Monday, November 25, 2013

Support hose -- keywords

(support OR compression[tiab]  OR compressive OR pressure OR pressure-gradient OR elastic* OR jobst OR TED OR anti-thrombo* OR antithrombo* OR antiembol* OR anti-embol* OR embolism* OR embolic OR thrombosis OR thromboses OR thrombotic OR DVT OR thromboembol* OR PE[tiab] ) AND (stocking OR stockings OR hose OR hosiery OR "knee high" OR "knee highs" OR "thigh high"[tiab] OR "thigh highs"[tiab] OR knee-high* OR thigh-high*[tiab])

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Templates for eight common types of MeSH-based searches

I teach my "Introduction to Drug Information" students to use the templates, listed beneath this introductory paragraph, as a guide when they initially attempt to create a focused, relatively thorough  search.  I decided to post these templates here as I occasionally use this blog when working with my students. When teaching Intro to DI, I suggest that, after reviewing results of an initial search, students try the search again without subheadings to see if additional useful results are retrieved.  Of course, removing the subheadings sometimes makes the search intolerably unfocused . There is some redundancy in the templates, especially in the use of subheadings. PubMed explodes subheadings by default.  For example, in PubMed, one does not have to use the narrower  "poisoning" and "toxcity" subheadings with a specific heading if when one is already using the broader "adverse effects" subheading with that specific heading.  However, not all versions of MEDLINE explode subheadings.  For instance, I also have access to EBSCOhost MEDLINand it does not explode subheadings.

  1. Drug safety/ consumer product safety
    "Drug A/adverse effects"[mesh] OR "Drug A/poisoning"[mesh] OR "Drug A/toxicity"[mesh] OR ("Drug A"[mesh] AND "drug effects"[sh]) OR ("Drug A"[mesh] AND ("Safety"[mesh] OR "consumer product safety"[mesh]))

  2. Drug A (Procedure A) that doesn't cause harm (organ that could be harmed is not specified)
    "Drug A"[mesh] AND "drug effects"[sh]

  3. Drug A (Procedure A) that doesn’t cause (or is least likely to cause) harm to Organ B
    "Drug A"[mesh] AND "Organ B/drug effects"[mesh]

  4. Drug A (Procedure A) causes Disease B
    ("Drug A/adverse effects"[mesh] OR "Drug A/poisoning"[mesh] OR "Drug A/toxicity"[mesh]) AND ("Disease B/etiology"[mesh] OR "Disease B/chemically-induced"[mesh])

  5. Drug A used to treat Disease B
    (“Drug A/administration and dosage”[mesh] OR “Drug A/therapeutic use”[mesh]) AND (“Disease B/drug therapy”[mesh] “Disease B/therapy”[mesh] )
  6. Drug A used to prevent Disease B
    "Drug A/therapeutic use"[mesh] AND "Disease B/prevention and control"[mesh]

  7. Drug A used to prevent Disease B in patients with Disease C
    "Drug A/therapeutic use"[mesh] AND "Disease B/prevention and control"[mesh] AND "Disease C"[mesh]

  8. Disease A results in occurrence of Disease B
    "Disease A/complications"[mesh] AND "Disease B/etiology"[mesh]
Note on [Supplementary Concepts]:
Some concept's have no MeSH heading but have a "Supplementary Concept" in the MeSH database instead.
  • Supplementary concepts do not have subheadings.
  • All supplementary concepts are mapped to actual headings.
If one of your concept only has a "Supplementary Concept" rather than a MeSH, AND together the supplementary concept and the headings mapped to with the desired subheading. ex. ("Drug A"[supplementary concept]) AND ("drug heading mapped to 1/therapeutic use"[mesh] OR "drug heading mapped to 2/therapeutic use"[mesh]..) AND ("Disease B/prevention and control"[mesh])

In some cases, it works better to use the a drug class heading rather than the "heading mapped to".   

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mast Cell Stabilizers

This is my first shot at this search.  I have't found a good MeSH for this drug class.  When gatherig keywords, I started with Cromolyn-like drugs listed in Poisindex MICROMEDEX, found an additional drug in PubMed, and then used Martindale's.  I am not at all certain that all relevant drugs are included.  I'm posting so that I don't have to start over.  The brand names are important for this search.  I've removed the hyphenated and multi-word drug names that were "not found" by PubMed.

