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Rough draft for a focused search for the "athletics" component of an "athletics-related disease" search:

"Athletes"[mesh] OR "athletic injuries"[mesh] OR ("Sports"[mesh] NOT ("Physical Endurance"[Mesh] OR "Physical Fitness"[Mesh])) OR "Dancing"[mesh] OR "Physical Education AND Training"[mesh] OR "swimming pools"[mesh] OR "sports medicine"[mesh] OR gladiator* OR scrum OR scrums OR  rugb* OR "Dancing"[majr] OR "Physical Education AND Training"[majr] OR aerobics[ti] OR calisthenic*[ti] OR "physical education"[ti] OR "physical training"[ti] OR sport[ti] OR sports[ti] OR basketball*[ti] OR baseball*[ti] OR softball*[ti] OR football*[ti] OR volleyball*[ti] OR lacrosse[ti] OR squash[ti] OR hockey[ti] OR soccer[ti] OR rugby[ti] OR ((play[ti] OR plays[ti] OR played[ti] OR playing[ti] OR player*) AND (ball[ti] OR balls[ti] OR tag[ti] OR "hide AND seek"[ti])) OR racquetball*[ti] OR "roller blading"[ti] OR rollerblad*[ti] OR "track AND field"[ti] OR vault*[ti] OR hurdle*[ti] OR marathon*[ti] OR triathlon*[ti] OR biathlon*[ti] OR pentathlon*[ti] OR ((race[ti] OR races[ti]) AND (track OR tracks OR lap OR laps)) OR raced[ti] OR racing[ti] OR races[ti] OR racer*[ti] OR dash[ti] OR dashes[ti] OR dasher*[ti] OR sprint*[ti] OR run[ti] OR runs[ti] OR running[ti] OR ran[ti] OR runner*[ti] OR jog[ti] OR jogs[ti] OR jogging[ti] OR jogged[ti] OR jogger*[ti] OR jump[ti] OR jumps[ti] OR jumped[ti] OR jumping[ti] OR jumper*[ti] OR swimming[ti] OR swim[ti] OR swims[ti] OR swam[ti] OR swimmer*[ti] OR polo[ti] OR canoe*[ti] OR kayak*[ti] OR rowing[ti] OR row[ti] OR rows[ti] OR rowed[ti] OR rower*[ti] OR cycling[ti] OR cyclist*[ti] OR bicycle[ti] OR bicycles[ti] OR bicycling[ti] OR skating[ti] OR skate[ti] OR skates[ti] OR skated[ti] OR skater*[ti] OR ski[ti] OR skis[ti] OR skiing[ti] OR skied[ti] OR skier*[ti] OR snowboard*[ti] OR tennis[ti] OR judo[ti] OR "martial arts"[ti] OR "martial art"[ti] OR (martial[ti] AND (art[ti] OR arts[ti] OR artist*[ti])) OR "martial artists"[ti] OR spar[ti] OR sparred[ti] OR sparring[ti] OR spars[ti] OR jiu-jitsu[ti] OR jiujitsu[ti] OR jujitsu[ti] OR sojutsu[ti] OR defendo[ti] OR karate[ti] OR kenpo[ti] OR kickbox*[ti] OR shinkendo[ti] OR aikido[ti] OR jodo[ti] OR judo[ti] OR kendo[ti] OR kyudo[ti] OR ninjutsu[ti] OR boxing[ti] OR shootfight*[ti] OR taekwondo[ti] OR sumo[ti] OR fencing[ti] OR fence[ti] OR fences[ti] OR fenced[ti] OR fencer*[ti] OR wrestle[ti] OR wrestles[ti] OR wrestling[ti] OR wrestled[ti] OR wrestler*[ti] OR gymnastic*[ti] OR gymnast[ti] OR gymnasts[ti] OR zumba*[ti] OR dance[ti] OR danced[ti] OR dances[ti] OR dancing[ti] OR dancer*[ti] OR ballet[ti] OR ballerina*[ti] OR folkdance*[ti] OR orienteer*[ti] OR hike[ti] OR hikes[ti] OR hiked[ti] OR hiking[ti] OR hiker*[ti] OR climb[ti] OR climbs[ti] OR climbing[ti] OR climber*[ti] OR climbed[ti] OR athlet*[ti] OR gladiator*[ti] OR olympic*[ti] OR para-olympic*[ti] OR play-off* OR playoff*

gladiator* OR scrum* OR  rugb* are parts of athletics-specific disease names
For other searches, terms for venues other than "swimming pools" might be needed.

