Wednesday, March 31, 2010

South Asia -- keywords

I haven't actually used this search.  I was asked for a list of south asia terms and came up with these quickly.  They're based on the broadest definition of south asia, and not all terms will be useful to all users.  Also I've omitted a few terms that are, character for character but not in meaning, equivalent to commonly used English terms/names (e.g. karen, male).

"south asia" OR "southern asia" OR "Diego Garcia" OR Afghanistan* OR Ahmedabad* OR Aldabra* OR Amritsar OR Arabian Sea Asomiya OR Assamese OR Austro-Asiatic OR Bahawalpur* OR Balochi OR Baluchi OR Bangalor* OR Bangladesh* OR Barod* OR bengal* OR BIOT OR Bhutan* OR Bodo* OR Brahmij* OR "British Indian Ocean Territory" OR Burma OR Burma OR Burmese OR Burmese OR Calcutt* OR Ceylon* OR Chagos OR Chagossians OR Chennai* OR Cochin* OR Colombo* OR Dari* OR Delhi* OR Desroch* OR Devanagar* OR Dhaka* OR Dhiveh* OR "Diego Garcia" OR Dogri OR Dravidian* OR Dzongkh* OR Farquhar* OR Folhavah* OR gujarat* OR Gurmukhij* OR Gwalior* OR Himalay* OR Hindi OR Hindu* OR Hollhav* OR Hyderabad* OR Hydrabad* OR India OR "Indian Ocean" OR "Indian Plate" OR Indo-Aryan OR Indo-Gangetic OR Indo-Iranian OR "Indus River" OR Iran OR Iranian OR Islamabad* OR Jammu* OR Jingph* OR Kabul* OR Kalat* OR Kannad* OR Karach* OR Kashmir* OR Kathmand* OR Khayrpur* OR Konkan* OR "Kuen Lun" OR Kushan* OR Lahor* OR Lakshadweep* OR Lhas* OR Maithil* OR Malayalam* OR Maldiv* OR Manipur* OR Marath* OR Maurit* OR Moghul* OR Mon OR Mumbai OR Mysor* OR Nepal* OR Oriy* OR pakistan* OR Pashti OR Pashtu OR Pashtuns OR Persian* OR Perso-arabi*. OR Peshawar* OR PRC-Tibet OR Pune OR Punjab* OR Raj* OR Sakas OR Sanskrit* OR Santhal* OR Seychell* OR Shahmukh* OR Shan OR Sikkim* OR Sindh* OR Sinhal* OR Siraik* OR "south asia" OR "Sri Lanka" OR "sri lankan" OR Surat* OR Suvadiv* OR Swat OR tamil*. OR Tana OR Tehran* OR Telug* OR Thimp* OR Tibet OR Tibetan OR Tibeto-Burman* OR Turk* OR Urdu* OR Yangon*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

telephone reminders -- keyword and MeSH

(((remind* OR recall OR re-call OR recalls OR re-calls OR alert OR alerts OR alerting OR alerted notice OR notices OR message OR messages OR messaging OR messaged OR "Reminder Systems"[mesh] ) AND ("Telephone"[mesh] OR phone[ti] OR phoning[ti] OR phoned[ti] OR phones[ti] OR telephone*[ti] OR call[ti] OR calls[ti] OR calling[ti] OR called[ti]) ) OR ((remind*[ti] OR OR recall[ti] OR re-call[ti] OR recalls[ti] OR re-calls[ti] OR alert[ti] OR alerts[ti] alerting[ti] OR alerted[ti] OR notice[ti] OR notices[ti] OR message[ti] OR messages[ti] OR messaging[ti] OR messaged[ti] OR "Reminder Systems"[mesh] ) AND ("Telephone"[mesh] OR phone OR phoning OR phoned OR phones OR telephone* OR call OR calls OR calling OR called) ) )

epinephrine -- keywords

This first epinephrine keyword search does not contain multi-ingredient preparations and is based on Martindale's as of 11/23/16:

Adrenaline OR Adrenalin* OR epinephrin* OR 51-43-4 OR “Adreject” OR “Adrena” OR “Adrenaclick” OR “Adrenaliini” OR “Adrenin” OR “Adrenotone” OR “Allerject” OR “Altellus” OR “Ana-Guard” OR “Anahelp” OR “Anakit” OR “Anapen” OR “Anaphylaxie-Besteck” OR “AsthmaHaler Mist” OR “AsthmaNefrin” OR “Auvi-Q” OR “Avenoc” OR “Ayerst Epitrate” OR “Bronitin Mist” OR “Bronkaid” OR “Drenalin” OR “Dysne-Inhal” OR “Dyspne-Inhal” OR “Efrinalin” OR “Emerade” OR “Epi EZ” OR “Epifrin” OR “Epiglaufrin” OR “Epiject” OR “Epinal” OR “Epinefriini” OR “Epinefrin” OR “Epinefrina” OR “Epinefryna” OR “Epinephrin/Adrenalin” OR “Epinephrinum” OR “EpiPen” OR “Epirenamine” OR “Eppy/N” OR “Eppy” OR “Eppystabil” OR “Fastjekt” OR “Gingi-Pak” OR “Glaucon” OR “Glaufrin” OR “Glauposine” OR “Glycirenan” OR “InfectoKrupp” OR “Isopto Epinal” OR “Jext” OR “Levorenin” OR “Medihaler-Epi” OR “microNefrin” OR “Naline” OR “Nefrin” OR “Nephron” OR “Orostat” OR “Penepin” OR “Phinev” OR “Pinadrina” OR “Primatene Mist” OR “S-2” OR “Simplene” OR “Suprarenin” OR “Surgident” OR “Sus-Phrine” OR “Tonogen” OR “Twinject” OR “Vaponefrin” 

In this second search, composed on 3/25/10, I was looking for articles about IV use. I included multiingredient preparations. I didn't look up all the brand name delivery methods, but I eliminated most of those products that were either obviously for inhalation or obviously for dental use.
(epinephrin* OR Racepinephrine OR Adrenaliini OR adrenalin* OR Epinefriini OR Epinefrin* OR Epinefryn* OR Epirenamine OR Levorenin OR Suprarenin OR Adrenaliinitartraatti OR AccuSite OR Adreject OR Adreject OR Adrenotone OR Adrinex OR Alfacaina OR Anaesthol OR Anahelp OR Ana-Kit OR Anapen OR Anestesia OR Anestesico OR Artifrin OR Asmopul OR Asthmolysin OR Astracaine OR Avenoc OR Bronchovydrin OR Bronkaid OR Brovon OR (Brox AND Aerosol) OR Bupiabbott OR Bupstesic OR Caina OR Citanest OR OR Drenalin OR Drocanil OR (Dyspne AND Inhal) OR Eknalin OR (Emergent AND Ez) OR (epi AND EZ) OR Epifrin OR Epifrin OR Epiglaufrin OR Epiject OR EpiPen OR Epistaxol OR Eppy OR Eppystabil OR Extracaine OR Fastjekt OR Ganda OR Gesicain OR Glaucadrin OR Glaucadrine OR Glaucofrin OR Glauposine OR Gobbicaina OR Hemorroidina OR “Isopto Epinal” OR Jetokain OR Jetosel OR Kamacaine OR Larjancaina OR Lidocabbott OR Lidocadren OR Lidocaine OR Lidocation OR Lidocaton OR Lidogeyer OR Lidonostrum OR Lignospan OR Lignostab OR Marcain OR Marcain OR Meganest OR Nefrin OR (Neo AND Collargol) OR Noditran OR Novaboin OR Novocain-Suprarenin OR Nurocain OR Nurocain OR Octocaine OR Pehacain OR Pharmacaine OR Piladren OR Pinadrina OR Pisacaina OR Rectinol OR Sarticain OR Scandicaine OR OR Scandonest OR Scandonest OR Sensorcaine OR Septanest OR Septocaine OR Simplene OR (sirop AND boin) OR Stoma OR Supposedol OR Suprexon OR Sus-Phrine OR Tonogen OR Twinject OR Ubistesin OR Ultracaine OR Xilorroidal OR Xylanaest OR Xylestesina OR Xylestesin OR Xylocain OR Xylocaina OR Xylocaina OR Xylocaine OR Xylonor OR Xylotox OR Yanal OR Articadent OR Articaina OR Artinibsa OR Artinostrum OR (Asman AND Valeas) OR Epitrate OR Biodicaine OR Bucanest OR Bupicain OR Bupiforan OR Bupisen OR Bupisolver OR Bupixamol OR Bupyl OR Buvacaina OR Carbocain OR Carboplyina OR Carbosen OR Carbostesin OR Cartidont OR Citanest OR Citocartin OR Deltazine OR Denkan OR Duracaine OR Duranest OR Ecocain OR Epilo OR Andrenor OR Lignospan OR Links-Glaukosan OR Macaine OR Marcain* OR Meganest OR Mepicain OR Mepident OR Mepiforan OR (Mepi AND Mynol) OR Mepisolver OR Mepivamol OR Mepyl OR Molcain OR (Mydrial AND Atropin) OR Neocaina OR (neo AND novutox) OR Novabupi OR Octocaine OR Optocain OR Pilodren OR Predesic OR Primacaine OR Scandicaine OR Scandinibsa OR Sensorcaine OR Septanest OR Septocaine OR Topicaine OR Unicaine OR Vivacaine OR (Xilo AND Mynol) OR Xilonibsa OR Xilonibsa OR Xylestesin OR Xylocain* OR Xylocitin OR Xylonest OR Xylonest OR Xylonor OR Xyloplyin* OR Xylorolland OR Xylotox OR Zorcaine OR Adrenin OR Alphacaine OR Alphacaine OR Alphacaine OR Ana-Guard OR Ana-Kit OR (Anaphylaxie AND Besteck) OR (Coliriocilina AND Adren AND Astr) OR Epifrin OR Fastjekt OR Gingi-Pak OR Glaucon OR Glaucon OR Glaufrin OR Glycirenan OR Haemocortin OR Hemorid OR Lincaina OR Medi-Kord OR Mepivastesin OR (Neo AND Xylestesin) OR Orostat OR Primacaine OR Rapidocaine OR Riddobron OR Rinantipiol OR Rudocaine OR (Sil AND Trax AND Plus OR Suprarenin OR Surgident OR Ubistesin OR Ultracain OR (Ultracain* AND (Suprarenin OR D-suprarenin)) OR Xylestesin* OR lyophrin OR micronefrin OR vaponefrin OR epifrin)


