Monday, April 18, 2016

Cardiovascular Surgery -- keywords and MeSH

This strategy was composed for a reasonably comprehensive but focused search.  I think that the [ti] tags would need to be changed or removed before  the strategy could be used as a starting point in working toward an exhaustive strategy.

"Cardiovascular Surgical Procedures"[Mesh] OR "Cardiovascular Diseases/surgery"[Mesh] OR "Cardiovascular System/surgery"[Mesh] OR  ((Cardiovascular[ti] OR  cardiac[ti] OR Heart[ti] OR ventricle*[ti] OR ventricular[ti] OR endocard*[ti] OR myocard*[ti] OR atrial[ti] OR atrium[ti] OR atria[ti] OR “foramen ovale”[ti] OR valve*[ti] OR valvular[ti] OR tricuspid[ti] OR mitral[ti] OR aorta[ti] OR aortic[ti] OR pulmonic[ti] OR vena[ti] OR cava[ti] OR venae[ti] OR cavae[ti] OR vascular[ti] OR vessels[ti] OR artery[ti] OR arteries[ti] OR arterial[ti] OR arteriosus[ti] OR capillar*[ti] OR vein*[ti] OR venous[ti] OR carotid[ti] OR subclavian[ti] OR jugular[ti] OR pericard*[ti] OR Sinoatrial[ti] OR Atrioventricular[ti] OR chordae[ti] OR 22q11[ti] OR DiGeorge[ti] OR Alagille[ti] OR coarctation*[ti] OR Barth[ti] OR “Bland White Garland”[ti] OR “bland-white-garland”[ti] OR Dextrocardi*[ti] OR “cor triatriatum”[ti] OR Kartagener[ti] OR “Ductus Arteriosus”[ti] OR ebstein[ti] OR eisenmenger[ti] OR heterotaxy[ti] OR “LEOPARD Syndrome”[ti] OR Levocardi*[ti] OR Marfan[ti] OR Noonan[ti] OR Tetralogy[ti] OR  Fallot[ti] OR Trilogy[ti] OR supraventricular[ti] OR cor[ti] OR coronar*[ti] OR Transmyocardial[ti] OR cordis[ti] OR endomyocard*[ti] OR supravalvular[ti] OR subvalvular[ti] OR aortiti*[ti] OR cavopulmonary[ti] OR aortopulmonary[ti] OR portasystemic[ti] OR transjugular[ti] OR splenorenal[ti] OR portacaval[ti] OR arteriti*[ti] OR arteriovenous[ti] OR arterio-arterial[ti] OR Axillofemoral[ti] OR Polyarteriti*[ti] OR Vasculiti*[ti] OR Angiiti*[ti] OR Angiitides[ti] OR Endarteriti*[ti] OR Phlebiti*[ti] OR Postphlebitic[ti] OR Thrombophlebiti*[ti] OR Thromboangiiti*[ti] OR varicose*[ti] OR fibrillat*[ti] OR Pneumopericardium[ti] OR Postpericardiotom*[ti] OR Tamponade[ti] OR Embolism[ti] OR embolus[ti] OR emboli[ti] OR thromboembol*[ti] OR Hemorrhoid*[ti] OR Veno-Occlusive[ti] OR Ischemi*[ti] OR Ischaemi*[ti] OR Telangiecta*[ti] OR Angiomato*[ti] OR Angiom*[ti] OR Hemangiom*[ti] OR Sturge-Weber[ti] OR Aneurysm*[ti] OR hemorrhage*[ti] OR haemorrhag*[ti] OR Varicocele[ti] OR Varicos*[ti] OR Varicose[ti] OR Varix[ti] OR Varices[ti] OR Angioma*[ti] OR Hemangioma*[ti] OR Arrhythm*[ti] OR “Sick Sinus”[ti] OR “Sinus Arrest”[ti] OR flutter[ti] OR bradycard*[ti] OR brugada*[ti] OR pvc[ti] OR Adams-Stokes[ti] OR Bundle-Branch[ti] OR “Sick Sinus”[ti] OR “Long QT”[ti] OR “Andersen Syndrome”[ti] OR “Jervell-Lange Nielsen”[ti] OR Romano-Ward[ti] OR Parasystol*[ti] OR  Pre-Excitation[ti] OR Lown-Ganong-Levine[ti] OR Wolff-Parkinson-White[ti] OR WPW[ti] OR Tachycardi*[ti] OR Cardiomegal*[ti] OR Cardiomyopath*[ti] OR Chagas[ti] OR Fibroelasto*[ti] OR kearns-sayre[ti] OR reperfusion[ti] OR CHF[ti] OR Cardio-Renal[ti] OR “paroxysmal dyspnea”[ti] OR “carney complex”[ti] OR Takotsubo[ti] OR Cardiomyopath*[ti] OR Loeys-Dietz[ti] OR Endoleak[ti] OR Angiodysplas*[ti] OR Sarcoglycanopath*[ti]  OR “Vascular Ectasia”[ti] OR Angiomato*[ti] OR Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber[ti] OR “von Hippel-Lindau”[ti] OR Takayasu[ti] OR Leriche[ti] OR “Sinus Pericranii”[ti] OR Lutembacher[ti] OR reperfus*[ti] OR Scimitar[ti] OR infarct*[ti] OR Hematomyeli*[ti] OR “CREST Syndrome”[ti] OR Behcet*[ti] OR Cogan[ti] OR “Malignant Atrophic Papulosis”[ti] OR “Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome”[ti] OR May-Thurner[ti] OR “Pulmonary Atresia”[ti] OR Scimitar[ti] OR Endovascular[ti] OR Percutaneous[ti]) AND (bypass[ti] OR prosthetic[ti] OR prosthes*[ti] OR implant*[ti] OR revascular*[ti] OR procedur*[ti] OR shunt*[ti] OR stent*[ti] OR graft*[ti] OR anastomo*[ti] OR repair*[ti] OR resect*[ti] OR close[ti] OR closing[ti] OR closure[ti] OR operative[ti] OR operation[ti] OR operations[ti] OR surgery[ti] OR surgeries[ti] OR surgical[ti] OR excis*[ti] OR remov*[ti] OR incis*[ti] OR repair*[ti] OR transcatheter*[ti] OR interven*[ti])) OR (Annuloplast*[ti] OR Cardiomyoplast*[ti] OR “heart massage”[ti] OR “cardiac massage”[ti] OR “cardiac transplant”[ti] OR “heart transplant”[ti] OR “cardiac transplants”[ti] OR “heart transplants”[ti] OR “cardiac transplantation”[ti] OR “heart transplantation”[ti] OR “heart-lung transplant”[ti] OR “heart-lung transplantation”[ti] OR “heart-lung transplants”[ti] OR Norwood[ti] OR “Pericardial Window”[ti] OR Pericardiectom*[ti] OR Pericardiocentes*[ti] OR revasculariz*[ti] OR revascularis*[ti] OR Embolectom*[ti] OR Endarterectom*[ti] OR CABG[ti] OR Thrombectom*[ti] OR fontan[ti] OR blalock-taussig[ti] OR Angioplast*[ti] OR Atherectom*[ti] OR off-pump[ti] OR Revasc*[ti] OR “valve replacement”[ti] OR “Mechanical Thrombolysis”[ti] OR “Induced arrest”[ti] OR Vasoplegi*[ti])