infections MeSH and general infection keywords

Rough draft, largely based on MeSH trees, part of a 5 part "all infections" search:
"Bacterial Infections AND Mycoses"[mesh] OR "Virus Diseases"[mesh] OR "Parasitic Diseases"[mesh] OR "Prions"[mesh] OR "Prion Diseases"[mesh] OR "Viruses"[mesh] OR "Parasites"[mesh] OR "Fungi"[mesh] OR "Yeasts"[mesh] OR "Bacteria"[Mesh] OR "Equipment Contamination"[mesh] OR "Fomites"[mesh] OR "Anti-Infective Agents"[Mesh] OR "Antifungal Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Anti-Bacterial Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Antiparasitic Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Antiviral Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Immunity"[Mesh] OR "disease outbreaks"[mesh] OR "blood-borne pathogens"[mesh] OR "Immunity"[Mesh] OR "drug resistance, bacterial"[mesh] OR "Anatomy Category/microbiology"[Mesh] OR ""Diseases Category/microbiology"[Mesh] OR "Bacterial Toxins"[Mesh] OR "Enterotoxins"[Mesh] OR "Exotoxins"[Mesh] OR "Mycotoxins"[Mesh] OR ("Communicable Disease Control"[mesh] NOT ("Sanitary engineering"[majr] OR "mandatory testing"[majr])) OR contag* OR infectious OR infection* OR infected OR infecting OR infects OR epidemic* OR outbreak* OR bacteria OR bacterium OR bacterial OR antibacterial OR anti-bacterial OR gram OR rod OR cocci OR coccus OR virus OR viral OR viruses OR retrovirus* OR retroviral OR antiviral OR anti-viral OR fungi OR fungus OR fungal OR mycosis OR mycoses OR mycotic OR yeast* OR antifungal OR anti-fungal OR parasit* OR amoeba* OR ameb* OR febrile OR fever* OR celluliti* OR sepsis OR sepses OR septic OR fomit* OR abscess* OR empyem* OR meningiti* OR myeliti* OR OR encephalomyeliti* OR encephalomeningiti* OR encephaliti* OR trachom* OR hordeol* OR keratoconjunctivi* OR conjunctivi* OR keratiti* OR uveiti* OR retiniti* OR panophthalmiti* OR otiti* OR stomatiti* OR Rhinotracheiti* OR URI OR URIs OR "common cold" OR "common colds" OR rhiniti* OR sinusiti* OR catarrh* OR tracheiti* OR tracheobronchiti* OR bronchiti* OR bronchioliti* OR croup OR pneumon* OR pleurisy OR pleuriti* OR pleuropneumoni* OR endocarditi* OR myocarditi* OR UTI OR UTIs OR gastroenteriti* OR enteriti* OR enterocoliti* OR dysenter* OR suppurat* OR immunity OR immunosuppress* OR immunodepres* OR "blood culture" OR "blood cultures" OR "urine culture" OR "urine cultures" OR osteomyeliti* OR furunc* OR carbunc*