((("mast cells"[mesh] OR "mast cell" OR "mast cells") AND (stabiliz* OR stabilis*)) OR CROMOLYN OR Cromoglycic OR 16110-51-3 OR cromoglycate OR DSCG OR FPL 670 OR FPL-670 OR "FPL 670" OR cromoglicas OR cromoglicate OR cromoglycate OR Cromoglicato OR 15826-37-6 OR NEDOCROMIL OR FPL59002KC OR 101626-68-0 OR FPL-59002 OR FPL59002 OR "FPL 59002" OR FPL59002KP OR Nedocromilo OR 69049-73-6 OR 69049-74-7 OR "Aarane" OR "Aarane" OR "Acecromol" OR "Acromax" OR "Actal" OR "Acticrom" OR "Aerocrom" OR "Aeropaxyn" OR "Alercrom" OR "Alerg" OR "Alergocrom" OR "Alerion" OR "Alleoftal" OR "Allercrom" OR "Allergocrom" OR "Allergojovis" OR "Allergospasmin" OR "Allergospasmin" OR "Allergospasmine" OR "Allergostop" OR "Allergotin" OR "Allergoval" OR "Allersol" OR "Alloptrex" OR "Asthacrom" OR "Asthmocupin" OR "Botastin" OR "Brunicrom" OR "Catacrom" OR "Chromotop" OR "Clariteyes" OR "Clarityn" OR "Claroftal" OR "Clo-5" OR "Coldacrom" OR "Colimune" OR "Croglina" OR "Crolidin" OR "Crolom" OR "Cromabak" OR "Cromadoses" "Cromal" OR "Cromantal" OR "Cromate" OR "Cromax" OR "Cromedil" OR "Cromese" OR "Cromex" OR "Cromisol" OR "Cromo" OR "Cromobene" OR "Cromocato" OR "Cromodal" OR "Cromodyn" OR "Cromoftol" OR "Cromogen" OR "Cromoglicin" OR "Cromoglin" OR "Cromohexal" OR "Cromol" OR "Cromolerg" OR "Cromolind" OR "Cromolux" OR "Cromopharm" OR "Cromophtal" OR "Cromopp" OR "Cromoptic" OR "Cromorhinol" OR "Cromosan" OR "Cromosandoz" OR "Cromosoft" OR "Cromosol" OR "Cromovist" OR "Cromoxal" OR "Cromozil" OR "Cromunal" OR "Cronacol" OR "Cronase" OR "Cropoz" OR "Cryl" OR "Cusicrom" OR "Cusilyn" OR "Dadcrome" OR "Davicrome" OR "Diffusyl" OR "Dilospir" OR "Dispacromil" OR "Ditec" "DNCG" OR "Doxalpha" OR "Duobetic" OR "Duotec" OR "duracroman" OR "Esirhinol" OR "Exaler" OR "Farmacrom" OR "Fenistil" OR "Fenolip" OR "Fintal" OR "Flenid" OR "Fluvet" OR "Frenal" OR "Gaster"[tiab] OR "Gastrocrom" OR "Gastrofrenal" OR "Gelodrin" OR "Glicacil" OR "Glicinal" OR "Glinor" OR "Hexacroman" OR "Humex" OR "Hyalcrom" OR "Ifiral" OR "Indoprex" OR "Intal" OR "Intercron" OR "Iopanchol" OR "IsoCrom" OR "Kaosyl" OR "Kiddicrom" OR "Klonalcrom" OR "Kombicrom" OR "Lecrolyn" OR "Lecrolyn" OR "Lecrolyn" OR "Lecrolyn" OR "Lecrolyn" OR "Lecrolyn" OR "Lecrolyn" OR "Lecrolyn" OR "Lecrolyn" OR "Lecrolyn" OR "Livari" OR "Lomudal" OR "Lomupren" OR "Lomupren compositum" OR "Lomusol" OR "Lomusol" OR "Lomusol" OR "Lomusol" OR "Lomusol" OR "Lomuspray" OR "Maxicrom" OR "Maxicrom" OR "Maxicrom" OR "Mitayaku" OR "Multicrom" OR "Nalcrom" OR "Nalcron" OR "Nasalcrom" OR "Nebulasma" OR "Nebulcrom" OR "Novacrom" OR "Oftacon" OR "Oftacon" OR "Oftavit" OR "Ophtacalm" OR "Ophtacalmfree" OR "Opticrom" OR "Opticron" OR "Oralcrom" OR "Padiacrom" OR "Pentacrom" OR "Pentatop" OR "Polcrom" OR "Poledin" OR "Pollyferm" OR "Prevalin" OR "Primover" OR "Pulbil" OR "Pulmosin" OR "Renocil" OR "Rexacrom" OR "Rilan" OR "Rinil" OR "Rinilyn" OR "Rinofrenal" OR "Rinofrenal" OR "Rinogel" OR "Rinoglin" OR "Runbo" OR "Rynacrom" OR "Rynacrom" OR "Rynacrom" OR "Shuanglang" OR "Sificrom" OR "Smarodax" OR "Sofro" OR "Spaziron" OR "Spralyn" OR "Stadaglicin" OR "Stadaglicin" OR "Taleum" OR "Ufocollyre" OR "Vekfanol" OR "Vicrom" OR "Vistacrom" OR "Vistacrom" OR "Visuglican" OR "Vivicrom" OR "Vividrin" OR "Viz-On" OR "Zallyre" OR "Zineli" OR "Zulboral" )

