Sunday, February 2, 2020

Amiodarone -- keywords

Keywords were gathered from Martindale's.  Only single-drug preparation brand names were used.

(Amiodaron* OR Amiodarone OR 1951-25-3 OR 19774-82-4 OR 51087N OR 51087-N OR "51087-N" OR Adarone OR Adcorone OR Aldarone OR Amdarone OR Amidaron*  OR Amidovin OR Amidox OR Amio OR Amiobal OR Amiobeta OR Amiocar OR Amiod OR Amiodacore OR Amiodar OR Amiodarex OR Amiodasan OR Amiodon OR Amiodura OR Amiogamma OR Amiohexal OR Amiokordin OR Amioron OR Amiotach OR Amiron OR Amirone OR Amyben OR Ancaron OR Ancoron OR Angiodarona OR Angoron OR Angoten OR Angyton OR Anoion OR Aratac OR Aritmil  OR Arrythgo OR Arycor OR Asulblan OR Atlansil OR Biodaron OR Braxan OR Cardasol OR Cardichek OR Cardicoron OR Cardilor OR Cardinorm OR Cardiodaron* OR Cardiorona OR Cistimela OR "Cor Mio" OR Coradona OR Corbionax OR Cordalin OR Cordan OR Cordarex OR Cordarone OR Cornaron OR Coronax OR Coronovo OR Diarona OR Diodarone OR Duron OR Escodaron OR Eudarona OR Forken OR Hexarone OR Hiperterona OR Kendaron OR Keritmon OR "L 3428"  OR L3428 OR L-3428 OR Medodarone OR Miocor OR Miocoron OR Miodaren OR Miodarid OR Miodaron OR Miodarona OR Miodon OR Miodrone OR Miorytmil  OR Miotenk OR Myodial OR Nexterone OR Novarona OR Opacorden OR Ortacrone OR Pacerone OR Panaron OR Procor OR Rexidron OR Rhythmiodarone  OR Rithmik OR Ritmocardyl OR Ritmonil OR Ritmopuls OR Rivodaron OR Rivodarone OR Rotarytmil  OR Rythma OR Rythmarone OR Rythmorest  OR Sedacoron OR Sinarona OR "SKF-33134-A" OR SKF33134A OR SKF-33134-A OR Tachydaron OR Taquicord OR Tiaryt OR Trangorex )

Two brand names were removed from the search because they had alternate meanings in the English language:
Lambda, Euthymic