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viral infection -- keywords

rough draft, largely based on MeSH database, part of a 5 part "all infections" search

antiviral OR anti-viral OR virus OR viruses OR viral OR Superinfect* OR Coinfect* OR Viremia OR viremias OR viremic OR Viraemia OR viraemias OR viraemic OR viral OR virus OR viruses OR Arbovir* OR Bluetongue OR Dengue OR "West Nile Fever" OR "WEST-NILE FEVER" OR Phlebotomus OR "Valley Fever" OR blood-borne OR Tick-Borne OR "Tick Fever" OR "tick fevers" OR "Hemorrhagic Fever" OR "Hemorrhagic Fevers" OR "Haemorrhagic Fever" OR "Haemorrhagic Fevers" OR "forest disease" OR "yellow fever" OR "Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis" OR "Lymphocytic Choriomeningitides" OR LCMV OR "tropical spastic paraparesis" OR polio* OR postpolio* OR post-polio* OR Pseudorabies OR rabies OR hepadnavir* OR "hepatitis a" OR "hepatitis b" OR "hepatitis c" OR "hepatitis d" OR "hepatitis e" OR herpes* OR herpetic OR "dendritic keratitis" OR "dendritic keratitides" OR Chickenpox OR varicella* OR cytomegal* OR HSV OR VZV OR EBV OR "burkitt lymphoma" OR "burkitt's lymphoma" OR "burkitts lymphoma" OR "Epstein-barr" OR "epstein barr" OR mono OR mononucleosis OR "hairy leukoplakia" OR HHV* OR "Kaposi Sarcoma" OR "kaposi's Sarcoma" OR "kaposis Sarcoma" OR Varicelliform OR HZV OR VZV OR zoster OR "Malignant Catarrh" OR "Marek Disease" OR "Marek's Disease" OR "Mareks Disease" OR Pseudorab* OR Roseolovir* OR roseola* OR "Exanthema Subitum" OR Papillomavir* OR Wart OR warts OR warty OR Condylom* OR "Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis" OR parvo* OR "Erythema Infectiosum" OR "fifth disease" OR Polyomavir* OR "merkel cell" OR PML OR "progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy" OR "progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathies" OR pox OR Poxvir* OR Cowpox OR ecthyma* OR Ectromel* OR Fowlpox OR "Lumpy Skin Disease" OR "lumpy-skin disease" OR Molluscum OR Monkeypox OR "monkey pox" OR myxomato* OR smallpox OR vaccinia OR SSPE OR "Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis" OR "Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitides" OR Arenaviri* OR Lassa[tiab] OR OR Astrovir* OR Birnavir* OR Bunyavir* OR Hantavir* OR hanta[tiab] OR Calicivir* OR Flavivir* OR "Louping Ill" OR Pestivir* OR "Border Disease" OR "Hemorrhagic Syndrome" OR "Hemorrhagic Syndromes" OR "Haemorrhagic Syndrome" OR "Haemorrhagic Syndromes" OR Ebola[tiab] OR Marburg[tiab] OR Mononegavir* OR Borna*[tiab] OR Filovir* OR Paramyxovir* OR Avulavir* OR "Newcastle disease" OR "newcastle virus" OR Henipavir* OR hendra[tiab] OR nipah[tiab] OR Morbillivir* OR measles OR distemper OR rinderpest* OR Pneumovir* OR Respirovir* OR parainflu* OR sendai OR "respiratory syncytial virus" OR RSV OR Rubulavir* OR mumps OR Rhabdovir* OR "Ephemeral Fever" OR rabies OR "Vesicular Stomatitis" OR "Vesicular Stomatitides" OR Nidovir* OR Arterivir* OR Coronavir* OR Torovir* OR Orthomyxovir* OR Influenza OR flu OR Picornavir* OR Cardiovir* OR "Common Cold" OR "common colds" OR Enterovir* OR coxsackie* OR (hand[tiab] AND foot[tiab] AND mouth[tiab] AND disease[tiab]) OR herpangin* OR "epidemic pleurodynia" OR Echovir* OR Enzootic OR Poliomyelitis* OR polio OR ( Foot[tiab] AND Mouth[tiab]) OR Reovir* OR "African Horse Sickness" OR Bluetongue OR "Tick Fever" OR "tick fevers" OR Rotavir* OR Retrovir* OR HIV OR HTLV-I OR "tropical spastic paraparesis" OR HTLV-II OR Lentivir* OR "Equine Infectious Anemia" OR "Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome" OR "Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome" OR "Aids arteritis" OR "aids-associated" OR "aids-related" OR "aids dementia" OR (aids AND oportunistic) OR HIV-associated OR HIV-related OR HIV OR Visna OR Togavir* OR Alphavir* OR Rubivir* OR Rubella* OR "Sexually Transmitted" OR sexually-transmitted OR std* OR Condyloma* OR "Buschke-Lowenstein Tumor" OR "Buschke-Lowenstein Tumors" OR Kaposi*[tiab] OR "Equine Infectious Anemia" OR RSV OR Zoono* OR adenovir* OR Atadenovir* OR Mastadenovir* OR Anellovir* OR "Torque teno virus" OR Hepadnavir* OR Orthohepadnavir* OR Herpesvir* OR Alphaherpesvir* OR betaherpesvirin* OR Cytomegal* OR Roseolovir* OR HHV OR Gammaherpesvir* OR Lymphocryptovir* OR Rhadinovir* OR Iltovir* OR Mardivir* OR Simplexvir* OR Varicellovir* OR Betaherpesvirin OR Gammaherpesvirin* OR Lymphocryptoviru* OR Mimivir* OR Alphapapillomavir* OR HPV OR Betapapillomavir* OR Gammapapillomavir* OR Mupapillomavir* OR Parvovir* OR Bocavir* OR Dependovir* OR Erythrovir* OR Chordopoxvir* OR Molluscipoxvir* OR Orthopoxvir* OR Cowpox OR Ectromel* OR Monkeypox OR Variola OR Parapoxvir* OR Orf OR Pseudocowpox OR norovir*