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

premature infants -- keywords and mesh

A place to start with this search:

("Premature birth"[mesh] OR "Infant, Premature"[mesh] OR "Infant, Very Low Birth Weight"[mesh] OR "Infant, Premature, Diseases"[mesh] OR ((preterm OR prematurity OR premature OR prematurely OR "respiratory distress syndrome" OR "respiratory distress syndromes" OR rds OR "transient tachypnea" OR "cerebral leukomalacia" OR "cerebral leukomalacias") AND (deliver* OR birth* OR infant* OR infancy OR baby OR babies OR neonat* OR newborn* OR retinopathy* )) OR  preemi* OR premi OR premie OR premies OR preterm OR "very low birth weight" OR VLBW OR "low birth weight" OR LBW OR "very low birthweight"  OR "low birthweight"   OR "post-conceptual age"  OR "post-conceptual ages"  OR "postconceptual age"  OR "postconceptual ages"  OR "bronchopulmonary dysplasia" OR (periventricular AND (leukomalac* OR encephalomalac*)) OR "hyaline membrane disease" OR "retrolental fibroplasia" OR  (("second trimester" OR "first trimester" OR "gestational age" OR "gestational ages" OR "gestational weeks" OR "gestational week" OR undevelop* OR underdevelop* OR under-develop*) AND (deliver* OR birth* OR labor OR labors  OR labour*)))

Monday, July 8, 2013

Heart Failure filter

((heart failure[tw] OR "ventricular dysfunction, left"[MeSH Terms:noexp] OR cardiomyopathy[tw] OR left ventricular ejection fraction[tw]) AND medline[sb]) OR ((Heart Failure[tiab] or left ventricular dysfucntion[tiab] OR cardiomyopathy[tiab] OR left ventricular ejection fraction[tiab] OR cardiac resynchronization[tiab] OR cardiac failure[tiab] OR left ventricular systolic dysfunction[tiab] OR LV dusfunction[tiab] OR left ventricular diastolic dysfunction[tiab]) NOT medline[sb]) . Published by: Damarell RA, Tieman JJ, Sladek RM. OvidSP Medline-to-PubMed search filter translation: a methodology for extending search filter range to include PubMed's unique content. BMC Med Res Methodol. 2013 Jul 2;13(1):86. PubMed PMID: 23819658; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3700762.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Bowel prep for colonoscopy -- keywords and MeSH

I'm posting this strategy because I don't want to have to start from scratch in the future.  It's a first attempt based on just a couple hours work.  In this case, I intended to err on the side of specificity rather than sensitivity; I wasn't working on a systematic review.  Most results retrieved are relevant, but some relevant results are almost certainly missed.

("antifoaming agents"[mesh] OR "bisacodyl"[mesh] OR "cathartics"[mesh] OR "citric acid"[mesh] OR "enema"[mesh] OR "electrolytes/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "electrolytes/diagnostic use"[mesh] OR "fasting"[mesh] OR "isotonic solutions/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "magnesium sulfate"[mesh] OR "magnesium oxide"[mesh] OR "organometallic compounds"[mesh] OR "phosphates/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "phosphates/therapeutic use"[mesh] OR "picolines"[mesh] OR "Preoperative Care/methods"[mesh] OR "plant oils"[mesh] OR "polyethylene glycols"[mesh] OR "propylamines/therapeutic use"[mesh] OR "simethicone"[mesh] OR "solvents"[mesh] OR "sulfates/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "therapeutic irrigation"[mesh] OR bisacodyl[ti] OR "bowel cleansing"[ti] OR cathartic*[ti] OR clean[ti] OR cleans[ti] OR cleaning[ti] OR cleaned[ti] OR cleanse[ti] OR cleanses[ti] OR cleansed[ti] OR cleansing[ti] OR "cleaning device"[ti] OR "cleaning devices"[ti] OR "colon cleansing"[ti] OR "colonic cleansing"[ti] OR enema*[ti] OR gatorade[ti] OR golytely[ti] OR klean-prep[ti] OR laxative*[ti] OR magnesium[ti] OR MedJet[ti] OR miralax*[ti] OR moviprep[ti] OR PEG[ti] OR "PEG+ASC"[ti] OR "PEG-asc"[ti] OR "PEG-ELS"[ti] OR "PEG-EA" [ti] OR "polyethylene glycol"[ti] OR "polyethylene glycols"[ti] OR prep[ti] OR preparation[ti] OR preps[ti] OR preparations[ti] OR prokinetic*[ti] OR saline[ti] OR senna[ti] OR sennoside*[ti] OR spasmolytic[ti] OR phosphate[ti] OR phosphates[ti] OR phospho-soda*[ti] OR "olive oil"[ti] OR pico-salax[ti] OR picolax[ti] OR picosulphate*[ti] sulfate*[ti] OR NPO[ti] OR "nothing by mouth"[ti] OR "liquid diet"[ti] OR "liquid diets"[ti] OR "clear liquids"[ti] OR fasting[ti]) AND (colonoscop*[ti] OR "colonoscopy "[majr] OR precolonoscop*[ti] OR pre-colonoscop*[ti])

