Monday, July 24, 2017


Names/terms for olanzapine (other than the "Olanzapine"[Supplementary Concept]) were harvested from Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference .

"olanzapine" [Supplementary Concept] OR olanzapine OR olanzapin* OR olantsapi* OR ly170053 OR “ly 170053” OR “132539 06 1” OR "221373-18-8" OR aedon[tiab] OR amulsin[tiab] OR anzap[tiab] OR anzorin[tiab] OR apsico[tiab] OR apzet[tiab] OR arenbil[tiab] OR arkolamyl[tiab]  OR as-pineks[tiab] OR asterilon[tiab] OR atyzyo[tiab] OR axonium[tiab] OR balerap[tiab] OR bloonis[tiab] OR caprilon[tiab] OR cinol[tiab] OR clingozan[tiab] OR decolan[tiab] OR dopin[tiab] OR egolanza[tiab] OR elynza[tiab] OR enolex[tiab] OR epilanz[tiab] OR expolid[tiab] OR exzapine[tiab] OR fontanivio[tiab] OR fordep[tiab] OR fredilan[tiab]  OR joyzol[tiab] OR kozylex[tiab] OR kynapine[tiab] OR lano[tiab] OR lanopin[tiab] OR lansyn[tiab] OR lanzafen[tiab] OR lanzamed[tiab] OR lanzapin[tiab] OR lanzek[tiab] OR lapenza[tiab] OR lapozan[tiab] OR lazap[tiab] OR lazapix[tiab] OR lernup[tiab] OR lupilan[tiab] OR manza[tiab] OR meltolan[tiab] OR midax[tiab] OR mitab[tiab]  OR nakozap[tiab] OR neupine[tiab] OR newzypra[tiab] OR niolib[tiab] OR nolian[tiab] OR normiton[tiab] OR nykob[tiab] OR nylsanuc[tiab] OR nyzol[tiab] OR ofans[tiab] OR oferta[tiab] OR olace[tiab] OR oladay[tiab] OR olafer[tiab] OR olafid[tiab] OR olan[tiab] OR olancell[tiab] OR olandoz[tiab] OR olandus[tiab] OR olanex[tiab] OR olanpax[tiab] OR olansek[tiab] OR olanza[tiab] OR olanzaccord[tiab] OR olanzalet[tiab] OR olanzapik[tiab] OR olanzapro[tiab] OR olanzaran[tiab] OR olanzep[tiab] OR olanzin[tiab] OR olanzine[tiab] OR olanzyl[tiab] OR olapax[tiab] OR olapin[tiab] OR olapine[tiab] OR olaprexa[tiab] OR olastazen[tiab] OR olasyn[tiab] OR olaxinn[tiab] OR olazax[tiab] OR olazofren[tiab] OR oleanz[tiab] OR olenxa[tiab] OR oles[tiab] OR olexar[tiab] OR olfrex[tiab] OR olima[tiab] OR olipazix[tiab] OR olivin[tiab] OR oliza[tiab] OR ollafax[tiab] OR olmyzem[tiab] OR olnegis[tiab] OR olpin[tiab] OR olpinat[tiab] OR olstadryn[tiab] OR oltal[tiab] OR olzadin[tiab] OR olzamed[tiab] OR olzanid[tiab] OR olzap[tiab] OR olzapin[tiab] OR olzin[tiab] OR onezyp[tiab] OR onza[tiab] OR onzapin[tiab] OR opin[tiab] OR opinox[tiab] OR opirap[tiab] OR oxatech[tiab] OR ozace[tiab] OR ozap[tiab] OR ozapex[tiab] OR ozapin[tiab] OR ozaprin[tiab] OR ozilormar[tiab] OR ozin[tiab] OR parnasan[tiab] OR parnassan[tiab] OR pinolza[tiab] OR psycholanz[tiab] OR ranofren[tiab] OR redilanz[tiab] OR remital[tiab] OR revertrix[tiab] OR rexapin[tiab] OR rolanzax[tiab] OR rolyprexa[tiab] OR sanza[tiab] OR sartina[tiab] OR simina[tiab] OR sincris[tiab] OR solazin[tiab] OR stygapon[tiab] OR synza[tiab] OR tanssel[tiab] OR tizina[tiab] OR tolanz[tiab] OR villamos[tiab] OR xapritx[tiab] OR ximin[tiab] OR xoltiva[tiab] OR zalasta[tiab] OR zalepin[tiab] OR zamil[tiab] OR zanprex[tiab] OR zapilux[tiab] OR zapinex[tiab] OR zappa[tiab] OR zapris[tiab] OR zeprex[tiab] OR zeprola[tiab] OR zerpi[tiab] OR ziprodec[tiab] OR zolafren[tiab] OR zolapine[tiab] OR zolaxa[tiab] OR zonapin[tiab] OR zonapir[tiab] OR zophix[tiab] OR zopina[tiab] OR zopix[tiab] OR zopridoxin[tiab] OR zoxil[tiab] OR zylanza[tiab] OR zylap[tiab] OR zynilmed[tiab] OR zypadhera[tiab] OR zypefar[tiab] OR zypine[tiab] OR zyprexa[tiab] OR zyzapin[tiab]

The following trade names have been removed because of their alternate meanings:
marathon, zap

The space-containing, trade names below were removed because they were "not found" by PubMed and could cause retrieval of irrelevant results:
"ou lan ning" OR "norpen oro"

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Multiple primaries -- keywords for search interfaces with proximity operators

The following keywords work relatively well for the "co-existing" concept if proximity with the cancer term/s can be specified.  
('co exist*' OR coexist* OR simultan* OR collision* OR synchron* OR concurrent OR concomitant OR contemporan* OR 'multiple primary' OR 'multiple primaries' OR 'double primary' OR 'double primaries' OR 'triple primary' OR 'triple primaries' OR multifocal OR multi-focal OR "multiple foci")