bacterial infections -- keywords and MeSH

rought draft, largely based on MeSH trees.  

I'm working toward a strategy that combines several of my posts and includes all infectious agents.  I just removed some virus and fungus words that had been left in this strategy, some missing OR's and "".  Sorry for the errors.

("bacteremia"[mesh] OR "bacteria"[MeSH Terms] OR "drug resistance, bacterial"[mesh]  OR "bacterial infections"[mesh] OR bacterem* OR bacteraem* OR bacteremia OR bacteraemia OR bacteremias OR bacteraemias OR bacteremic OR bacteraemic OR exotoxem* OR endotoxem* OR endotoxemia OR endotoxemias OR endotoxemic OR endotoxaem* OR endotoxaemia OR endotoxaemias OR endotoxaemic OR septicem* OR septicemia[tiab] OR septicemic OR septicaem* OR septicaemia[tiab] OR septicemias[tiab] OR septicaemias[tiab] OR septicaemic OR sepsis[tiab] OR septic OR urosepsis OR uroseptic OR urosepses OR bacteria[tiab] OR bacterial OR bacterium OR bacteria OR anaerobe[tiab] OR anaerobes[tiab] OR OR aerobe[tiab] OR aerobes[tiab]  OR bacill* OR bacillus OR bacilli OR bacillary OR coccus OR cocci OR coccal OR enterobacter* OR enterobacter OR enterococc* OR enterococci OR enterococcus OR enterococcal OR escherichia* OR escherichia OR "e. coli" OR Haemophil* OR staphylococc* OR staphylococcus OR staphylococci OR staphylococcal OR Staphylococcaceae OR staph OR "s. aureus" OR "s. epidermidis" OR strep OR streptococc* OR streptococci OR streptococcus OR streptococcal OR pneumococc* OR Klebsiell* OR Klebsiella OR mycobacter* OR mycobacterial OR mycobacterium OR mycobacteria OR acinetobacter* OR acinetobacter OR Aliivibrio OR vibrio OR Cholera OR salmonell* OR salmonella OR campylobact* OR campylobacter OR Chryseobacter* OR Chryseobacterium OR nocardia* OR moraxell* OR moraxella OR rhodococc* OR rhodococcus OR rhodococcal OR rhodococci OR pseudomona* OR pseudomonas OR pseudomonal OR eubacter* OR eubacteria OR eubacterium OR eubacterial OR edwardsiell* OR edwardsiella OR coxiell* OR coxiella OR tubercul* OR tuberculosis OR tuberculous OR "gram positive" OR "gram negative" OR gram-positive OR gram-negative OR pasturella OR MRSA OR MRSE OR clostridium OR clostridia OR clostridial OR clostrid* OR serratia OR serratia* OR legionella OR legionell* OR listeria OR listeriosis OR listerioses OR Listerios* OR listeria OR listeriosis OR listerioses OR lister* OR francisella* OR Francisella OR Francisellaceae OR bacteroides OR bacteroid* OR citrobacter OR citrobacter* OR tularemia OR tularemias OR tularemic OR tularemi* OR tularaemia OR tularaemias OR tularaemic OR tularaemi* OR proteus OR burkholderia OR burkholderial OR burkholderias OR burkholderia* OR mycoplasma OR mycoplasmas OR MYCOPLASMATACEAE OR mycoplasm* OR beta-lactam* OR beta-lactamase OR TB OR VRE OR VDE OR actinomycetales OR actinomyc* OR actinomycetes OR actinomycete OR Erysipel* OR melioidosis OR melioidoses OR