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mebendazole and albendazole -- MeSH and keywords

Terms from the MeSH entry term list and from Martindale's (via MICROMEDEX 4/14/13)

("Mebendazole"[Mesh] OR mebendazol* OR "Albendazole"[Mesh] OR albendazol* OR Mebendatsoli OR R-17635 OR R17635 OR "R 17635" OR  31431-39-7   OR Aduar  OR Alworm  OR Amatol OR Amibriz  OR Amoebriz  OR Amycil  OR Antiox  OR Anti-Worm  OR "anti worm" OR Ascariobel OR Ascaritor OR Ascarobex  OR Athelmin  OR Averpan OR Bantenol OR Banworm OR Belmirax OR Benda OR Bendacor OR Bendamen OR Bendazole OR Bendrax OR Benedaxol OR Benfu OR Bensolmin OR Bensolmin OR Bestelar  OR Bivalem OR Carbatil OR Cecurin OR Certovermil OR Cessaverm OR "De Worm" OR Cipex OR Crisdazol OR Daben OR Dazomet[tiab] OR Diacor OR Diazolen OR Divermil OR Docmebenda OR Drivermide OR Ductelmin OR Eben OR Edivertin OR elmetin OR Elmin OR Eprofil OR Eraverm OR Exaverm OR exbenzol OR Exelmin OR Exteny OR Fanciadazol OR Feller OR Flemdazole OR Flenverme OR Forverm OR Fuben OR Fugacar OR Gavox OR Geophagol OR Hedazol OR Helmacon OR Helmib OR Helmiben OR Helmidrax OR Helmint OR Helmintol OR Helminzole OR Helmizil  OR Ibdazol OR Idibend OR Josverm OR Kindelmin  OR Anti-worm   OR Lomper OR Lumbicid OR Lupimeb OR Madicure OR Marben   OR Meba OR Meban OR Mebandozer OR Mebazole OR Mebeciclol OR Mebelmin OR Meben OR Mebendan  OR Mebendazole OR Mebendazotil OR Mebendicin OR Mebendil OR Mebenlax OR Mebensole OR Mebental OR Mebentiasis OR Mebentine OR Mebentral OR Mebenvet OR Mebenzole OR Mebex OR Mebiozol OR Mebutar OR Mebzol OR Medazol* OR Menbel OR Mendazole OR Metiaben OR Mindol OR Mizolmex OR Moben OR Multielmin OR multizol OR Necamin OR Nemapres OR Nemasole OR Neomex  OR Neovermin OR Novelmin OR Noxworm OR Octelmin OR Ovex[tiab] OR Oxitover OR Oxizole[tiab] OR panfugan OR Pantelmin OR Panverm OR Panvermin OR Paranzol OR Paraverm OR Parelmin OR Pentazole OR Pival OR Pluriverm OR Plurivermil OR Poliben OR Polidazol[tiab] OR Politelmin OR Pripsen[tiab] OR Probendazol OR Prodazol OR Profenzol OR Profium OR Prohelmin OR Quemox OR Quemox OR Quintelmin OR Revapol OR Rioworm OR Septinalis OR Sifbem OR Sirben OR Soltric OR Sqworm OR Sufil OR Surfont  OR Tamixan OR Telmin OR Tesical OR Tetrahelmin OR Thelmox OR Toloxim OR Trotil  OR Vagaka OR Vermalon OR Vermazol OR Vermepen OR Vermiben OR Vermicidin OR Vermicol OR Vermidil OR Verminon OR Vermirax OR Vermol OR Vermonon OR Vermoplex  OR Vermoral OR Vermox  OR Versid   OR Vertizole OR Verzol OR Warca OR Wormex OR Wormgo OR Wormin OR Wormkuur OR Wormob OR Wormstop OR Zoldaben OR Zoles OR Albendatsoli OR SKF-62979 OR  54965-21-8 OR ABD OR abentel   OR ABZ OR Abzole OR "ABZ " OR Adazol OR "AH-1" OR Alba-3 OR Albacos OR Albamaa OR Albasym OR Albatel  OR Albazole OR Albekon OR Albel  OR Albemed  OR Alben  OR Albenda  OR Albendol OR Albendoral OR  Albendrox OR Albendy OR Albenix OR Albensil OR Albent OR Albentel OR Albenz OR Albenza OR Albenzole OR Albenzonil OR Albesan OR Albest OR Albestar OR Albex OR Albezin OR Albezol OR Albezol OR Albezole OR Albicar  OR Albol OR Albosym OR Alboven OR Albrodo OR Alda OR Aldamin  OR Aldazole OR Alminth OR Altec OR Alvect OR Alworm OR Alzad OR Alzel  OR Alzental OR Alzoben OR Alzol OR Amplozol OR Andazol OR Antheda OR Anthel  OR Antiworm OR Ariban  OR Asibend OR atbend OR aviband OR Avizole  OR Bandy OR Banthel OR Bendapar OR Bendex OR Bendol OR Benrod  OR Bentiamin OR Benyad OR Benzol[tiab] OR Benzole[tiab] OR Benzys OR Bevindazol OR Bilutac OR  Biwom  OR Bradelmin OR C-Band  OR C-Bend OR Ceprazol  OR Cidazole OR Conthel OR Cuwarm OR Dabenzol OR Dazo OR Dazocan OR Dazol OR Dazolin OR Dezabil OR Digezanol OR Dispel OR Disthelm   OR Ebex OR Ejectil OR Elbend OR Eleben OR Elminex OR Elminova OR Emanthal OR Enbenol OR Endoplus OR Entoplus OR Eradix OR Eskazole OR Euralben OR Falben OR armiver OR atel OR Flatezol  OR Foben OR Gascop  OR Gekare OR Gendazel OR Getrid OR Helal OR Helmintal OR Helmisons OR Hymin OR Ilides OR Imavermil OR Imectin  OR Iverzole OR voral OR Janbol OR Kaybend OR Kidi OR Kiraza OR Kolexan OR Labenda OR Loveral OR Lumbrifar OR Lupibend OR Lurdex  OR Manozide  OR Masaworm OR Mebenix OR Mesin  OR Metiazol[tiab] OR Milibend OR Monozol OR Morband OR Mycotel OR N-Bend OR NBWorm OR Nemaban OR Nemofex OR Nemozole  OR Networm OR Noworm OR Nubend OR Oben OR Odal OR Olban OR Olbendital OR Olworm OR Omnitel OR Oxal OR Paranthil OR Parasin OR Parazol  OR Prodazole OR Rivazol OR Sanoxal OR Serbendazol OR Sostril[tiab] OR Synparyn OR Taron OR Tenibex OR Thelban OR Totelmin OR Valbazen OR  Vastus OR Vemizol OR Vendazol OR veranzol OR Verdazol OR Vermiclase OR ermilan  OR Vermisen OR Vermital OR Vermixide OR Vermizole OR Vermoil OR Vetoben OR Vormil OR Wormadole OR Zeben OR Zela OR Zelfin OR Zenaxin OR Zendal OR Zenmex OR Zentel OR Zenzera OR Zoben OR Zolben  OR Zoldan)

