR TMJ OR shoulder* OR glenohumeral OR hip OR hips OR acetabul* OR knee OR knees OR ankle OR ankles OR wrist OR wrists OR metacarpal-phalangeal OR metacarpophalangeal OR metatarsal-phalangeal OR metatarso-phalangeal OR inter-phalangeal OR interphalangeal OR cartilag* OR synovial OR synovium) AND (Pain OR painful OR pains OR ache OR aches OR aching OR ached OR achy OR inflamed OR inflammation OR anti-inflammatory OR analgesi* OR analgaesi* OR edema OR oedema* OR edematous OR destruction OR destroy* OR antiedem* OR antioedem* OR anti-edem* OR anti-oedem* OR hyperalges* OR nocicept* OR allodyni* OR stiff OR stiffness OR lupus OR sarcoid* OR henoch-schonlein OR "henoch schonlein" OR haemochromatosis OR hemochromatosis OR wegener*[tiab] OR scleroderm* OR dermatomyosit* OR polymyosit* OR lyme[tiab] OR "mediterranean fever" OR hyperimmunoblobulinemi* OR "periodic syndrome" OR crohn*[tiab] OR "ulcerative colitis")) OR monoarthralgi* OR Monoarthriti* OR monoarticular OR pseudogout OR polyarthralgi* OR Polyarthriti* OR polyarticular OR “calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease” OR CPPD OR C.P.P.D. OR Tenosynoviti* OR Synoviti* OR Capsuliti* OR “Charcot joint” OR “Charcot joints” OR Rheumatoid OR “Felty's Syndrome” OR “Felty Syndrome” OR “Still's Disease” OR “Still Disease” OR Chondrocalcinosis OR Gout OR Gouty OR Osteoarthriti* OR Periarthriti* OR Rheumatic OR “Wissler's Syndrome” OR “Wissler Syndrome” OR Spondylarthriti* OR Spondylarthropath* OR Spondyloarthriti* OR Spondyloarthropath*)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cyclobenzaprine (therapeutic use) -- keywords and MeSH

(Cyclobenzaprin* OR Ciclobenzaprina OR Cyclobenzaprine OR Cyclobenzaprini OR Proheptatriene OR MK-130 OR “MK 130” OR MK130 OR Ro41557 OR RP9715 OR Amrix OR Ciclamil OR Dorixina or Fexmid OR Flexeril OR Flexiban OR Flexin OR Flexitec OR Iphsaflex OR Masterelax OR Medarex OR Miosan OR Mirtax OR Musculare OR Nostaden OR Reflexan OR Relexil OR Tensamon OR Tensiomax OR Tensodox OR Tonalgen OR Yuredol OR Yurelax OR Ziclob)

The following hyphenated and multi-word terms have been removed from the search statement as they were not recognized by PubMed and caused retrieval of irrelevant results.

"Ro 4 1557"
"RP 9715"
"Dolamin Flex"

"cyclobenzaprine "[Substance Name] AND "Amitriptyline/therapeutic use"[Mesh]

Lisinopril -- keywords and MeSH

("Lisinopril"[Mesh] OR Acecomb OR Acemin OR Acepril OR Acerbon OR Acercomp OR Acerdil OR Acerilin OR Acetan OR Adicanil OR Alapril OR Alfaken OR Amesos OR Axelvin OR Bellisin OR Belprel OR Benzin[tiab] OR Biopril OR ByZestra OR Carace OR Carace Plus OR Caralpha OR Cardiostad OR Cipril OR Conpres OR Coric[tiab] OR Corprilin OR Corpriretic OR Cotensil OR Dapril OR Dironorm OR Diroton OR Doneka OR Dosteril OR Doxapril OR Ecamais OR Ecapril OR Ekvator OR Farpresse OR Fersivag OR Fibsol OR Gnostoval OR Hyperliz OR Hypomed OR Icoran OR Inhitril OR Interpril OR Iricil OR Irumed OR Iruzid OR Lanatin OR Landolaxin OR Leruze OR Lestace OR Likenil OR Linopril OR Linoril OR Linospril OR Linoxal OR Linvas OR Liprace OR Liprazid OR Lipreren OR Lipribela OR Lipril OR Lisdene OR Lisi[tiab] OR Lisibeta OR Lisicostad OR Lisidigal OR Lisidoc OR Lisigamma OR Lisihexal OR Lisilet OR Lisiletic OR Lisinal OR Lisinobell OR Lisinocomp OR Lisinogen OR Lisinol OR Lisinoplus OR Lisinoratio OR Lisinoretic OR Lisinospes OR Lisinostad OR Lisinoton OR Lisinotyrol OR Lisiplus OR Lisipril OR Lisiprol OR Lisir OR Lisitril OR Lisoclor OR Lisodinol OR Lisodur OR Lisodura OR Lisonorm OR Lisonotec OR Lisoplus OR Lisopress OR Lisopril OR Lisoretic OR Lisozide OR Lispril OR Listril OR Liten[tiab] OR Longes OR Lonipril OR Lopril OR Nafordyl OR Nalapres OR Noperten OR Nopril OR Noril OR Normopril OR Novatec OR Novatec OR Novazyd OR Novral OR Odace OR Perenal OR Presokin OR Pressamea OR Pressuril OR Prilcor OR Prilosin OR Prinil OR Prinivil OR Prinzide OR Ranopril OR Rantex OR Renotens OR Rilace OR Secubar OR Sinopren OR Sinorezid OR Tensinop OR Tiazinol OR Tonotensil OR Vercol OR Vivatec OR Zesger OR Zestoretic[tiab] OR Zestozide OR Zestril OR Zinopril OR Lisoril OR mealis OR priniser OR prinopril OR sinopril OR sinopry OR sinoretick OR tensikey OR terolinal OR tersif OR thriusedon OR tivirion OR tobicor OR tonoten OR vasojet OR veroxil OR vitopril OR zemax OR zeprosil OR zestan OR zestomax OR zeprosil OR lisinopri* OR Lizinopril OR Lizinoprilis OR L154826 OR MK-521 OR "MK 521" OR MK521)

Unrecognized Names the following terms were not recognized by PubMed, caused retrieval of irrelevant results, and so were removed from the search strategy."
"Amlopres L"
"L 154826"
"Diace Co"
"Calchek L"
"Acelisino comp"
"Cardiostad Comp"
"Lipribela plus H"
"Lisaril Comp"
"Lisibeta comp"
"Lisidigal HCT"
"Lisigamma HCT"
"Lisihexal comb"
"Lisi Lich"
"LisiLich comp"
"Lisipril Comp"
"Lisi-Puren comp"
"Lisodura plus"
"Lopril H"
"L 154826"

Revised based on suggestions from blog followers. Thanks!

acne -- keywords

(acne OR comedo* OR microcomedo* OR ((skin OR cutis OR cutaneous OR follicular) AND (inflammatory OR inflammation OR inflamed)) OR folliculitis OR folliculitides OR folliculitic OR acneiform)

trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole -- keywords and MeSH

("Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole Combination"[Mesh] OR Co-trimoxazol* OR Cotrimoxazol* OR Abacin OR Abactrim OR Acuco OR Adrenol OR Agoprim OR Agsulfa OR Andoprim OR Anitrim OR Antrimox OR Arcanaprim OR Assepium OR Azosulfin OR Babytrim OR Bacfar OR Bacgen OR Bacidal OR Bacin OR Bacpiryl OR Bacprotin OR Bacris OR Bacta OR Bactekod OR Bactelan OR Bacteracin OR Bacteric OR Bacterol OR Bacticel OR Bactide OR Bactifor OR Bactilen OR Bactille OR Bactin OR Bactiver OR Bactoprim OR Bactopumon OR Bactoreduct OR Bactox OR Balsamico OR Bactramin OR Bactren OR Bactrex OR Bactricid OR Bactricin OR Bactrim* OR Bactrinol OR Bactrisan OR Bactrizol OR Bactron OR Bactropin OR Bacxal OR Baczole OR Baklinger OR Baktar OR Bakton OR Balsandin OR Balsiprin OR Balsoprim OR Bantizol OR Baserin OR Bateral OR Batrizol OR Batrox OR Baxapril OR Becaltrin OR Belfactrin OR Bencole OR Benectrin OR Berlocid OR Binoctrin OR Bioprim OR Biosulten OR Biseptol OR Bismoral OR Bisultrim OR Blaxezan OR Blexon OR Bridotrim OR Briscotrim OR Brogamax OR Broncomega OR Broncorema OR Broncovir OR Brongenit OR Bronquibys OR Bronquicisteina OR Bronquimar OR Bronquimucil[tiab] OR Bronquium OR Busetal OR Casicot OR Chemitrim OR Chemix OR Chemoprim OR Chemotrim OR Ciplin OR Clorcetamol OR Clotrizol OR Cocydal OR Colizole OR Comix OR Cotamox OR Cotrazol OR Cotribene OR Cotrim*[tiab] OR Co-Trimexazole OR Cotripharm OR Cotristad OR Cotrivan OR Cotriver OR Co-tromoxazole OR Cozole OR Cozole OR CTR OR Danferane OR Dertrin OR Dhatrin OR Diazol OR Dibaprim OR Dientrin OR Diocla OR Diseptyl OR Dispeptrin OR Doctrim OR Doctrimox OR Dotrim OR Drilozole OR Drylin OR Dumotrim OR Duobact OR Duobiocin OR Duoctrin OR Duotrim OR duratrimet OR Durobac OR Dynazole OR Ectaprim OR Ectrin OR Eduprim OR Embatrim OR Entercal OR Enterobacticel OR Enterone OR Epahol OR Erphatrim OR Escoprim OR Espectrin OR Espectroprima OR Esteprim OR Eusaprim OR Eutrim OR Fabubac OR Fartropin OR Fectri OR Fectrim OR Fedimed OR Forcrim OR Forteprim OR Frocimole OR Gamactrin OR Gantaprim OR Gantrim OR Globaxol OR Groprim OR Groseptol OR Guayaprin OR Helveprim OR Heractrin OR Hulin OR Ibtrim OR Ikaprim OR Imexim OR imuneprim OR Infatrim OR Infecteracin OR Infectrin OR Introcin OR isobac OR Isotrim OR Ivatrim OR Ixazotrim OR Jenamoxazol OR Kaftrim OR Kaltrim OR Kassemox OR Kathrex OR Katrim OR Kemoprim OR Kepinol OR Ladar OR Lagatrim OR Lapikot OR Laratrim OR Lastrim OR Leotrim OR Letus OR Libetusin OR Licoprima OR Lictora OR Lidaprim[tiab] OR Lifactrin OR Linaris OR Linurin OR Lotusix OR Lupectrim OR Macromed OR Maxitrin OR Medcotrim OR Mediprim OR Meditrim OR Medixin[tiab] OR Mefloxine OR Meprotrin OR Metomide OR Metoprim OR Metoprin OR Metoxiprim OR Metrim OR Metxaprim OR Mezenol OR Mezine OR Microbac OR Microbactim OR Microcetim OR Microtrim OR Mictrex OR Mikrosid OR Mixange OR Momentol OR Moxadden OR Moxzole OR Mycosamthong OR Neofatrim OR Neotrim OR Neotrin OR Netocur OR Neumobacticel OR Neumopectolina OR Neumotrim OR Nopil OR Norisep OR Novidrine OR Nufaprim OR Octex OR Octiban OR Odisulfan OR Oecotrim OR Omsat OR Onetrim OR Oprizole OR Oradin OR Ottoprim OR Oxaprim OR Pantrim OR Partrim OR Patartim OR Pectocolbiotic OR Pediatrim OR Pehatrim OR Pharmaprim OR Pisatrina OR Polibatrin OR Pribac OR Primadex OR Primazole OR Primotren OR Primsulfon OR Prizogen OR Procor OR Protaxol OR Protrim OR Protrin OR Pulkrin OR Pulmosterin Duo OR Pulmotrim OR Pulvicin OR Purbac OR Qiftrin OR Rancotrim OR Renatrim OR Resprim OR Rimezone OR Rotrace OR Roubac OR Roytrin OR Sadocin OR Salvatrim OR Sanprima OR Santafurin OR Scribcin OR Sedactrim OR Selectrim OR Selectrin OR Sepmax OR Septiolan OR Septol OR Septoprin OR Septra OR Septran OR Septrin OR Servitrim OR Servitrim OR Sigaprim OR Silpin OR SMZ-TMP OR Solfoton OR Soltrim OR Soluseptol OR Spectrem OR Spectrim OR Steroprim OR Sulbacta OR Sulfacet OR Sulfagrand OR Sulfamethoprim OR Sulfaprim OR Sulfatrex OR Sulfatrim OR Sulfawal OR Sulfometh OR Sulfort OR Sulfotrim OR Sulfotrimin OR Sulmen OR Sulprim OR Sultiprim OR Sultral OR Sultrimmix OR Sumetrolim OR Sumetrolim OR Sunicol OR Suntrim OR Supracombin OR Suprex OR Suprim OR Suprin OR Supristol OR Suss OR Sutrim OR Syltrifil OR Syndal OR Synermed OR Syraprim OR Tabrol OR Tactrim OR Tampo[tiab] OR Teutrin OR thiocuran OR Thoxaprim OR Thriazol OR Timizol OR TMS OR Toose OR Toprim OR Tosdetan OR Traquivan OR Trelibec OR Tresium OR Trib OR Tribakin OR Tricban OR Tri-Co OR Tricomed OR Tricomox OR Trifatrim OR Trifen OR Triforam OR Trigonyl OR Trilogan OR Trimaxazole OR Trime/Sulfa OR Trimecor OR Trimel[tiab] OR Trimephar OR Trimesul OR Trimesuxol OR Trimetazole OR Trimethox OR Trimetoger OR Trimetox[tiab] OR Trimetrin OR Trimexazol* OR Trimexole OR Trimezol* OR Triminex OR Trimitrix OR Trimocom OR Trimoks OR Trimol OR Trimox[tiab] OR Trimoxazole OR Trimoxis OR Trimoxol OR Trimoxsul OR Trimoxzol OR Trim-S OR Trimzol OR Trimzol OR Trinelax OR Triphimox OR Triprim OR Tripur OR Trisazol OR Trisufin OR Trisul OR Trisulfa OR Trisulfose OR Tritenk OR Trixzol OR Trixzol OR Trizole OR Troxazole OR Ulfaprim OR Ultrasept OR Ultrazole OR Urizal OR Urobactrex OR Urobioctrin OR Uroctrim OR Urofar OR Uroneotrim OR Uroplus OR Uropol OR Uroxazol OR Utrim OR Vanadyl[tiab] OR Virin OR Vitavox OR Wiatrim OR Xanazole OR Xepaprim OR Xerazole OR Xeroprim OR Ylestrom OR Zamboprim OR Zaprin OR Zoleprim OR Zolmed OR Zoltrim OR Zultrop OR ( (Aubril OR Balin OR Berlocombin[tiab] OR Coptin OR Ditrim[tiab] OR D-Med OR Kelfiprim[tiab] OR Kombinax OR Lidaprim[tiab] OR Monotrim OR Polytrim OR Potesept[tiab] OR Proloprim[tiab] OR Rifaprim[tiab] OR Soltrim OR Sulfatrim OR TMP OR Trentina OR Triglobe[tiab] OR Trimanyl[tiab] OR Trimed OR Trimetin[tiab] OR Trimex OR Triprim OR Trizine OR Trimethoprim OR Triméthoprime OR Trimethoprimum OR Trimetopriimi OR Trimetoprim OR Trimetoprima OR Abaprim OR Alprim OR Alprimol OR Beaglobe OR Idotrim OR InfectoTrimet OR Ipral OR Lidatrim OR Maderan OR Monoprim OR Neoftalm OR Neolag OR Oftalmotrim OR Otix OR Pertrim OR Primoptic OR Primosept OR Purium OR Ritroprim OR Syraprim OR Tediprima OR Tiempe OR Trimesan OR Trimethop OR Trimogal OR Trimol OR Trimono OR Trimopan OR Trimoptin OR Trisulprim OR Uretrim OR Urotrim OR Utisept OR Velaten OR Wellcoprim OR Ximeprim OR 106568 OR NSC106568 OR Trimethoxyprim OR Trimetoprimas) AND (Ro-4-2130 OR Sulfamethoxazol OR Sulfaméthoxazole OR Sulfamethoxazolum OR Sulfametoksazol OR Sulfametoxazol OR Sulfisomezole OR Sulphamethoxazole OR Szulfametoxazol Or Gantanol OR Sulfamethoxazole OR Ro42130 OR Sulfametoksatsoli OR Sulfametoksazolas OR Pyramet) ) )

pioglitazone (therpeutic use) -- keywords and MeSH

(Pioglit* OR AD-4833 OR AD4833 OR "AD 4833" OR U-72107A OR U72107A OR U72107E OR Actoplus OR Actos OR Cereluc OR Competact OR Deculin OR Diabamet OR Diabestat OR Diabetone OR Diaglit OR Dropia OR Duetact OR Exermet OR Glifix OR Glita OR Glizone OR Glubrava OR Glucozone OR Glustin OR G-Tase OR GTase[tiab] OR "G Tase" OR Higlucem OR Insulact OR Nilgar OR Opam OR Pepar OR PGlitz OR Pioglar OR Piogtan OR Piomed OR Piondia OR Pionix OR Piosafe OR Piotamax OR Pioz* OR Prialta OR Tandemact OR Tiazac[tiab] OR Utmos OR Zactos OR Zolid OR Zypi)

The following hyphenated term and multi‐word, quoted phrase were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:

"U 72107A" , "U 72107E" , "P Glitz" , P-Glitz , U-72107E

"pioglitazone "[Substance Name] AND "Thiazolidinediones/therapeutic use"[Mesh]

Varenicline (therapeutic use) -- Keywords and MeSH

(Vareniclin* OR Vareniclene OR Champix OR Chantix OR CP52655518)

The following multiword and hyphenated investigational names were not found by PubMed and were removed to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
“CP 526555 18” OR CP-526555-18

"varenicline "[Substance Name] AND ("Benzazepines/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Quinoxalines/therapeutic use"[Mesh])

hallucinations -- keywords and MeSH

("Hallucinations"[MeSH] OR hallucinate OR hallucinated OR hallucinating OR hallucinates OR hallucination* OR hallucinogen* OR hypnagogic OR flashback* OR delirium OR confusion* OR (percept* AND disorder*))

Consider ORing in

oseltamivir -- keywords and MeSH

("Oseltamivir"[MeSH] OR Oseltamivi* OR "GS 4104" OR GS4104* OR GS-4104* OR "GS 4071" OR GS4071 OR GS-4071 OR Ro640796* OR Agucort* OR Fluhalt* OR “GPOAFlu” OR Rimivat* OR Tamiflu OR Virobin* )

The following hyphenated and/or multi-word phrases were removed from the search statement as they were not found by PubMed and could cause retrieval of irrelevant results:
GPO-A-Flu OR “GPO A Flu” OR “GS 4104/002” OR Ro-64-0796/002

This entry has been revised based on blog follower suggestions. Many thanks!