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gastrointestinal Surgery -- focused keyword/MeSH search for routine searches

The following is not intended for systematic review purposes:
("Gastrointestinal Diseases/surgery"[Mesh] OR "Gastrointestinal Tract/surgery"[Mesh] OR “Digestive System Surgical Procedures”[mesh:noexp] OR “Anastomosis, Roux-en-Y”[mesh] OR “Appendectomy”[mesh] OR “Colectomy”[mesh] OR “Proctocolectomy, Restorative”[mesh] OR “Enterostomy”[mesh] OR “Cecostomy”[mesh] OR “Colostomy”[mesh] OR “Duodenostomy”[mesh] OR “Ileostomy”[mesh] OR “Jejunostomy”[mesh] OR “Fundoplication”[mesh] OR “Gastrectomy”[mesh] OR “Gastroenterostomy”[mesh] OR “Gastric Bypass”[mesh] OR “Gastropexy ”[mesh] OR “Gastroplasty”[mesh] OR “Gastrostomy”[mesh] OR “Hemorrhoidectomy”[mesh] OR “Jejunoileal Bypass”[mesh] OR “Pancreaticoduodenectomy”[mesh] OR “Pancreaticojejunostomy”[mesh] OR "Bariatric Surgery"[Mesh] OR ((operative[ti] OR operation[ti] OR operations[ti] OR surgery[ti] OR surgeries[ti] OR surgical[ti] OR resection*[ti] OR excis*[ti] OR remov*[ti] OR bypass[ti] OR anastomo*[ti] OR incis*[ti] ) AND (gastrointestinal[ti] OR alimentary[ti] OR esophag*[ti] OR gastroduodenal[ti] OR gastric[ti] OR stomach*[ti] OR pyloric[ti] OR pylorus*[ti] OR duodenum[ti] OR duodenums[ti] OR duodenal[ti] OR jejun*[ti] OR ileum[ti] OR ileal[ti] OR ileocecal[ti] OR ileocoecal[ti] OR cecum[ti] OR coecum[ti] OR cecal[ti] OR coecal[ti] OR meckel*[ti] OR appendix[ti] OR appendiceal[ti] OR colon[ti] OR colons[ti] OR colonic[ti] OR rectum[ti] OR rectal[ti] OR anus*[ti] OR anal[ti] OR Bariatric [ti] OR GI[ti] OR gastroscop*[ti] OR duodensocop*[ti] OR enteroscop*[ti] OR colonoscop*[ti] OR esophagoscop*[ti] OR sigmoidoscop*[ti] OR proctoscop*[ti])) OR Roux-en-Y[ti] OR Appendectom*[ti] OR Colectom*[ti] OR Proctocolectom*[ti] OR Enterostom*[ti] OR Cecostom*[ti] OR Colostom*[ti] OR Duodenostom*[ti] OR Ileostom*[ti] OR Jejunostom*[ti] OR Fundoplication*[ti] OR Gastrectom*[ti] OR Gastroenterostom*[ti] OR “Gastric Bypass”[ti] OR Gastropex* [ti] OR Gastroplast*[ti] OR Gastrostom*[ti] OR Hemorrhoidectom*[ti] OR “Jejunoileal Bypass”[ti] OR Pancreaticoduodenectom*[ti] OR Pancreaticojejunostom*[ti] OR lap-band[ti])