I excluded the following hyphenated or multi-word terms because they were "not found" by PubMed and could cause retrieval of irrelevant results:Adco-Wormex OR Big-Ben OR Combantrin-1  OR D-Worm OR Eraverm-T   OR Gran-Verm  OR Helmi-Ped OR Hero-Benson OR L-Ombrix   OR Masaworm-1 OR M-Bentabs OR Mebenda-P OR Meb-Overoid  OR Rid-O-Worm OR Rolab-Anthex  OR Vermin-Dazol  OR Zol-Triq  OR Ablaze-IM OR Albacos-IR  OR Alben-Hero   OR Alben-VC OR Albosym-IR  OR Anthel-UP OR Benrod-I OR "D-Worms"  OR Combantrin-A   OR C-Trop 
OR D-Worm OR E-Bend  OR Ectin-A  OR Elect-A  OR Getrid-I  OR Ivecop-AB  OR Ivercid-A OR Leo-400  OR Mesin-C OR San-San  OR "Threadworm Tablets" OR "KB Bendazole" OR "Neo Mebend"  OR "Tru Compuesto" OR "Tru M" OR "Ascapil A"  OR "C Cobistal" OR D-Worm OR "Eris Plus" OR "Macbi Plus" OR "Vermin Plus"

I excluded the following and a few additional terms with common meanings unrelated to their use as a name for mebednazole or albendazole:
Vermin OR Vertex

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

calcium-binding proteins - keywords and MeSH

The following strategy was composed for a routine search request (one weekday turn-around time).   It's nowhere near systematic review quality. However, I do not want to have to start over if asked to search for articles about calcium-binding proteins again in the future and so am posting my current strategy here.

