Monday, January 1, 2018

Pregnancy- and Pregnancy Outcome-related MeSH Headings

Pregnancy  and/or Pregnancy Outcome

"Prenatal Care"[Mesh]
"Delivery, Obstetric"[Mesh]
"Pregnancy Complications"[Mesh]
            (The “Pregnancy”[Mesh] tree includes “Pregnancy Outcome”[Mesh])

OR’d with either:
"Reproductive Physiological Phenomena"[Mesh]
(which includes lots of non-pregnancy-related conditions, e.g. menopause, menstruation)
"Fetal Viability"[Mesh]
"Fetal Weight"[Mesh]
"Gestational Age"[Mesh]
"Labor Presentation"[Mesh]
"Peripartum Period"[Mesh]
"Pregnancy Trimesters"[Mesh]
"Pregnancy, Multiple"[Mesh]

             consider other headings under "Reproductive Physiological Phenomena"[Mesh]
      "Postpartum Period"[Mesh]
      “Pregnancy Rate”[mesh]

consider infant outcome terms:
"Infant, Premature"[Mesh]
"Infant, Low Birth Weight"[Mesh]
"Infant, Postmature"[Mesh]
"congenital" [Subheading]
"Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities"[Mesh]
"Maternal Exposure"[Mesh]
"Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects"[Mesh]
"Paternal Exposure"[Mesh]
"Intensive Care Units, Neonatal"[Mesh]