Cephalexin -- keywords and MeSH

(“Cephalexin”[Mesh] OR Cephalexin* OR 66873 OR LY061188 OR cefaleks* OR cefalex* OR kefaleks* OR Sefaleks* OR Abiocef OR Acacin OR Airex OR Alexin OR Ancetev OR Anxer OR ApoCepalex OR Arlexen OR Bacilexin OR Bandax OR Beliam OR Benlexin OR Betacef OR Betaspore OR Bidocef OR Biocef OR Bioporina OR Bioscefal OR Bloflex OR Butefina OR Caceff OR Canelin OR Capxin OR Cefaben OR Cefabiotic OR Cefabroxil OR Cefacapxin OR Cefacet OR Cefacin OR Cefaclen OR Cefacure OR Cefadina OR Cefadros OR Cefagel OR Cefagon OR Cefagran OR Cefagrand OR CefalehIna OR Cefalen OR Cefalexan OR Cefalexgobens OR Cefalexi OR Cefalin OR Cefalival OR Cefaloga OR Cefalorex OR Cefalver OR Cefamiso OR Cefanal OR Cefanex OR Cefaporex OR Cefapoten OR Cefarinol OR Cefasporina OR Cefax OR Cefaxon OR Ceferran OR Cefexin OR Cefexina OR Cefibacter OR Ceflax OR Ceflexin OR Ceflin OR Cefmix OR Ceforal OR Cefosporen OR Cefovit OR Cefrin OR Cefxin OR Celen OR Celex OR Celexin OR Celinax OR Cendalex OR Cepexin OR Cephadex OR CephadexLB OR Cephalen OR Cephalex OR Cephalexyl OR Cephalobene OR Cephanmycin OR Cephaxin OR Cephin OR Cephin OR Cepobrom OR Ceporex OR Ceporexin OR Ceporexine OR Cerexin[tiab] OR Cilex OR Cilicef OR Civalex OR Clephin OR Coliceflor OR Defaxina OR Difalex OR Domucef OR Edexin OR Efemida OR Eliphorin OR Erifalecin OR Exel OR Fablex OR Fabotop OR Falex OR Falexin OR Falexol OR Falteria OR Farmalex OR Felexin OR Fergon[tiab] OR Fexin OR Fleximin OR Flextinol OR Foce OR Forexine OR Fosfolexin OR Halcepin OR Ialex OR Ibilex OR Infexin OR Ivynall OR Janocilin OR Karilexina OR Kefalex OR Kefalexin OR Kefalospes OR Kefaxin OR Keflaxina OR Keflet OR Keflex OR Keflogen OR Kekrinal OR Kiflexin OR Kiflone OR Kufaprim OR Lafarin OR Lafexina OR Larixin OR Lars[tiab] OR Latoral OR Lenocef OR Lensafrend OR Lerporina OR Lewimycin OR Lexibiotico OR Lexin OR Lexincef OR Lexum OR Libesporal OR Lifalexin OR Lonarel OR Lorbicefax OR Lorexina OR Lyceplix OR Madexin OR Madlexin OR Maksipor OR Medalexine OR Medilexin OR Medolexin OR Medoxine OR MetaK OR Montralex OR Mucobiotina OR Mucocef OR Mycef OR Nafacil OR Naxifelar OR Nefadon OR OR NeoCeflex OR Neoceflex OR Neolecsin OR Neolexin OR Neptolin OR Nerfalex OR NixelafC OR Novalexin OR NovoLexin OR NuCephalex OR Nufex OR Nylichlor OR Oneflex OR Optocef OR OraC OR Oracef OR Orakef OR Ospexin OR Paferxin OR Pectorina OR Pediaflex OR Permvastat OR Phexin OR Pondnacef OR Pralexin OR Primacef OR PrindexMucolitico OR Profalexina OR Pyassan OR Quimosporina OR Rancef OR Ranceph OR Refex OR Respinal OR Rofex OR Rombox OR Sanaxin OR Sanibiotic OR Sef OR Sefasin OR Selzef OR Sepexin OR Septilisin OR Servicef OR Servispor OR Sialexin OR Sinthecillin OR Sintolexyn OR Sofaxin OR Sofilex OR Solulexin OR Sorlex OR Sporahexal OR Sporicef OR Sporidex OR Sporidin OR Sporol OR Stricef OR Sulquipen OR Suphalex OR Syntolexin OR Talinsul OR Tepaxin OR Theralexin OR Todexin OR Toflex OR Torlasporin OR Trexina OR Triblix OR Tricylamil OR Ulflex OR Ultralexin OR Uphalexin OR Valesporin OR Valflex OR Vataceph OR Velexina OR Xeface OR Xinflex OR Zabytrex OR Zartan OR Zepharyl OR Zeplex OR Zeporin OR Zepotex OR Zetacef OR Zexanta OR Zinace OR Zucoflaxin OR Cefalexini OR Keftab)

The following hyphenated term and multi‐word, quoted phrase were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
"LY 061188"
"Apo Cepalex"
"Cefaleh Ina"
"Cefalexin Capsules BP 2010"
"Cefaxon Ceferran"
"Cephadex LB"
"Meta K"
"Neo Ceflex"
"Nixelaf C"
"Nu Cephalex"
"Ora C"
“Prindex Mucolitico"

ciprofloxacin HCl -- keywords and MeSH

( “Ciprofloxacin”[MeSH] OR Cipro* OR Ciprofloxacin OR Afenoxin OR Agyr OR Argeflox OR Bacproin OR Bactiflox OR Bactiprox OR Bactoflox OR Bactoquin OR Balepton OR Baquinor OR Baycip OR Belmacina OR Biamotil OR Biocip OR Biocipro OR Biofloxcin OR Bivorilan OR Brelcip OR Carmicina OR Catex OR Ceprimax OR Cetraxal OR Ciclodin OR Cidrolex OR Cidrops OR Cidroxal OR Cifin OR Ciflan OR Ciflex OR Ciflo* OR Cifox OR Cifran OR Cilodex OR Ciloquin OR Cilox* OR Cimogal OR Cinfloxine OR Cinoflax OR Ciphin OR Cipide OR Ciplox OR Ciploxx OR Cipmax OR Cipobacter OR Ciprain OR Ciprasid OR Ciprec OR Ciprex OR Ciprine OR Ciprinol OR Ciprix OR Ciprum OR Ciriax OR Cirok OR Ciroxin OR Citrovenot OR Cobay OR Colintil OR Coroflox OR Cunesin OR Cycin OR Cydonin OR Cyfloxin OR Cylocort OR Dinaflox OR Disfabac OR Doriman OR Droll OR Ductocina OR Duflomex OR Edestis OR Enoxin[tiab] OR Eoxin OR Estecina OR Exertial OR Felixene OR Flociprin OR Floksid OR Flontalexin OR Floraxina OR Floroc OR Flosicron OR Flovin OR Floxager OR Floxantina OR Floxitul OR Floxzu OR Forterra OR Fotamicin OR Ginorectol OR Globuce OR Glossyfin OR Huberdoxina OR Ificipro OR Inkamil OR Inoxzel OR Iprolan OR Ipromax OR ISINO OR Italnik OR Keciflox OR Keefloxin OR Kenzoflex OR Kifarox OR Kinoves OR Labentrol OR Ladinin OR Laitun OR Lemyflox OR Limox OR Lisipin OR Loxasid OR Maxiflox OR Mediflox OR Medociprin OR Megaflox OR Mensipox OR Microflox OR Microrgan OR Microsulf OR Mitroken OR Nafloxin OR Nexproxyn OR Nivoflox OR Nixin OR Novidat OR Novoquin OR Numen[tiab] OR Oflobay OR Oflono OR Ofoxin OR Oftacilox OR Oftaciprox OR Optaflox OR Opthaflox OR Orpic OR Otanol OR Otociprin OR Otociriax OR Otosat OR Oxtin OR Patox OR Pharcina OR Piprol OR Plenolyt OR Principrox OR Probact OR Prociflor OR Procin OR Proflox[tiab] OR Profloxin OR Profluxol OR Proquin OR Proseloc OR Provay OR Proxacin OR Proxazin OR Proxco OR Proxidin OR Proxivex OR Prozin OR Qinosyn OR Quidex OR Quiflox OR Quinobiotic OR Quinocort OR Quinoflox OR Quinoryl OR Quinotic OR Quinox OR Quintor OR Quiprime OR Quipro OR Quisegen OR Rancif OR Ravalton OR Remena OR Revion OR Revionorm OR Rexfobys OR Rexner OR Rigoran OR Rindoflox OR Roflazin OR Roxin OR Samper OR Sancipro OR Sarf OR Sepcen OR Septicide OR Septocipro OR Serviflox OR Sibunar OR Sifloks OR Siflox OR Sigmacip OR Siprion OR Siprobel OR Siprogut OR Siprosan OR Sodrimax OR Sophixin OR Strox OR Suiflox OR Superspor OR Synalotic OR Tequinol OR Tigina OR Topistin OR Trigen OR Truoxin OR Tulipt OR Ufexil OR Ultraflox OR Ultramicina OR Uniflox OR Urodixin OR Uroxin[tiab] OR Utahzone OR Uticin OR Vegarex OR Velmonit OR Vidintal OR Vioquin OR Vistaflox OR Xenoflox OR Xipro OR Xorpic OR Zalvos OR Zipra OR Ziprocap OR Zyflox)

Donepezil (therapeutic use) -- keywords and MeSH

(Donepezil* OR BNAG OR E-2020 OR E2020 OR “E 2020” OR ER4111 OR ER-4111 OR 120014-06-4 OR 142057-79-2 OR 120011-70-3 OR 142057-77-0   OR Adonep OR Aldomer OR Alizil OR Alkimus OR Alzaimax OR Alzancer OR Alzhedon OR Alzil OR Alzim OR Aricept OR Aripez OR Aripil OR Arypez OR Asenta OR Calofra OR Cebrocal OR Cogiton OR Crialix OR Cristaclar OR Damzipil OR Dazolin OR Dement OR Dilpeze OR Dizil OR Doenza OR Dolizi OR Donaz OR Donecept OR Donepes OR Donepex OR Doneratio OR Donesyn OR Donezil OR Donnox OR Donopez OR Donpethon OR Donzeimer OR Dopaben OR Dozept OR Dozilax OR Dozyl OR Endoclar OR Eranz OR Evimal OR Fincip OR Fordesia OR Fremptel OR Hania OR Landex OR Lirpan OR Memac[tiab] OR Memorit OR Oldinot OR Onefin OR Paxel OR Promemore OR Razil OR Redumas OR Symepezil OR Tolerdilan OR Valpex OR Yasnal)