("Calcium-Binding Proteins"[mesh] OR Calsequestrin* OR  Fetuin* OR  "alpha-2-HS-Glycoprotein" OR Calcium-Sensing OR "calcium sensing" OR Calnexin* OR Calreticulin* OR Gelsolin* OR Osteocalcin* OR Osteonectin* OR "Leukocyte L1 Antigen Complex" OR Synaptotagmin* OR S100* OR SCP* OR EF-hand OR calmodulin* OR calcineurin* OR calpain* OR visinin-like* OR "ca2-binding" OR Syt OR "synaptic vesicle protein" OR CaMKII OR "ca/calmodulin-dependent" OR Annexin OR "C2 domain" OR "Calcium ATPase" OR "Calcium pump" OR Myosin OR "Troponin C" OR cabp* OR TOUCH3 OR TCH3 OR PINOID OR pid-binding OR PBP1 OR (("phosphorylase b" OR phosphorylaseb OR phosphorylase-b OR "myosin light chain" OR cam OR NAD OR cgmp-dependent) AND (kinase OR kinases)) OR "adenylate cyclase" OR "camp phosphodiesterase" OR "NO synthase" OR "inositol 3-kinase" OR "G protein coupled receptor" OR "g protein coupled receptors" OR dystrophin OR spectrin OR fodrin OR caldesmon OR marcks OR syntrophin OR microtubule* OR myr4 OR p190 OR neuromodulin OR neurogranin OR PEP-19 OR igloo OR iqcap OR "adenyl cyclase" OR "nitric oxide synthase" OR "glutamate decarboxylase" OR "inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor" OR (("Calcium"[Mesh] OR "Calcium Compounds"[Mesh] OR calcium OR ("factor iv" AND coag*) OR ca[tiab] OR ca2+) AND (ATPase OR "secondary messenger" OR "secondary messengers" OR signal OR signals OR signaling OR signaled OR signalled OR signalling OR transduc* OR sensor* OR sensing OR bind OR binds OR binding OR bound OR receptor OR receptors OR channel* OR ca-binding OR chelat* OR ligand* OR ionophore*))) 

Monday, January 28, 2013

protamine keywords

Keywords based on MeSH database entry term list and on Martindale's in MICROMEDEX

protamine OR  Protami OR Protamina OR Protaminum OR Protammina OR Protamiinihydrokloridi  OR Protaminhydrochlorid  OR Protaminhydroklorid OR Protamini  OR Protamino OR Denpru OR Neutrahep  OR Newtain  OR Prosulf  OR Prota[tiab]

Consider removing  -- Prota[tiab] --  if the search might concern Staphylococcus (ProtA is a frequent abbreviation for Protein A)

The following hyphenated terms were 'not found' by PubMed and were removed from the search strategy to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
9012-00-4 OR 9009-65-8  OR Protamin-hidroklorid OR Protamin-hydrochlorid

