Saturday, November 23, 2019

Left Ventricular Assist Device or Ventricular Assist Device (side not specified) -- EMBASE keyword

( 'ventricular assist device'/de OR 'left ventricular assist device'/exp OR "AB 5000" OR "artificial heart ventricle*" OR "Artificial Ventricle*" OR "BVS 5000" OR "circulatory assist unit*" OR "DeBakey Child" OR "heart assist" OR "Lion Heart" OR "LV assist" OR "MiTi Heart" OR "Vascular Assist Device*" OR "Vascular-Assist Device*" OR "ventricle assist device*" OR "ventricle assist" OR "ventricle-assist device*" OR "ventricular assist device*" OR "ventricular-assist device*" OR AB5000 OR AB-5000 OR CentriMag OR CorAide OR DuraHeart OR EVAHEART OR EXCOR OR FlowMaker OR HeartAssist OR heart-assist OR HeartMate OR HeartQuest OR HeartWare OR HVAD OR Impella OR INCOR OR Jarvik OR Levacor OR LionHeart OR LVAD OR LVAS OR Novacor OR TandemHeart OR Toyobo-LVAS OR VAD OR Ventrassist)

Monday, November 18, 2019

Tetracyline -- Keywords

Names for tetracycline are from Martidale: The Complete Drug Reference.
(Tetracyclin* OR Tetraciclin* OR Tetraciklin* OR Tetracyklin* OR Tetrasikli* OR Tetrasykli* OR Achromycin OR Achromycine OR Acnedur OR Acromicina OR Actisite OR Akne-Pyodron OR Akotid OR Alfaciclina OR Ambotetra OR Ambramicina OR Ambra-Sinto T OR Apocyclin OR Arcanacycline OR Aureciclina OR Austramycin OR Beatacycline OR Berciclina OR Bioman OR Biotine OR Biotrex OR Biotricina OR Bomcin OR Boramycin OR Bristaciclina OR Bristacycline OR Calociclina OR Cetacycline-P OR Chemiciclina OR Ciclobiotico OR  Ciclotetryl OR Cinatrex OR Clincor OR Cliten OR Combitrex OR Conmycin OR Corsatet OR Cortigrin OR Dhatracin OR Dibaterr OR Dispatetrin OR Droclina OR Dumocyclin OR Dumocycline OR Economycin OR Educiclina OR Florocycline OR Forbiotin OR Forcicline OR Forcycline OR Gammatet OR Ganospec OR Guayaciclina OR Guayatetra OR Heromycin OR Hexacycline OR Hortetracin OR Hostacyclin OR Hostacycline OR Hydracycline OR Hydromycin OR Ibicyn OR Idilin OR Ikacycline OR Imacol OR Imex OR Inacol OR Indocycline OR Infex OR Ingacycline OR Istix OR Kinciclina OR Latycin OR Latycyn OR Laur OR Lenocin OR Licoklin OR Lupiterra OR Macrocilin OR Medocycline OR Metrocycline OR Meyercycline OR Miciclin OR Miociclin OR Moncycline OR Multigran OR Muvito OR Mysteclin OR Neociclina OR Neo-Cyclin OR Neoprobal OR Nice-Tetra OR Noacne OR Nor-Tet OR Novo-Tetra OR Nu-Tetra OR Ofticlin OR Oricyclin OR Oxi-T OR Panmycin OR Panmycin P OR Pantocycline OR Parenciclina OR Pavitron OR Piccomycin OR "Polcortolon TC" OR Prociclina OR "Profalin CPS" OR Purnatetra OR Qualitetra OR Quimocyclar OR Quimocyclin OR "Quimpe Antibiotico" OR Rayetetra OR Recycline OR Resteclin OR Robitet Robicaps OR Rotet OR "Sagittacin N" OR Sanlin OR Senociclin OR Servitet OR Solclin OR Soltralin OR Spaciclina OR Spectrocycline OR Statinclyne OR Steclin OR Subamycin OR Sumycin OR "Super Tetra" OR Supramycin OR Sustamycin OR Tancilina OR T-Buffer OR TC-Mycin OR TC-Ointment OR Te-Br OR Teclizima OR Tecyn OR Tefilin OR Telexin OR Teraciton OR Terrakal OR Terranumonyl OR Tetra OR Tetrabact OR Tetrabakat OR Tetraben OR Tetrabid OR Tetrabioptal OR Tetrablet OR Tetrac OR Tetracap OR Tetracaps OR Tetrachel OR Tetracilil OR Tetracin OR Tetracina OR Tetracitro OR Tetraclin OR Tetracyn OR Tetrafilm OR Tetrafosammina OR Tetragel OR Tetralan OR Tetralet OR Tetralim OR Tetralution OR Tetram OR Tetraman OR Tetramax OR Tetramed OR Tetramicin OR Tetramig OR Tetramin OR Tetramykoin OR Tetrana OR Tetrano OR Tetranovax OR Tetrapar OR Tetraphos OR Tetrapres OR Tetraprocyn OR Tetra-Proter OR Tetrarco OR Tetrasanbe OR Tetraseptine OR Tetrasin OR Tetraspir OR Tetraxil OR Tetra-Zil OR Tetrerba OR Tetrex OR Tetrib OR Tetrim OR Tetrin OR Tevacycline OR "TM Mycin" OR Topicycline OR Topitetrina OR Tracyclin OR Tracyne OR Traplicina OR Traxetrine OR Triclin OR Triphacycline OR Tromicol OR Utomycin OR Vitasilin OR Xepacycline)

Names removed from the search strategy:
1) quoted phrases (multi-word drug names) not found by PubMed:
"Jaa Tetra" OR "Austramycin V" OR "Robitet Robicaps"
2) Names for tetracycline which retrieve irrelevant results because the names are used for concepts other than tetracycline
"Teline" is the name for a plant genus