The following multi-word terms were not found by PubMed and were removed as they were causing retrieval of irrelevant results.
"ER 4111" 

("donepezil "[Substance Name] AND ("Indans/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Piperidines/therapeutic use"[Mesh]))

clopidogrel (therapeutic use) -- keywords and MeSH

(Clopidogrel* OR Agrelex OR Antiplaq OR Antiplar OR Areplex OR Atlabiclo OR Ceruvin OR Clentel OR Clodian OR Clodrel OR Cloflow OR Clopact OR Clopidix OR Clopido OR Clopimet OR Clopisan OR Clopivas OR Clopivas AP OR Clopivaz OR Clopivid OR Clopod OR Clopod-A OR Clopra OR Clotiz OR Clovax OR Diloxol OR Egitromb OR Eurogrel OR Hemafluid OR Hemopass OR Iscover OR Iskimil OR Karum OR Ketapi OR Klopide OR Klopis OR Lofradyk OR Nabratin OR Nefazan OR Nofardom OR Noklot OR Norplat OR Opirel OR Pingel OR Plagerine OR Plagril OR Planor OR Platexan OR Plavix OR Plavocorin OR Pleyar OR Plogrel OR Rasec OR Sades OR Sildecross OR Ticofarma OR Troken OR Trombex OR Trombonet OR Vasagrin OR Vastec OR Zillt OR Zilt OR Zylagren OR Zyllt OR Clopidogreli OR PCR-4099 OR PCR4099 OR “PCR 4099” OR SR-25990C OR SR25990C)

The following quoted phrases were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:

"Nefazan Compuesto"
"SR 25990C"

"clopidogrel"[Substance Name] AND "Ticlopidine/therapeutic use"[Mesh]

nausea and vomiting -- keywords and MeSH

("Vomiting/therapy"[Mesh] OR "Nausea/therapy"[Mesh] OR Nause* OR Vomit* OR emesis OR emeses OR emetic* OR hyperemes* OR antieme* OR anti-eme* OR emetogen* OR ileus OR retch* OR CTZ OR “Chemoreceptor trigger zone”)

ondansetron -- keywords and MeSH

("Ondansetron"[Mesh] OR Ondanset* OR Amilene OR Atossa OR Avessa OR Axisetron OR cellondan OR Cetron OR Dantron OR Dismolan OR Emivox OR Espasevit OR Finaber OR Finoxi OR Frazon OR Gardoton OR Glaxosetron OR Injectrax OR Izofran OR Kliran OR Narfoz OR Nodanton OR Novetron OR Odanex OR Ondanavarra OR Ondanoglax OR Ondanthouras OR Ondavell OR Ondaz OR Ondemet OR Osetron OR Setronon OR Trorix OR Trovensis OR Tructum OR Vomceran OR Vometraz OR Vometron OR Zetron OR Zofran OR Zophren OR Ansentron OR Antivom OR Atossa OR Axisetron OR Biosetron OR Cedantron OR cellondan OR Cruzafen OR Danac OR Danemet OR Danset OR Dantenk OR Dantron OR Dantroxal OR Datron OR Dentron OR Dismolan OR Dosatron OR Emeset OR Emetron OR Emistop OR Emital OR Emizof OR Emodan OR Entron OR Fedral[tiab] OR Fixca OR Glaxosetron OR Helmine OR Hexatron OR Invomit OR Izofran OR Lametic OR Modifical OR Morpar OR Nalisen OR Nausedron OR Nausetron OR Nausiend OR Nofail OR Odanostin OR Odasen OR Odnatron OR Olmar OR Onancen OR Oncoemet OR Onda[tiab] OR Ondagen OR Ondal OR OndaLEK OR Ondameton OR Ondanoglax OR Ondaren OR Ondaseprol OR Ondaz OR Ondemet OR Ondensan OR Ondeton OR Onsetron OR Onsia OR Ontrax OR Osetron OR Otobrol OR Otredil OR Periset OR Precirux OR Setrodan OR Setron OR Setrono OR Setronon OR Tiosalis OR Trondamet OR Vefron OR Vometron OR Vomiof OR Vomitron OR Vomiz OR Vonau OR Vosrym OR Yatrox OR Zantron OR Zetron OR Zodatron OR Zofer OR Zofran OR Zofron OR Zoltem OR Zontron OR Zophralen OR Zophren OR Zotrix OR GR-38032 OR "gr 38032" OR gr38032 OR GR-C507-75 OR "GR-C507/75" OR GR-38032F OR "gr 38032f" OR gr38032f OR Odanserin OR Ondánszetronhidroklorid OR SN-307 OR "sn 307" OR sn307)

The proprietary name “Onset” was removed from the search because it was causing retrieval of irrelevant results.

simvastatin -- keywords and MeSH

("Simvastatin"[Mesh] OR Simvastatin* OR MK-733 OR “MK 733” OR “MK733” OR Simvastatiini OR Sinvinolina OR Synvinolin OR Szimvasztatin OR Velastatin* OR Actalipid OR Adacai OR Adipur OR Afordel OR Alcosin OR Alpheus OR Altercor OR Altovast OR Amlidual OR Androlip OR Antichol OR Apomastina OR Arstatin OR Arteriostad OR Arterosan OR Arudel OR Aterostat OR Avastat OR Avastinee OR Avatratin OR Awestatin OR Belmalip OR Bestatin OR Bevostatin OR Biolipe OR Biosim OR Buztin OR Cardin OR Cardiosim OR Ceabisin OR Ceasin OR Cholemed OR Cholestad OR Cholestat OR Cholevas OR Cholevast OR Choltric OR Christatin OR Clinfar OR Coledis OR Coleflux OR Colemin OR Colesken OR Colesterminol OR Colvastina OR Coralip OR Cordiron OR Corolin OR Corsim OR Corstat OR Cotritev OR Covastin OR Cynt[tiab] OR Denan OR Detrovel OR Diskolestina OR Dislipina OR Docsimvasta OR Doctiverine OR Dosavastatin OR Ecosta OR Egilipid OR Endovaz OR Esvat OR Ethicol OR Eucor OR Eurocor OR Euvasten OR Extrastatin OR Fansia OR Forcad OR Gemistatin OR Gensi OR Gerosim OR Glipal OR Glutasey OR Goldastatin OR Hisplenil OR Histop OR Iamastatin OR Ifistatin OR Imbistad OR Inegy OR Ipramid OR Ivast OR Jabastatina OR Josken OR Kavelor OR Klonastin OR Krustat OR Kymazol OR Labistatin OR Lepur OR Lesvatin OR Lipaz OR Lipcut OR Lipenil OR Lipex OR Lipexal OR Lipidex[tiab] OR Lipimibe OR Lipinorm OR Lipivas OR Lipix OR Lipociden OR Lipomax OR Lipomin[tiab] OR Liponorm OR Lipopress OR Liporex OR Lipotex OR Lipovas OR Lipozid OR Liptrat OR Lisac OR Lochol OR Lodales OR Lovacor OR Lowcholid OR Lusimva OR Marsim OR Medipo OR Medistatin OR Menocol OR Mersivas OR Michol OR Mivalen OR Nafatab OR Nezatin OR Nimicor OR Nitastin OR Nivelipol OR Nodolip OR Normastin OR Normofat OR Normotherin OR Nosterol OR Nyzoc OR Omistat OR Orovas OR Pantok OR Perichol OR Phalol OR Placol OR Pontizoc OR Prelon OR Prevencor OR Priacin OR Prizelip OR Qualicor OR Qualistat OR Quibus OR Ransim OR Ranvor OR Ravostan OR Rechol OR Redicor OR Redusterol OR Regumet OR Rendapid OR Revastin OR Ritechol OR Rowestin OR Salvaxil OR Saveor OR Selvim OR Sevacol OR Sicor OR Simacor OR Simaspen OR Simator OR Simbado OR Simbathree OR Simbatrix OR Simbela OR Simcard OR Simchol OR Simcor OR Simcora OR SimcorHexal OR Simcovas OR Simgal OR Simirex OR Simlo OR Simovil OR Simplaqor OR Simratio OR Simredin OR SimStatin OR Simstin OR Simtan OR Simtin OR Simva OR SimvaAPS OR Simvabell OR Simvabeta OR Simvacard OR Simvachol OR Simvacol OR Simvacop OR Simvacor OR Simvadoc OR Simvador OR Simvadura OR Simvafour OR Simvagamma OR Simvagen OR Simvahex OR Simvahexal OR Simvakol OR Simvalark OR Simvalid OR Simvalimit OR Simvalip OR Simvalip OR Simvanox OR Simvaprol OR Simvar OR Simvarcana OR SimvaRex OR Simvasim OR Simvasine OR Simvass OR Simvast OR Simvastad OR Simvastaine OR Simvastamed OR Simvastec OR Simvasten OR Simvasterol OR Simvastil OR Simvastin OR Simvastol OR Simvastur OR Simvasyn OR Simvatin OR Simvax OR Simvaxon OR Simvaz OR Simvep OR Simvoget OR Simvor OR Simvotin OR Simzor OR Sinccord OR Sinova OR Sinpor OR Sintar OR Sinvacor OR Sinvalip OR Sinvane OR Sinvascor OR Sinvastacor OR Sinvastamed OR Sinvastil OR Sinvastin OR Sinvaston OR Sinvat OR Sinvatrox OR Sinvax OR Sinvaz OR Sistatin OR Sitatinal OR Sivastin OR Sivatin OR Sivinar OR Soneto OR Sotovastin OR Stadex OR Starezin OR Stasiva OR Statinal OR Statinum OR Stativer OR Statosan OR Stavid OR Stavid OR Stavid OR Stazor OR Sterylip OR Sumaclina OR Tanavat OR Tavitan OR Tavor[tiab] OR Teylor OR Tinasin OR Torio OR Tremital OR Vabadin OR Vabadin OR Valemia OR Vamstat OR Vascor[tiab] OR Vascorim OR Vasilip OR Vasomed OR Vasostat OR Vasotenal OR Vassor OR Vastan OR Vastat OR Vastatil OR Vastatin OR Vastichol OR Vastilan OR Vazim OR Vazz OR Velkastatin OR Veristin OR Veritrat OR Vidastat OR Vidastat OR Vivastin OR Vytorin OR Wilsim OR Ximvast OR Ximve OR Xintilan OR Xipocol OR Zapil OR Zaptrol OR Zeid OR Zemox OR Zetsim OR Zimcor OR Zimetek OR Zimmex OR Zimstat OR Zimva OR Zimvacor OR Zintrepid OR Zivas OR Zocolip OR Zocor OR Zocord* OR Zolestat OR Zolvastin OR Zorced OR Zorstat OR Zosta OR Zovast OR Zovatin OR Zurocid OR Zysim)