low-molecular-weight heparins keywords

Terms taken from MeSH database entry term and narrower term lists and from Martindale's in MICROMEDEX:
dalteparin OR enoxaparin* OR nadroparin* OR LMWH OR ULMWH OR "low-molecular-weight heparin" OR "low-molecular-weight heparins" OR "low molecular weight heparin" OR "low molecular weight heparins" OR tedelparin* OR Tedelparin OR Kabi-2165 OR "Kabi 2165" OR Kabi2165 OR Dalteparin*  OR  Daltepariin* OR Dalteparyn*  OR 9041-08-1 OR Fragmin*  OR Boxol OR Dalpin OR Daltehep OR Eurodal OR Fragmin  OR Ligofragmin OR   FR-860 OR "FR 860" OR FR860 OR Enoxaparin* OR "PK-10,169" OR "PK 10,169" OR  PK-10169 OR "PK 10169" OR PK10169 OR EMT-967 OR "EMT 967" OR EMT967 OR   RP54563 OR Enoxaparin*  OR Enoksapariin* OR Enoksaparin* OR Enoksaparyn* OR  9041-08-1 OR  Clexa*  OR Cutenox  OR Decipar  OR Dilutol  OR Dripanina  OR Dynalix  OR Endocris  OR Enoparin  OR Enoxalow  OR Enoxarin  OR Enoxdowm  OR Exowin  OR Fibrinox  OR Flenox  OR Flothin  OR Flunox  OR Grefac  OR Hemapaxan  OR Henoxil  OR Hepaclex  OR Hepanox OR Klexane  OR LMWX  OR Lomonox  OR  Loparin*  OR Lovenox OR Lupenox OR Macparin OR Maxiparine OR Megaparin  OR  Omatex OR Plaucina OR Trombenox  OR EMT-966 OR "EMT 966" OR EMT966 OR Nadroparin* OR Fraxiparin* OR "CY 216" OR CY-216 OR CY216 OR LMF CY-216 OR   CY216D OR Nadropariin* OR Nadroparin* OR  cardioparin  OR Fraxiforte OR Fraxiparin*  OR Fraxodi OR Nadrohep  OR Seledie OR Seleparina OR Danaparoid  OR Danaparoide OR Danaparoid-Natrium OR Danaparoidum OR Lomoparan Org-10172  OR Org10172 OR "Org 10172" OR 83513-48-8 OR Orgaran OR PARNAPARIN OR Parnapariininatrium OR Parnaparina OR Parnaparine OR Parnaparinnatrium OR Parnaparino OR Parnaparinum  OR 9041-08-1 OR Fluxum  OR Minidalton  OR Thromboparin OR Tromboparin OR Zoltar  OR Tinzaparin OR Tintsapariininatrium OR Tinzaparina OR Tinzaparine OR Tinzaparinnatrium OR Tinzaparino OR Tinzaparinum  OR 9041-08-1 OR Innohep  OR Logiparin

The following hyphenated and quoted phrases were 'not found' by PubMed and were removed to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
 RP-54563 OR 679809-58-6 OR Nu-Rox OR CY-216D OR "Low Liquemine" OR "PK10,169" OR "RP 54563" OR "LMF CY 216" OR "LMF CY216" OR "CY 216D" OR Lomorin-NX OR 91449-79-5 OR OP-21-23 OR Parnaparin-Natrium OR Tinzaparin-Natrium

heparin keywords

Search strategy based on MeSH entry terms and Martindale's MICROMEDEX:
Heparin OR alpha-heparin* OR heparins OR heparine OR heparina OR heparini OR heparinum OR  Eparin* OR Hepariin*  OR Heparyn* OR 9005-49-6  OR Arthro-Menthoneurin OR Beprin OR  Cycloarthrin OR Cycloparin OR Derivon OR Gorgonium OR Hamoagil OR Helberina OR Heparen OR Hepgel   OR Inhep OR Liquemin OR Nuparin OR Parinorth OR Pentavenon OR Percase OR Percase-L OR Proctosedyl OR Pularin OR Ruscovarin OR Thrombophob OR Turgostad OR Varicylum OR Venalot OR Venodrag OR Venoplant[tiab] OR Venothromb OR 37270-89-6 OR Bioclaril OR Calcihep OR Calcilean OR Calciparin* OR Calcipor OR Calparine  OR Croneparina OR Ecabil OR Ecasolv OR Emoklar OR Epacalcica OR Eparical OR Eparinlider OR Eparven OR Eudipar OR Flusolv OR Hemofluss OR Hepacal OR Heparibene OR Monoparin OR Parinix OR Reoflus OR Serianon OR Sosefluss OR Trombolisin OR Uniparin OR Zepac OR 9041-08-1 OR Actparin OR Alcepalan OR Alimax OR Ambenat OR Ariven OR Arthroforte OR Assan[tiab] OR Ateroclar OR Beparine OR Biherpan OR Bioclot OR Blockasol OR Bonactin OR Butaparin OR Canusal OR Cathflush OR Cepan OR Cervep OR Chemyparin OR Clarisco OR Coaparin OR Contractubex  OR Contugel  OR Cutheparine  OR Darkinal  OR Demovarin    OR Disebrin  OR Disotron OR Dolo-Arthrosenex  OR Dolobene  OR Dolo-Menthoneurin   OR Dolo-Rubriment  OR   Eparinovis  OR Epartisone  OR Epsoclar OR Epsodil  OR Epsodilave  OR Esbereiven  OR Essaven*  OR Etrat  OR Facocinerin  OR Fibraflex OR  Flebogamma  OR Flebs  OR Flectoparin  OR Gelparin OR Hemastat  OR Hemeran OR  Hemofol  OR Hepabuzone  OR Hepaflex  OR  HepaGel  OR Hepalean* OR Hepamax  OR Hepaplus  OR Heparibene  OR Heparil  OR Heparizen  OR Heparth  OR HepaSpray  OR Hepathromb  OR Hepathrombin*  OR Hepathrombine  OR Hepatriet  OR Hepatrombin  OR Hepazolon  OR Hepflush  OR  Hep-Lock    OR Heplok  OR Heprin OR Hep-Rinse OR Hepsal  OR Hepsal  OR Heptin  OR Hexilak   OR Hirox OR Ichthalgan  OR Inhepar  OR  Inviclot  OR Isoclar  OR Jossathromb OR Kanovenol OR   Kelofibrase  OR Keparin  OR Keppur  OR Keppur  OR Lavenum  OR "Line Flush" OR Lioton  OR Lipactin  OR Lipactin  OR Lipactin   OR Lipohep  OR Liquaemin* OR Localithromb   OR Menaven  OR Meparin OR Minihep  OR Monoparin  OR Multiparin  OR Multiparin   OR Nevparin OR  Nigepan  OR "No-Clot" OR Noparin  OR Normoparin OR Nuparin  OR Nycoheparin OR Ostochont OR Pertrombon  OR Pharepa  OR Phlogase  OR Phytobene  OR Praecivenin OR Proctosedyl  OR Proctosedyl  OR proctosoll  OR Proparin OR Proveno  OR Ralur  OR  Reparil[tiab]  OR Riveparin OR Robusanon   OR Rubidiosin  OR Savarix OR Sensicutan OR Sobrius OR Sodiparin OR Sportino OR Sportium OR Sportofit OR Sportusal OR Thrombareduct OR Thrombimed OR Thrombion OR Thrombocutan  OR Thrombophob   OR Thrombo-Vetren OR Tointex  OR Traumalitan   OR Trirutin OR Trombex OR Trombless OR Trombofob OR Trombofob  OR Tromboliquine OR Trombosol OR Unihep OR Unihepa OR Uniparin OR Vascularin  OR Venacol OR Venalitan OR Venalot  OR Venengel OR Venobene  OR Venocux OR Venoflexil OR Venohepanol OR Venolife  OR Venopyronum OR Venosin OR Venostasin OR Venotrauma OR Venucreme OR Venugel OR Veracer OR Vetren OR  Viatromb OR Viteparin

