Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Surgery/Surgeon's work - keyword and MeSH

The following is not exhaustive.  I needed a search that included most types of surgery in a single search statement for a routine search.  

( "Surgeons"[mesh] OR “Surgical Procedures, Operative"[mesh] OR “reoperation"[mesh] OR “prosthesis failure”[mesh] OR “Postoperative Complications"[mesh] OR “Perioperative Period"[mesh] OR “Perioperative Care"[mesh] OR “Perioperative Nursing"[mesh] OR “Perioperative Medicine"[mesh] OR “Anesthesia"[mesh] OR “Anesthesia and Analgesia"[mesh] OR “Anesthesia Department, Hospital"[mesh] OR "surgery"[sh]  OR “blood salvage" OR “blood salvaging" OR “burr hole" OR “deep brain stimulation" OR “deep brain stimulator" OR “deep brain stimulators" OR “first intention" OR “internal fixation" OR “joint capsule release" OR “joint capsule releases" OR “Kausch-Whipple"[tiab] OR “lap band" OR “laser coagulation" OR “le fort" OR “light coagulation" OR “mandibular advancement" OR “minimal access" OR “minimal-access" OR “minimally invasive" OR “minimally-invasive" OR “needle holder" OR “needle holders" OR “nerve block" OR “nerve blocks" OR “nerve transfer" OR “nerve transfers" OR “open repair" OR “post-op" OR “post-operation" OR “post-operations" OR “post-operative" OR “post-surgery" OR “post-surgical" OR “recovery room" OR “recovery rooms" OR “recovery unit" OR “recovery units” OR “second intention" OR “second look" OR “stomach partitioning" OR "tendon transfer" OR “ventilation tube" OR “ventilation tubes" OR “video assisted" OR “wound closure" OR “wound closures" OR “cardiac massage” OR papillotomies OR papillotomy OR “heart massage” OR “Induced arrest” OR intra-operative OR “Mechanical Thrombolysis” OR “minimally invasive” OR “peri op*” OR “Pericardial Window” OR “post op*” OR “pre op*” OR “recovery room*” OR “sump syndrome” OR “sump syndromes” OR “t tube” OR “t tubes” OR “valve replacement” OR adenoidectom* OR AGB OR allograft* OR alveolectom* OR alveoloplast* OR amputat* OR anaesth* OR anaesthe* OR anastomo* OR anesth* OR anesthesi* OR Angioplast* OR Annuloplast* OR apicoectom* OR appendect* OR arthrodes* OR arthroplast* OR arthroscop* OR Atherectom* OR autograft* OR axotom* OR bariatric OR biops* OR banding OR blade* OR blalock-taussig OR blepharoplast* OR bunionectom* OR bypass OR CABG OR cage OR cages OR capsulorhex* OR Cardiomyoplast* OR cauter* OR cecostom* OR cholecystect* OR cholecystostom* OR choledochoduodeno* OR choledochostom* OR choledochostom* OR clamp OR clamps OR clip OR clips OR coiling OR colectom* OR colostom* OR cordotom* OR craniectom* OR craniotom* OR cryosurg* OR curettage OR curret* OR cutdown OR cystectom* OR dacryocystorhinostom* OR debrid* OR decompression OR decompressive OR decorticat* OR dilatation OR disarticulat* OR diskectom* OR dissect* OR distraction OR diversion OR divert* OR drain OR drainage OR drained OR draining OR drains OR Duodenopancreatectom* OR duodenostom* OR electrosurg* OR Embolectom* OR end-to-end OR Endarterectom* OR endoscop* OR endotamponad* OR enterostom* OR Enterostom* OR enucleat* OR epikeratophak* OR esophagectom* OR esophagoplast* OR esophagostom* OR eviscerat* OR excis* OR exenterat* OR explorator* OR extract* OR fenestrat* OR fixat* OR flap* OR fontan[tiab] OR forcep OR forceps OR fundoplicat* OR fused OR fusing OR fusion OR ganglionectom* OR gastrectom* OR gastroenterostom* OR Gastroenterostom* OR Gastropex* OR gastroplast* OR gastrostom* OR gingivectom* OR gingivoplast* OR glossectom* OR graft OR grafting OR grafts OR grommet OR grommets OR haemostat* OR harvest* OR hemipancreatectom* OR hemipelvectom* OR hemispherectom* OR hemorrhoidectom* OR hemostat* OR hepatectom* OR herniorraph* OR homograft* OR hypophysectom* OR ileostom* OR ilizarov[tiab] OR implant* OR implanting OR incis* OR incision* OR intra-operative OR intraoperative OR iridectom* OR jejunostom* OR keratectom* OR keratomileus* OR keratoplast* OR keratotom* OR kyphoplast* OR laminectom* OR lap-band OR laparatom* OR laparoscop* OR laparotom* OR laser OR lasers OR lefort OR ligat* OR lobectom* OR microdissect* OR microsurg* OR mobilis* OR mobiliz* OR myotom* OR myringotom* OR nephrectom* OR neuroendoscop* OR neuronavigation OR neurosurg* OR nissan* OR Norwood*[tiab] OR off-pump OR operating OR operation OR operations OR operative OR orthopaed* OR orthoped* OR osteotom* OR ostom* OR PACU OR pallidotom* OR pancreatect* OR pancreaticoduodenectom* OR pancreaticogastrostom* OR Pancreaticojejunostom* OR papillotom* OR paracent* OR parasympathectom* OR parotidectom* OR PARU OR PARU OR percutaneous OR peri-op* OR Pericardiectom* OR Pericardiocentes* OR periop* OR phacoemulsificat* OR photocoagulat* OR pin OR pins OR polypectom* OR portoenterostom* OR post-anaesth* OR post-anaesthe* OR post-anesth* OR post-cholecystect* OR post-choledochostom* OR post-op* OR post-surgical OR postanaesth* OR postanesth* OR postcholecystect* OR postcholedochoduodenostom* OR postop* OR postsurg* OR preop* OR pre-op* OR pre-surg* OR presurg* OR proctocolectom* OR prostheses OR prosthesis OR prosthetic OR psychosurg* OR pyloroplast* OR radiofrequenc* OR radiosurg* OR re-operat* OR reconstruct* OR remov* OR reoperat* OR repair* OR replacement* OR replant* OR resect* OR retractor* OR Revasc* OR revision OR rhizotom* OR rod OR rods OR Roux-en-y OR salvage* OR scalpel* OR scissor* OR scleroplast* OR sclerostom* OR screw* OR second-look OR shunt* OR sphincterotom* OR splenectom* OR sponge* OR staple OR stapled OR staplers OR staples OR stapling OR stent* OR stereotaxic OR stitch* OR suction OR surgeon* OR surgeries OR surgery OR surgical OR sutur* OR sympathectom* OR tenodes* OR tenotom* OR THA OR Thrombectom* OR TKA OR tonsillect* OR trabeculectom* OR traction OR transcatheter OR transnasal OR transorbital OR transplant* OR transplantation OR transplanted OR transplanting OR transplants OR Trauma OR trephin* OR trocar OR trocars OR tympanostom* OR vagotom* OR Vasoplegi* OR ventriculoperitoneal OR ventriculostom* OR ventriculostom* OR vertebroplast* OR vestibuloplast* OR video-assisted OR vitrectom* OR Whipple*[tiab] OR xenograft* )