The following terms were removed from the search because they are more frequently used to represent a concept other than a brand-name form of Simvastatin and were causing retrieval of an unacceptable number of irrelevant results:

The following hyphenated terms and multi-word, quoted phrases were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
"L 644128 00U"
"Alipas Duo"
"Diocomb SI"
"Pulsar-AT Dual"
"Sinterol Compuesto"

Monday, May 23, 2011

azithromycin -- keywords and MeSH

(azithromycin[MeSH] OR doyle[tiab] OR Sumir[tiab] OR Atsitromysiini OR Azithromycinum OR Azitromicinas OR Azitromisin OR Azytromycyna OR Azithromycin OR Azithromycine OR Azitromicina OR Azitromycin OR Azytromycyna OR CP-62993 OR CP62993 OR "CP 62993" OR "XZ 450" OR XZ-450 OR XZ450 OR 3Z OR "3 Z" OR 3-Z OR Abacten OR Altezym OR Amizin OR Amovin OR Amsati, Aruzilina OR Arzomicin OR Arzomicina OR Arzomidol OR Asipral OR Astro OR Atizor OR Atoxitom OR Atromicin OR Atromizin OR Azacid OR Azadose OR Azalide OR AzaSite OR Azatill OR Azax OR Azax OR Azee OR Azeltin OR Azenil OR Azi OR Azibact OR Azibactron OR Azibiot OR Azibiotic OR Azicid OR Azicin OR Azidral OR Azidromic OR Azifarm OR Azifast OR Azigram OR Azimakrol OR Azimax OR Azimed OR Azimit OR Azimix OR Azimycin OR Azinostil OR Aziphar OR Azirox OR Azirutec OR AziTeva OR Azithral OR Azithrin OR Azithro OR Azithrobeta OR Azithrohexal OR Azithrox OR Azithrus OR Aziton OR Azitral OR Azitrax OR Azitrin OR Azitrix OR Azitro OR Azitrocin OR Azitrocin OR Azitrogal OR Azitrogran OR Azitrohexal OR Azitrolab OR Azitrolan OR AzitroLEK OR Azitrolid OR Azitrom OR Azitrom OR Azitromax OR Azitromicil OR Azitromin OR Azitromin OR Azitron OR Azitrona OR Azitronax OR Azitrophar OR Azitrox OR Azitroxil OR Azivirus OR Aziwok OR Azixratio OR Azomax OR Azo-Max OR Azomycin OR Azro OR Azromax OR Aztrin OR Azycyna OR Azytan OR Azyter OR Azyth OR Bezanin OR Binozyt OR Biozitra OR Biozitrom OR Cetaxim OR Charyn OR Clamelle OR Clearsing OR Clindal OR Clindaz OR Cronopen OR Disithrom OR "Ems-Max"[tiab] OR emsmax OR Fabramicina OR Figothrom OR Finatres OR Floctil OR Geozit OR Gigatrom OR Goldamycin OR Goxil OR Gramokil OR Hemomycin OR Koptin OR Lazitrom OR macazi OR Macromax OR Macromax OR Macrozit OR Marzivag OR Mazitrom OR Medatz OR Mezatrin OR Misultina OR Naxocina OR Neblic OR Neofarmiz OR Nifostin OR Nobaxin OR Novatrex OR Novozithron OR Novozitron OR Oranex OR orflazkit OR Orobiotic OR Pefloden OR Razimax OR Ribotrex OR Safkit OR Selimax OR SELIMAXPULSO OR Sicalan OR Siftromin OR Sitrox OR Sumamed OR Talcilina OR Tanezox OR Texis OR Throzimax OR Toraseptol OR Tremac OR Trex OR Triamid OR Triazi OR Tritab OR Tromicina OR Tromix OR Trozocina OR Trozyman OR Truxa OR Ultreon OR Unizitro OR Vascin OR Vectocilina OR Vinzam OR Visag OR Zarom OR Zentavion OR Zertalin OR Zetamac OR Zetamaks OR Zeto OR Zibramax OR Zicho OR Zidimax OR ZI-Factor OR ZIFACTOR OR "ZI FACTOR" OR Zifin OR Zimicina OR Zinfect OR Zistic OR Zithran OR Zithrobest OR Zithrocin OR Zithrogen OR Zithromax OR Zithroned OR Zithropan OR Zithroplus OR Zithrotel OR Zithroxyn OR Zitrax OR Zitril OR Zitrina OR Zitrocin OR Zitroflam OR Zitroken OR Zitrolid OR Zitromax OR Zitromil OR Zitroneo OR Zitrotek OR Zitrozina OR Zival OR Zmax OR Zomax OR Zotax OR Z-Pak OR "Z pak" OR zpak OR Zycin OR Zyramycin)

The terms orflaz-kit, “orflaz kit”, “selimax pulso”, selimax-pulso, zithro-due, “ems max”, “mac azi”, and mac-azi were removed as they were not found by PubMed and caused retrieval of irrelevant results. The drug name -- saver -- was removed because of it's frequent use for other concepts.

Warfarin -- keywords

The names for warfarin were gathered from Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference.

(warfarin OR warfarin* OR Coumaphene OR Hydroxyoxophenylbutylcoumarin OR Varfariin* OR Varfarin* OR Warfaryn* OR 2610-86-8 OR 81-81-2 OR 129-06-6 OR Aldocumar OR Anasmol OR Arefarin OR Befarin OR Cavamed OR Circuvit OR Cogulax OR Coumadin* OR Cumar OR Fargem OR Jantoven OR Lawarin OR Maforan OR Marevan OR Marfarin OR Morfarin OR Notistil OR Orfarin OR Panwarfin OR Romesa OR Simarc-2 OR Sofarin OR Tedicumar OR Tufam OR Uniwarfin OR Varfine OR Waran OR Warfant OR Warfarex  OR Warfilone OR Warfin OR Warik OR Warlin OR Zydarin OR Zyfarin  OR "Warfarin"[Mesh])

 Removed brand name: Warf

Sunday, May 22, 2011

atorvastatin -- keywords

(Atorvastatin* OR Altoram OR Alvastin OR Ampliar* OR Antorcin OR Arvastatil OR Aspavor OR Atarva OR Atenfar OR Ateroclar* OR Ateroz OR Atocor OR Atogal OR Atomax OR Atopitar OR Ator OR Atorgon OR Atoris OR Atorlip OR Atorlonga OR Atorpharm OR Atorsan OR Atorstat OR Atorv OR Atorval OR Atorvalet OR Atorvan OR Atorvanox OR Atorvastan OR Atorvasterol OR Atorvin OR Atorvox OR Atovarol OR Atractin OR Atrost OR Atrosterol OR Atrovita OR Atrox OR Attor OR Avarte OR Avitorel OR Biger OR Bisatum OR “CI 981” OR CI-981 OR Cl981 OR Caduet OR Cardyl OR Cardyn OR Cholvast OR Citalor OR Colastin* OR Colip OR Colmibe OR Corator OR CTR OR Danelip OR Delipost OR Dislipor OR Divator OR Doss[tiab] OR Envacar OR Faboxim OR Finlipol OR Fluxol OR Glustar OR Hipertensal* OR Hipolixan OR Holisten OR Hypolip OR Kalcor OR Kasitrin OR Kolestor OR Larus OR Liparex* OR Lipibec* OR Lipidra OR Lipifen OR Lipigan OR Lipitaksin OR Lipitor OR Lipizem OR Lipoarteriosan OR Lipocambi OR Lipodial OR Lipofin OR Liponorm* OR Liporest OR Lipostatin OR Lipostop OR Lipotropic OR Lipovast OR Lipovastatinklonal OR Lipox[tiab] OR Liprimar OR Liprimar OR Liptonorm OR Livostor OR Lorvaten OR Lowden OR Normalip[tiab] OR Pharmtina OR OR Prevencor OR Rotova OR Sincol OR Sortis OR Spatizalex OR Stator OR Storvas OR Tahor OR Tarden OR Tarimyl OR Telvarte OR Temax OR Texzor OR Tialipol OR Torid OR Torimibe OR Torivas OR Torvacard OR Torvalipin OR Torvaplus OR Torvast OR Torvastin OR Torvaxal OR Torvazin OR Totalip OR Triglyx OR Trimstat[tiab] OR Vartrual OR Vastazor OR Vastina OR Vaston OR Vastor OR Voredanin OR "X’tor"[tiab] OR Xanator OR Xarator OR Xippatin OR Zarator OR Zetitor OR Zurinel)

Tulip, Saphire, and Plan* were removed from the search because they are used most frequenlty for concepts other than atorvastatin.