melioidotic OR mycobacter* OR mycobacteriosis OR mycobacterial OR mycobacterioses OR yersinia* OR yersinia OR yersinias OR yersinial OR Cupriavidus OR "s. aureus" OR "s. epidermidis" OR meningococc* OR meningococcal[tiab] OR meningococcemia OR Meningococcaemia OR meningococcemic OR meningococcaemic OR meningococcus OR neisser* OR neisseria OR neisserial OR "Waterhouse-Friderichsen" OR "Waterhouse Friderichsen" OR syphilis OR neurosyphil* OR "Ophthalmia Neonatorum" OR "Fournier Gangrene" OR "fournier's gangrene" OR "fourniers gangrene" OR Anaplasmat* OR Anaplasm* OR Ehrlichio* OR "Heartwater Disease" OR Bartonell* OR "cat-scratch disease" OR "cat-scratch fever" OR "cat scratch disease" OR "cat scratch fever" OR "trench fever" OR bordatell* OR "Whooping Cough" OR borreli* OR "Lyme Disease" OR "Erythema Chronicum Migrans" OR Neuroborreli* OR "Relapsing Fever" OR "relapsing fevers" OR Brucell* OR Burkholderi* OR Glanders OR Melioid* OR chlamydia* OR Lymphogranulom* OR Chlamydophil* OR Psittaco* OR Cytophagac* OR Desulfovibrio* OR Enterobacter* OR "Granuloma Inguinale" OR Rhinosclerom* OR Paratyphoid OR typhoid OR plague OR pseudotubercul* OR Flavobacter* OR Fusobacter* OR "Necrotizing Ulcerative gingivitis" OR "Lemierre Syndrome" OR "Lemierre's Syndrome" OR "Lemierres Syndrome" OR "Rat-Bite Fever" OR "Rat Bite Fever" OR Helicobact* OR "Legionnaires' Disease" OR "legionnaire disease" OR "legionnaires disease" OR Leptospir* OR "Weil Disease" OR "Weil's disease" OR "Weils disease" OR Ureaplasma OR Gonorrhea* OR Waterhouse-Friderichsen OR "Waterhouse Friderichsen" OR Pasteurell* OR Actinobacill* OR chancre* OR Chancroid OR Piscirickettsia* OR "Q Fever" OR Q-fever OR rickettsia* OR "Boutonneuse Fever" OR "Boutonneuse's Fever" OR "Boutonneuses Fever" OR "Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever" OR RMSF OR typhus OR Flea-Borne OR Louse-Borne OR Tick-Borne OR "Hemorrhagic Fever" OR "Haemorrhagic Fever" OR "Hemorrhagic Fevers" OR "Haemorrhagic Fevers" OR "tick fever" OR "swine fever" OR "tick fevers" OR "swine fevers" OR "forest disease" OR "forest diseases" OR Babesiosis OR babesia* OR babesioses OR babesiotic OR Theileriasis OR Theileriases OR Theileriatic OR Treponem* OR Pinta OR Chancre OR Yaws OR "Whipple Disease" OR "Whipple's Disease" OR "Whipples Disease" OR Corynebact* OR Diphther* OR Erythrasma* OR Leprosy OR leprous OR paratubercul* OR Mycet* OR bacilla OR Anthrax OR anthracis OR Bifidobacter* OR Botulism OR tetanus OR tetani OR Furunc* OR Impetig* OR Ecthyma* OR "Rheumatic Fever" OR "Rheumatic Heart Disease" OR "Scarlet Fever" OR std OR stds OR "sexually transmitted" OR "sexually-transmitted" OR Lymphogranuloma OR Venere* OR Psittaco* OR Erythrasma* OR "necrotizing fasciitis" OR "granuloma inguinale" OR "hidradenitis suppurativa" OR carbunc* OR "Erythema Induratum" OR "Lupus Vulgaris" OR Spirochaet* OR "Gas Gangrene")