I was looking for articles about IV use. I didn't look up all the brand name delivery methods, but I have eliminated those products that were either obviously for inhalation or obviously for dental use.  I also excluded the brand name "Constriction".

dopamin* OR Hydroxytyramine OR "3,4-Dihydroxyphenethylamine" OR "3,4 Dihydroxyphenethylamine" OR ASL279 OR (ASL AND 279) OR dopamiini* OR Abbodop OR SL279 OR (SL AND 279) Cardiosteril OR Cetadop OR Clorpamina OR Cordodopa OR Docard OR Dopabane OR Dopac OR Dopacris OR Dopaflex OR Dopamed OR Dopamex OR Dopaminex OR Dopatropin OR Dopin OR Dopina OR Dopinga OR Dopmin OR Drynalken OR Drynalquin OR Dynatra OR Dynatra OR Dynos OR Flemina OR Giludop OR Giludop OR Giludop OR Hettytropin OR Indop OR Inopin OR Inotropin OR Inotropisa OR Inovan OR Intropin OR Medopa OR Megadose OR Miocina OR Myocard OR (Pre[tiab] AND dopa) OR Rascordin OR Revimine OR Revimine OR Revivan OR Tensophoril OR Vasomine OR Zetarina

Norepinephrine --keyword

I was looking for articles about IV use.  I didn't look up all the brand name delivery methods, but I have eliminated those products that were either obviously for inhalation or obviously for dental use. 