The hyphenated and/or multi-word phrases CI-981, “CI 981”, Ator-chol, and Lipium-Raldex were removed from the search because they were not recognized by PubMed and caused retrieval of irrelevant results.

montelukast (therapeutic use) -- keywords and MeSH

(Airon OR Asmenol OR Astmirex OR Asventol OR Brondilat OR Clast OR Drimon OR Eonic OR Inuvic OR Kastair OR Kastorion OR Kipres OR Leukast OR Lukair OR Lukasm OR Luxat OR Milukante OR Monkasta OR Montair OR Montecross OR Montegen OR Montek OR Montelast OR Montelukast* OR Montemax OR Monteratio OR Montessan OR Montest OR Montiget OR Monukast OR “N-Fess” OR Notta OR Onceair OR Respair OR Rolast OR Singulair OR Singulergy OR Synglarin OR Zespira OR L706631 OR MK-476 OR MK476 OR "mk 476")

L-706631 and "L 706631" were removed because they were not recognized by PubMed and caused retrieval of irrelevant results.

"montelukast"[Substance Name] AND ("Acetates/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Quinolines/therapeutic use"[Mesh])

digoxin -- keywords and MeSH

(Digoxin* OR Digoksin OR Digoksyna OR Digoxina OR Digoxine OR Card-Cosaldon OR “Card Cosaldon” OR Card-Dusodril OR “Card Dusodril” OR Cardial OR Card-Lamuran OR “Card Lamuran” OR Card-Progresin OR “Card Progresin” OR Digacin OR Digitek OR Digoregen OR Digosin OR Digox OR Dilanacin OR Eudigox OR Gradulon* OR Hemigoxine-Nativelle OR Intensain-Lanicor OR “Intensain Lanicor” OR Lanacard OR Lanacordin OR Lanicor OR Lanoxin OR Lenoxin OR Mapluxin OR Purgoxin OR Digoksiini OR Digoksinas OR Digoxinum OR Digoxosidum OR Bioxalyt OR Cardcor OR CardCosaldon OR CardDusodril OR CardFludilat OR CardInstenon OR Cardiogoxin OR Cardionil OR Cardioreg OR Cardioxin OR CardLamuran OR CardProgresin OR Certocor OR Cimecard OR Coragoxine OR CoroverlanDigoxin OR Crataelanat OR DigiNitronal OR Digitax OR DigiTromcardin OR Digixina OR Digobal OR Digocard OR DigocardG OR Digomal OR Digoxan OR Digoxen OR Digoxil OR Dogoxine OR Fargoxin OR Grexin OR HemigoxineNativelle OR IldamenDigoxin OR IntensainLanicor OR Lanacrist OR Lanox OR LenoxiCaps OR Purgoxin OR Sigmaxin OR StutgeronDigoxin OR TheoLanicor OR Toloxin OR Valoxin OR Valvulan OR DigiPulsnorma OR "Digoxin"[Mesh])

The following hyphenated term and multi‐word, quoted phrase were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:

Card-Fludilat, Card-Instenon, Coroverlan-Digoxin, Digi-Nitronal, "digi nitronal", Digi-Pulsnorma, Digi-Tromcardin, Digocard-G, Ildamen-Digoxin, Stutgeron-Digoxin, Theo-Lanicor "Card Fludilat" "Card Instenon" "Coroverlan Digoxin""Digi Tromcardin""Hemigoxine Nativelle""Ildamen Digoxin""Stutgeron Digoxin""Theo Lanicor""Digi Pulsnorma"

sustained-release -- keywords and MeSH

("delayed release" OR delayed-release OR "delayed action" OR delayed-action OR “slow release” OR slow-release OR "slow action" OR slow-action OR "slow acting" OR slow-acting OR oros OR osmotic-release OR “osmotic release” OR "controlled release" OR controlled-release OR "extended release" OR extended-release OR "extended action" OR extended-action OR "prolonged release" OR prolonged-release OR "prolonged action" OR prolonged-action OR “long acting” OR long-acting OR "time release" OR time-release OR "sustained release" OR sustained-release OR "sustained action" OR sustained-action OR "Delayed-Action Preparations"[mesh] )

extended-release methylphenidate -- keywords

(methylphenidat* OR metilfenidat* OR "Methyl Phenidate" OR concerta OR metadate OR methylin OR methylphenidate OR PMS-methylphenidate OR PMSmethylphenidate OR ritalin OR MPH OR oros-mph) AND ("delayed release" OR delayed-release OR "delayed action" OR delayed-action OR “slow release” OR slow-release OR "slow action" OR slow-action OR "slow acting" OR slow-acting OR oros OR oros-mph OR osmotic-release OR “osmotic release” OR "controlled release" OR controlled-release OR "extended release" OR extended-release OR "extended action" OR extended-action OR "prolonged release" OR prolonged-release OR "prolonged action" OR prolonged-action OR “long acting” OR long-acting OR "time release" OR time-release OR "sustained release" OR sustained-release OR "sustained action" OR sustained-action OR concerta)

overdose -- keywords and MeSH

The following strategy was designed for ANDing to a drug search.

("Overdose"[Mesh] OR overdos* OR poison* OR OD[tiab] OR "O.D."[tiab] OR suicid*)

zolpidem -- keywords and MeSH

("zolpidem "[Substance Name] OR Zolpidem* OR "SL80.0750"[tiab] OR "SL80.075023N"[tiab] OR Tsolpideemitartraatti OR Zolpidemi OR Zolpidemo OR Adormix OR Alespan OR Ambien OR Ambiz OR Atrimon OR Balidorm OR Bikalm OR Cedrol OR Cymerion OR Dalparan OR Damixan OR Dorlotil OR Dormilam OR Dormilan OR Dormizol OR Dormosol OR Durnit OR Eanox OR Edluar OR Hypnoforin OR Hypnogen OR Insom OR Ivadal OR Ivedal OR Lioram OR Mondeal OR Myslee OR Nasen OR Nimadorm OR Niotal OR Nitrest OR Nocte OR Nottem OR Noxidem OR Nytamel OR Onirex OR Pidezol OR Polsen OR Sanval OR Sedovalin OR Snovitel OR Sobrium OR Somidem OR Somit OR Somnil OR Somnipax OR Somnipron OR Somno OR Somnor OR Sove OR Stella OR Stildem OR Stilnoct OR Stilnox OR Stilpidem OR Sucedal OR Sumenan OR Tovalt OR Vicknox OR Xentic OR Ziohex OR Zleep OR Zodorm OR Zodormdura OR Zoldem OR Zoldorm OR Zolmia OR Zolnod OR Zolnoxs OR Zolodorm OR Zolpi* OR Zolsana OR Zonadin OR Zonoct OR Zopim OR Zoratio)

The following hyphenated term and multi‐word, quoted phrase were not recognized by PubMed and
were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:

“SL 80.0750”
“SL 80.0750-23”

amitriptyline -- (keywords and MeSH

("Amitriptyline"[Mesh] OR Amitript* OR Amitryn OR Conmitrip OR Emotrip OR Fiorda OR Limbitol OR Morelin OR Mutabon OR Tiperin OR Tripsyline OR Trisomatol OR Tryptalgin OR Tryptil OR Amitript* OR Tryptizol OR Adepril OR Adepsique OR ADT OR Amineurin OR Amioxid OR Amitec OR Amitrip OR Amitrol OR Amixide OR Amyline OR Amytril OR Amyzol OR Anapsique OR Antalin OR Deprelio OR Diapatol OR Domical OR Elatrol OR Elatrolet OR Elavil OR Eliwel OR Endep OR Enovil OR Equilibrin OR Etrafon OR Euplit OR Klotriptyl OR Laroxyl OR Lentizol OR Levate OR Limbatril OR Limbatrilin OR Limbitrol OR Limbitryl OR Longopax OR Maxivalet OR Minitran OR Mutabase OR Mutabon OR Neuragon OR Neurarmonil OR Neurotrypt OR Nobritol OR Noriline OR Novoprotect OR Pantrop OR Pantrop OR Parks-Plus OR Pertriptyl OR Polybon OR Polytanol[tiab] OR Proavil OR Protanol OR Qualitriptine OR Redomex OR Saroten OR Sarotena OR Sarotex OR Sedans OR Stelminal OR Sylvemid OR Syneudon OR Tensorelax OR Teperin OR Thymontil OR Trepiline OR Triavil OR Triphenaze OR Tripsol OR Tripta OR Triptafen OR Triptilin OR Triptizol OR Triptyl OR Triptyline OR Tryptal[tiab] OR Tryptanol OR Tryptine OR Tryptizol OR Tryptomer OR Uxen)

The following hyphenated and multi-word terms were not recognized by PubMed and were removed to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
“Amilit IFI”
“Anxipress D”
“Novo Triptyn”
“PMA Levazine”
"Apo Peram"

anxiety and anxiety disorders -- keywords

(Anxie* OR anxio* OR neuroses OR neurosis OR Neuroti* OR agoraphobi* OR “Neurocirculatory Asthenia” OR Obsess* OR Panic OR Phobi* OR ((Traumatic OR "past trauma" OR "past traumas" OR "childhood trauma" OR Combat OR Post-Traumatic OR posttraumatic OR combat-related OR combat-associated OR combat-induced OR post-combat ) AND (mental OR psychiat* OR psycholog* OR thought OR thoughts OR ideation OR stress OR stressful OR stresses)) OR PTSD )

pregabalin -- keywords

(Pregabalin* OR Pregabalina OR Pregabaline OR Pregabalinum OR CI1008 OR PD144723 OR Balfibro OR Lyrica OR Neurum OR Plenica OR Prebanal OR Prefaxil OR Pregab OR Pregalex OR Pregobin)