Terms removed because they indicated other concepts more frequently than the heparin concept:
Arnica  OR Caprin OR Declot OR Haven OR Hep  OR Hico OR Ignava OR  Integrum  OR Lyman OR Mica   OR Pan OR Recto

Hyphenated and quoted phrases "not found" by PubMed that were removed to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:



























"Complejo Protrom Landerl"

"Sol Dial Perit"

"varico sanol Beincreme"

"Arnika plus"

"Cirkan a la Prednacinolone"

"Ditaven comp"

"DM Gel"

"Doloneuro-Gel plus"

"Enelbin-Salbe forte"

"Enelbin-Salbe N"

"Enelbin-Venen Salbe"

"Flector Tissugel Heparine"
"Hep Lok"

"Hepasol Lipogel"

"Idracemi Eparina"

"Logomed Sport-Gel"

"Logomed Venen-Salbe"

"Luxazone Eparina"

"Pasta Cool"

"Pe-Ce Ven N"

"Perivar Venensalbe"

"Phlebostasin compositum"

"Recto Menaderm"

"Venelbin N"

"Venitan Forte"

"Venoplant AHS"

"Venoplant comp"

"Venoruton Emulgel"

"Venostasin comp"

"Venostasin compositum"

"Venostasin Composto"

"Viamal Trauma"

"Vit Eparin"

"Xantervit Eparina"

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

endometrial biopsy -- keywords

((endometri* OR hysteroscop*) AND ( sampling OR sample OR samples OR sampled OR aspirat* OR punch* OR pipet* OR curett* OR  biops*))

Consider ORing the following with the sampling terms.  Doing so will result in retrieval of many articles about histology in hysterectomies.
histolog* OR microscop* OR histopath* OR cytopath* OR cytolog*

Consider ORing the following --
"D&C" OR "Dilatation and curettage"
(("D&C" OR "Dilatation and curettage") AND (diagnostic OR histolog* OR microscop* OR histopath* OR cytopath* OR cytolog*))
-- with the entire search statement .

Monday, January 7, 2013

transfer -- keywords

This list of transfer keywords was compiled as part of a search concerning the communication between two groups of doctors that occurs when a patient is transferred from one section of the hospital to another. The terms for the two groups of doctors (not included here) gave the search its specificity. Depending on the search topic terms like -- intra-professional OR intraprofessional OR inter-physician OR interphysician OR communicat* -- should be OR'd with the transfer words. 

(handoff* OR hand-off* OR "hand off" OR "hand offs" OR handover* OR hand-over* OR "hand over" OR "hand overs" OR turnover* OR turn-over* OR "turn over" OR "turn overs" OR transfer[tiab] OR transfers OR transferred OR transferring)