(norepinefrin* OR Noradrenaliini* OR Noradrenalin* OR Norepinephrin* OR Levonorepinephrine OR Noradrenaliinitartraatti OR Norepinefrin* OR Norepinefryn* OR l-Norepinephrine OR Levarterenol OR Noradrenaliini OR Norepinefriini OR Norepirenamine OR Anaesthol OR Fioritina OR Lignostab-N OR Naprina OR Neo-Lidocaton OR Neo-Lidocaton OR Noradren OR Nor-Anaesthol OR Norepine OR Nurocain OR Ravocaine and Novocain OR Scandonest OR Xilonibsa OR Xylocaina OR Xylotox OR Arterenol OR l-Arterenol OR Levarterenol OR Levarterenoli OR Adine OR Adrenor OR Biodicaine OR Cidancaina OR Inotrop OR Kausalpunkt OR Levonor OR Levophed OR Andrenor OR Noradrenal OR N-Epi OR Noradrec OR Norephed OR Norpin OR Pressicaine OR Pridam OR Scandicain* OR Scandinor OR Scandonest OR Vascon OR Xylonor OR Ziacaine OR Arterenol OR Neo-Xylestesin* OR Xylestesin* )


I haven't OR'd in investigational names, foreign generic names, or brand names other than tylenol.

( “COX-2 inhibitor” OR “COX-1 inhibitor” OR “COX inhibitor” OR “cyclo-oxygenase inhibitor” OR “COX-2 inhibitors” OR “COX-1 inhibitors” OR “COX inhibitors” OR “cyclo-oxygenase inhibitors” OR anti-pyretic* OR antipyretic* OR NSAID OR NSAIDS OR nonsteroidal OR Paracetamol OR acetaminophen OR Tylenol OR naproxen OR ketorolac OR etodolac OR Benoxaprofen* OR Carprofen OR Fenbufen OR Fenoprofen OR Flurbiprofen OR Ibuprofen OR Indoprofen OR Ketoprofen OR Ketorolac OR Loxoprofen OR Oxaprozin OR Pirprofen OR Suprofen* OR Tiaprofenic OR Aceclofenac OR Acemetacin OR Bromfenac OR Diclofenac OR Etodolac OR Indomethacin OR Nabumetone OR Sulindac OR Sulindac sulphide OR Tolmetin OR Zomepirac OR Floctafenine OR Flufenamic OR Meclofenamate OR Mefenamic OR Isoxicam OR Lornoxicam OR Meloxicam OR Piroxicam OR Sudoxicam OR Azapropazone OR Feprazone OR Oxyphenbutazone OR Phenylbutazone OR aspirin OR acetysalicyl* OR ASA )

Patient position during labor

(("Labor, Obstetric"[Mesh] OR "Labor, Induced"[Mesh]) ) AND ("Patient Positioning"[Mesh] OR "posture"[mesh] OR position OR sit OR sitting OR sat OR supine OR prone OR positioning OR positions OR upright OR recumbent OR posture* OR knee-chest OR ambulat*)

(labor*[ti] OR (labor*[tiab] AND (obstetric* OR birth* OR deliver*))) AND (position OR sit OR sitting OR sat OR supine OR prone OR positioning OR positions OR upright OR recumbent OR posture* OR knee-chest OR ambulat*) NOT MEDLINE[sb]

vaginal radiation implants

keyword search for PREMEDLINE

(radioisotop* OR isotop* OR radiotherap* OR radiation OR irradiat* OR brachytherap*) AND (vagina* OR genital OR perine* OR perineal OR genital* OR cervical OR cervix OR cervices OR uterus OR uteri OR uterine OR endometr* OR myometr* OR vulva* OR labia OR labium) AND (implant OR implants OR brachytherap* OR seed OR seeds OR rod OR rods) NOT MEDLINE[sb]

combination of MeSH and keywords for MEDLINE

("Radiation"[Mesh] OR "Radiotherapy"[Mesh] OR "radiotherapy "[Subheading] OR "Radiation Injuries"[Mesh] OR "Radiation Tolerance"[Mesh] OR "Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation"[Mesh] OR "Radiation Dosage"[Mesh] OR "Brachytherapy"[Mesh] OR "Radiation Protection"[Mesh] OR "Radiotherapy Planning, Computer-Assisted"[Mesh] OR "Radiation Oncology"[Mesh] OR "Radioisotopes"[Mesh]) AND ("Vaginal Neoplasms"[Mesh] OR "Vagina"[Mesh] OR "Genital Neoplasms, Female"[Mesh] OR "Perineum"[Mesh] OR "Genitalia, Female"[mesh]) AND (implant OR implants OR "Brachytherapy"[mesh] OR seed OR seeds OR rod OR rods)