The Following hyphenated terms and multi-word, quoted phrases were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval or irrelevant results:
PD-144723 OR "PD 144723" OR Cl-1008 OR “Cl 1008”

Gavin[tiab] was removed as it only retrieved irrelevant results

Pneumocystis pneumonia -- keywords

( “Interstitial Plasma Cell Pneumonia” OR “Interstitial Plasma Cell Pneumonias” OR Pneumocysto* OR ((PCP[tiab] OR Pneumocystis OR "P carinii" OR "P. carinii" OR "P jiroveci" OR "P. jiroveci") AND (pneumoni* OR respiratory OR lung OR lungs OR bronchi OR bronchial OR bronchus OR bronchiol* OR alveolus OR alveoli OR alveolar OR lobar OR tracheal OR trachea OR trachei)) )

prednisone -- keywords

(Prednison* OR NSC10023 OR Deltacortisone OR Deltadehydrocortisone OR Metacortandracin OR Adasone OR Anafilaxol OR Antiinflamat OR Artinizona OR Atrinol OR Barigesic OR Becortem OR Bersen OR Biosone OR Bioster OR Chrocort OR Coliriocilina[tiab] OR Combiflexona OR Cortancyl OR Corticorp OR Corticorten OR Cortiprex OR Dacortin OR Decortin OR Decortisyl OR Decorton OR Deltacortene OR Deltasone OR Deltison OR Demicina OR Disnetam OR Econosone OR Ednapron OR Encorton OR Fiacin OR Flamacorten OR Inflason OR Kanafosal OR Lodotra OR Losinon OR Metilen OR Metilpres OR Nocasio OR Norapred OR Nosipren OR Ofisolona OR Oleomycetin OR Oracort OR Otocusi OR Panafcort OR Peganix OR Pehacort OR Precortil OR Predeltin OR Predicor* OR Predison OR Prednax OR Prednicort OR Prednidib OR Prednilonga OR Predniment OR Prednipirine OR pred OR predni OR Prednis OR Prednison OR Prednisona OR Prednisoni OR Prednisonum OR Prednitone OR Predora OR Predoral OR Predson OR Predsone OR Predval OR Premagnol OR Prenisonal OR Prednizon OR Prednizonas OR Procion OR Prolix OR Promifen OR Pulmison OR Qualisone OR Rectodelt OR Steerometz OR Sterapred OR Trolic OR Ultracorten OR Vitazon OR Winpred )

The following hyphenated terms and quoted, multiword phrases were not recognized by PubMed, caused retrieval of irrelevant results, and so were removed from the search strategy.
Artrinol-On Oleomycetin-Prednison " “Fluorex Plus” “NSC-10023” "NSC 10023"

Esomeprazole -- keywords

(s-omeprazol* OR esomeprazol* OR Esomepratsol* OR Perprazole OR Neoren OR Ulcratex OR Esomax OR Esoz OR EsozD OR Sompraz OR Axagon OR Axiago OR Emazole OR Emezol OR Esomac OR Esopral OR Esoprazol OR Exicross OR Inexium OR Lucen OR Nexiam OR Nexium)

The following hyphenated or slashed terms were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
Esoz-D OR H-199/18 OR H199/18

hydroxyzine -- keywords

(Hydroxyzin* OR Hydroxizin* OR Hidroksizin* OR Antipru OR Antizine OR Trandrozine OR hydroksitsiini OR atarax OR diligan OR fasarax OR vatarax OR vesparax OR Masmoran OR Vistaril OR Hydroksitsiinihydrokloridi OR Hydroxizinhydroklorid OR Abacus OR Actadon OR Allerax OR Anxanil OR Atalog OR Atano OR Atazina OR Aterax OR Bestalin OR Calmoplex OR Cerax OR Coraphene OR Dalun OR Darax OR Difilina OR Asmorax OR Diligan OR Distonin OR Dolodens OR Dormirax OR Drazine OR Elroquil[tiab] OR Enarax OR Geratar OR Hadarax OR Hexafene OR Hidroxina OR Histan OR Histilos OR Hiszine OR Hixizine OR Hizin OR Honsa OR Hyderax OR Hydrophed OR Hydrox OR Hydroxin OR Hyzine OR Ictinal OR Iremofar OR Iterax OR Katrax OR Kombistrat OR Marax[tiab] OR Masarax OR Multipax OR Navicalm OR Neurax OR Nexit OR Opticardon OR Otarex OR Phymorax OR Polizine OR Postarax OR Prurizin OR Qualidrozine OR Quiess OR Rezine OR Serecid OR Somatarax OR Taraxin OR Ucerax OR Unamine OR Validol[tiab] OR Vistacon OR Vistaject OR Vistaquel OR Vistazine OR Xyzine OR Zinalerg OR antizine OR trandrozine)

The following hyphenated term and multi‐word, quoted phrase were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
"AH 3 N"
"Theomax DF"
"Neucalm 50"

levothyroxine -- keywords

(Levothyroxin* OR Levotiroksin OR Levotiroksino OR Levotiroxina OR Levotiroxinnátrium OR Levotyroksiininatrium OR Levotyroxinnatrium OR Lewotyroksyna OR Thyroxine OR L-Thyroxine OR LThyroxine OR "L Thyroxine" OR Thyroxinum OR Tirossina OR Tiroxina OR Abutiroi OR Bagothyrox OR Berlthyrox OR Bitiron OR Combithyrex OR Cynocuatro OR Cynoplus OR Daltroid OR Dermocinetic OR Dexnon OR Diotroxin OR Dithyron OR Eferox OR ElThyro OR Elthyrone OR Eltroxin OR Eltroxine OR Esaldox OR Eurolev OR Euthirox OR Euthroid OR Euthyral OR Euthyrox OR Eutirox OR Eutroid OR Eutroxsig OR Evotrox OR Jodthyrox OR Juno OR Karet OR Letequatro OR Letrox OR Leutiral OR Levaxin OR Levo-T OR LevoT OR "Levo T" OR Levotec OR Levothroid OR Levothyrox OR Levotiron OR Levotirox OR Levotiroxina OR Levotrin OR Levoxyl OR Lixin OR L-Thyrox* OR LThyrox OR Medithyrox OR Neothyron OR Novothyral OR Novothyrox OR Novotiral OR Oroxine OR Patroxin OR PercutacrineThyroxinique OR Pondtroxin OR ProloidS OR Prothyrid OR PuranT4 OR Sintrocid OR Somatoline OR Synthroid OR T4 OR Tefor OR Tetroid OR Thevier OR ThyradinS OR Thyrax OR Thyreocomb OR Thyreotom OR Thyrex OR Thyro4 OR Thyrohex OR Thyrohormone OR Thyrolar OR Thyronajod OR Thyrosit OR Tiracrin OR Tiroidin OR Tiroidine OR Tirosint OR Tivoral OR Tyroplus OR Unithroid)

The following hyphenated, multi-word, and quoted phrases were not recognized by PubMed and thus were removed from the search statement to avoid irrevelant results.  Some searchers may wish to OR portions of these terms into the search statement:
"Levotiroxin natrium"
"El Thyro"
"Liotrix Tablets USP 32"
"L Thyrox"
"Percutacrine Thyroxinique"
"Proloid S"
"Puran T4"
"Thyradin S"
"Thyreocomb N"
"Thyro 4"
"Tiroide Amsa"

Dialysis -- keywords

(hemodialysis OR hemodialyses OR haemodialysis OR haemodialyses OR hemodiafiltrat* OR haemodiafiltrat* OR dialysis OR dialyses OR dialytic)

Esophagitis (and closely related concepts) -- keywords

(esophagi* OR esophagogastric OR oesophagogastric OR gastro-esophageal OR gastroesophageal OR gastro-oesophageal OR gastrooesophageal OR esophageal OR esophagus OR oesophag* OR reflux OR heartburn OR GER OR GERD OR Barrett*[tiab] OR dyspepsi* )

Depending on the nature of the additional concepts it might be necessary to require the presence of additional terms with the non-pathology-implying esophagus terms as in:

(esophagi* OR oesophagi* OR esophagoscop* OR oesophagoscop* OR ((esophagogastric OR oesophagogastric OR gastro-esophageal OR gastroesophageal OR gastro-oesophageal OR gastrooesophageal OR esophageal OR esophagus OR oesophag*) AND (inflamed OR inflammation OR inflammatory OR irritat* OR erythem* OR erythaem* OR inflitrat* OR ulcer OR ulcers OR ulcerat* OR dyspla* OR hyperplas* OR metaplas*)) OR reflux OR heartburn OR GER OR GERD OR Barrett*[tiab] OR dyspepsi* )

Consider ORing H-2 receptor antagonist terms (and potentially other GI drug terms) with the above esophagitis terms when the presence of both an H-2 receptor antagonist term and your other search concept/s implies the existence of esophagitis or reflux.