parasitic infection -- keywords

Rough draft, based primarily on MeSH trees, part of a 5 part "all infections" search

Acanthamoeb* OR Acanthocheilon* OR Acanthamoeb* OR acanthameb* OR Adenophor* OR AIDS-Related OR Amebic OR ameba OR amebia* OR amoebic OR amoeba* OR amoebia* OR Anaplasm* OR Ancylostom* OR Anisak* OR Ascar* OR Babesi* OR Balantid* OR "Blackwater Fever" OR Blastocyst* OR Boutonneuse OR Cestod* OR Chagas OR Ciliophor* OR Clonorch* OR Coccidi* OR Cryptosporid* OR Cyclospor* OR Cysticerc* OR Dourine* OR Dipetalon* OR Diphyllobothr* OR Dicrocoel* OR Dictyocaul* OR Dientamoeb* OR Dirofilar* OR Dracuncul* OR Dysenter* OR Echinococc* OR Echinostom* OR Ectoparasit* OR Enoplid* OR Entamoeb* OR esophagostomia* OR Ehrlichi* OR "Erythema Chronicum Migrans" OR Euglen* OR Fasciol* OR Filaria* OR Flea OR fleas OR Giardia* OR Gnathostom* OR Haemonch* OR "Heartwater Disease" OR Helminth* OR Hookworm* OR Hymenolep* OR Hypodermy* OR Isospor* OR "Larva Migrans" OR Leishman* OR Lice OR louse OR delousing OR deloused OR Loia* OR "Lyme Disease" OR Malaria* OR Mansonell* OR Mesomycet* OR Mite OR mites OR Moniez* OR Myia* OR Necator* OR Nematod* OR Neuroborrel* OR Neurocysticerc* OR Neuroschistosom* OR Oesophagostomia* OR Onchocerc* OR Opisthorch* OR Ostertagi* OR Oxyurid* OR Paragonim* OR parasite OR parasites OR Parasitic OR Parasitemi* OR parasitaemi* OR pinworm* OR Protozoa* OR Pythio* OR "Relapsing Fever" OR Rhinosporid* OR "Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever" OR roundworm* OR Sarcocyst* OR Scabies OR Schistosom* OR "Screw Worm" OR "screw worms" OR Secernent* OR Setar* OR Spargan* OR spirurid* OR strongyl* OR Taenia* OR tenia* OR Tick-Borne OR Toxoplasm* OR Tick* OR Trematod* OR Trichostrongyloid* OR Trichomon* OR Trombicul* OR Trypanosom* OR Tularaem* OR Tularem* OR Tungia* OR whipworm* OR worm* OR Zoono*