Alendronic acid (Fosamax) -- keywords and MeSH

("Alendronate/adverse effects"[Mesh] OR Alendron* OR Actimax OR Adronat OR Adrovance OR Aldrion OR Aldromax OR Aldronac OR Aldrox[tiab] OR Alefos OR Alehelm OR Alenat* OR Alendil OR Alendo OR Alendral OR Alendratol OR Alendris OR Alendro OR Alendrocare OR Alendrogen OR AlendroLEK OR Alendromax OR Alendros OR Alenic OR Alenwin OR Aleostito OR Alexonal OR Aliot OR Alovell OR Alxis OR Ampine OR Andante[tiab] OR Arendal OR Arthroplus OR Aurodren OR Carmotin OR Dronat OR Drovitan OR Genalmen OR Osteobon OR Berlex OR Bestalen OR Bifosa* OR Blindafe OR Blocan OR Bonacton OR Bonalen OR Bonalon OR Bonedron OR Bonemax OR Boniran OR Brek OR Caldronate OR Caltera OR Cleveron OR Dargol OR Debenal OR Defixal OR Delfoza OR Deparex OR Difonate OR Discozal OR DORyx[tiab] OR Drofaz OR Dronadil OR Dronal OR Dronalent OR Dronatex OR Dronatifer OR Elandur OR Eldinir OR Endronax OR Epolar OR Filxine OR Findeclin OR Fixopan OR Flamisul OR FORosa OR FORtimax OR Fosalan OR Fosalen OR Fosamax OR Fosandron OR Fosavance OR Fosazom OR Fosfacid OR Fosteofos OR Fostepor OR Fostolin OR Fosval OR Genalen OR Gendron[tiab] OR Holadren OR Lafedam OR Landrolen OR Ledronin OR Lendral OR Lendronal OR Leodrin OR Lindron OR Lozostun OR Marvil OR Massidron OR Maxibone OR Maxtral OR MinusORb OR MORalen OR Mosmass OR Nafadren OR NichospOR OR Nozat OR Onclast OR Osalen OR Osaston OR Osdron OR Oseotenk OR Oseum OR Ossmax OR Osso OR Ossomax OR Ostadil OR Ostaham OR Ostalert OR Ostemax OR Ostenan OR Ostenil OR Osteobon OR Osteodur OR Osteofar OR Osteofem OR Osteofene OR OsteofORm OR Osteofos OR Osteomax OR Osteomel OR Osteonate OR OsteonORm OR OsteORal OR Osteosan OR Osteotrat OR Ostolek OR Ostomax OR Pasodron OR Phostarac OR PORocalm OR PORodron OR PORosal OR Promax OR Ralenost OR Randronate OR Regenesis OR Rekostin OR Reyoin OR Ridon OR Riledron OR Romax OR Sedron OR Silidral OR Sinfract OR Siranin OR Synostep OR Teiroc OR Terost OR Tevanate OR Tilios OR Tivarun OR Tonadron OR Trabecan OR Vegabon OR VORoste OR Zondra OR Alendran OR AlendronHexal OR Apodrolen OR Beenos OR Denfos OR Fosagen OR NORvic OR Osdren OR Oseotal OR Ostalon OR Recalfe OR Alendronat OR alendronate OR Alendronato OR alendronas OR alendronatas OR MK-217 OR MK217 OR G70465 OR L670452 OR MK0217 OR AHButBP OR Natriumalendronaatti OR Natriumalendronat)

The following hyphenated term and multi-word, quoted phrase were not recognized by PubMed and were removed from the search statement to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:

“G 704650”
“G 704650”
“L 670452”
"Alendil Calcio D"
"Bifoal Semanal"
"Dronalen Plus"
"Findeclin Combi"
"Fosamax Plus"
"Leodrin Plus"
"Regenesis Max"
"Silidral Plus"
"Vegabon Plus D"
"Aminohydroxybutylidene Diphosphonic Acid"

Friday, May 20, 2011

navigators -- keywords and MeSH

( "nurse advocate" OR "nurse advocates" OR "nurse case manager" OR "nurse case managers" OR "nurse navigator" OR "nurse navigators" OR "patient navigator" OR "patient navigators" OR "cancer navigator" OR "cancer navigators" OR "health navigator" OR "health navigators" OR "nurse-advocate" OR "nurse-advocates" OR "nurse-case-manager" OR "nurse-case-managers" OR "nurse-navigator" OR "nurse-navigators" OR "patient-navigator" OR "patient-navigators" OR "cancer-navigator" OR "cancer-navigators" OR "health-navigator" OR "health-navigators" OR ("case management"[mesh] AND (navigator* OR navigation* OR advocate* OR "nurse led" OR nurse-led OR "liaison nurse" OR "liaison nurses" OR "liaison-nurse" OR "liaison-nurses" ) ))

hospital-acquired infection -- keywords and MeSH

("Disease Outbreaks"[Mesh] OR "Infection"[Mesh] OR "Meningitis"[Mesh] OR "Bacterial Infections and Mycoses"[Mesh] OR "Carrier State"[Mesh] OR "Communicable Disease Control"[Mesh] OR "Colony Count, Microbial"[Mesh] OR infection* OR infectious OR HAI OR infecting OR infect OR infects OR infected OR cross-infection* OR crossinfection* OR "cross infection" OR "cross infections" OR bacteremi* OR bacteraemi* OR sepsis OR septic OR septicemi* OR septicaemi* OR celluliti* OR pneumonia* OR suppora* OR abscess* OR pus) AND ("Equipment Contamination"[mesh] OR "Decontamination*"[mesh] OR "ventilator-related" OR "ventilator related" OR "ventilator-associated" OR "ventilator associated" OR "Postoperative Complications"[mesh] OR postoperative OR post-operative OR "post operative" OR nosocomi* OR hospital-acquired OR "hospital acquired" OR healthcare-associated OR "healthcare associated" OR catheter-associated OR "catheter associated" OR HAI[tiab] OR iatrogen* OR "cross infection" OR "cross-infection" OR "cross infections" OR "cross-infections" OR "cross contamination" OR "cross-contamination" OR "cross contaminations" OR "cross-contaminations" OR "Iatrogenic Disease"[mesh] )

intraspinal/intracranial drug administration --keywords

((caudal OR intrathecal OR intra-thecal OR epidural OR spinal OR intraspinal OR intra-spinal OR intracranial OR intra-cranial OR intraventricular OR intra-ventricular OR transforaminal OR trans-foraminal OR neuraxial OR spinocranial OR craniospinal ) AND (inject* OR infus* OR administrat* OR analg* OR anesthesia* OR anesthetic* anaesth* OR chemotherap* )) OR "Injections, Spinal"[mesh]

If only one drug or drug class is of interest, the OR'd names for the drug/s and/or drug class (and all drugs in the class) should replace
inject* OR infus* OR administrat* OR analg* OR anesthesia* OR anesthetic* anaesth* OR chemotherap*

low birth weight -- keywords and MeSH

("Infant, Low Birth Weight"[mesh] OR "Fetal Growth Retardation"[Mesh] OR "low birth weight" OR "low birth weights" OR SGA OR "small for gestational age" OR Lbw OR “intrauterine growth retardation” OR IUGR OR “small for date” OR "small for dates")

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

surgery (dermatologic, reconstructive, esthetic) -- keywords

I’m posting several surgery term lists that I generated in response to a request from a blog follower. I haven’t had time to play with or revise these lists. I am sure that substantial revisions will be needed and that the revisions needed will vary depending on the nature and specificity of the other search concepts.

rhytidoplast* OR dermabra* OR chemexfoliat* OR "tissue expansion" OR "nerve expansion" OR moh*[tiab] OR lipectom* OR "face lift" OR "face lifts" OR blepharoplast* OR "body modification" OR "body modifications" OR "body piercing" OR "body piercings" OR tatoo* OR "breast enlargement" OR "breast enlargements" OR "breast implant" OR "breast implants" OR "breast reduction" OR "breast reductions" OR "tummy tuck" OR "tummy tucks" OR ((buttock* OR pectoral) AND (enlargement* OR implant OR implants OR implanted OR implantation*)) OR "plastic surgery" OR "plastic surgeries" OR "plastic surgeon" OR "reconstructive surgery" OR "reconstructive surgeries" OR ((esthetic OR aesthetic* ) AND (mobiliz* OR mobilis* OR fenestrat* or replacement* OR reconstruct* OR electrosurg* OR radiosurg* OR surgery OR surgeries OR surgical OR operative OR operation OR operations OR dissect* OR microdissect* OR cauter* OR transplant OR transplants OR transplanting OR transplanted OR transplantation OR implant OR implants OR implanted OR implanting OR implantation* OR graft OR grafts OR grafting OR homograft* OR allograft* OR xenograft* OR autograft* OR prostheses OR prosthesis OR prosthetic OR bypass OR diversion OR divert* OR drainage OR drain OR drained OR draining OR drains OR revasculari* OR extract* OR osteotom* OR replacement* OR replant* OR reconstruct* OR harvest* OR resect OR resects OR resected OR resecting OR resection* OR flap OR flaps OR enlargement*))

surgery (endocrine) -- keywords

I’m posting several surgery term lists that I generated in response to a request from a blog follower. I haven’t had time to play with or revise these lists. I am sure that substantial revisions will be needed and that the revisions needed will vary depending on the nature and specificity of the other search concepts.

adrenalectom* OR hypophysectom* OR parathyroid* OR thyroidectom* OR pancreatectom* OR ((endocrine* OR adrenal[tiab] OR adrenals OR thyroid OR thyroids OR parathyroid* OR hypophys* OR pituitary OR “sella turcica” OR Rathke*[tiab] OR pancreas OR pancreatic OR “beta cells” OR “beta-cells” OR “beta cell” OR “beta-cell” OR diabetes OR diabetic* OR hyperpituitar* OR hypopituitar* OR hypothalam* OR hyperthyroid* OR goiter* OR hypothyroid* OR hurthle*[tiab] OR islet OR islets) AND (electrosurg* OR radiosurg* OR surgery OR surgeries OR surgical OR operative OR operation OR operations OR dissect* OR microdissect* OR cauter* OR transplant OR transplants OR transplanting OR transplanted OR transplantation OR implant OR implants OR implanted OR implanting OR implantation* OR graft OR grafts OR grafting OR homograft* OR allograft* OR xenograft* OR autograft* OR prostheses OR prosthesis OR prosthetic OR bypass OR diversion OR divert* OR drainage OR drain OR drained OR draining OR drains OR revasculari* OR extract* OR osteotom* OR replacement* OR replant* OR reconstruct* OR harvest* OR resect OR resects OR resected OR resecting OR resection* OR flap OR flaps))