Monday, April 29, 2013

Bowel prep for colonoscopy -- keywords and MeSH

I'm posting this strategy because I don't want to have to start from scratch in the future.  It's a first attempt based on just a couple hours work.  In this case, I intended to err on the side of specificity rather than sensitivity; I wasn't working on a systematic review.  Most results retrieved are relevant, but some relevant results are almost certainly missed.

("antifoaming agents"[mesh] OR "bisacodyl"[mesh] OR "cathartics"[mesh] OR "citric acid"[mesh] OR "enema"[mesh] OR "electrolytes/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "electrolytes/diagnostic use"[mesh] OR "fasting"[mesh] OR "isotonic solutions/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "magnesium sulfate"[mesh] OR "magnesium oxide"[mesh] OR "organometallic compounds"[mesh] OR "phosphates/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "phosphates/therapeutic use"[mesh] OR "picolines"[mesh] OR "Preoperative Care/methods"[mesh] OR "plant oils"[mesh] OR "polyethylene glycols"[mesh] OR "propylamines/therapeutic use"[mesh] OR "simethicone"[mesh] OR "solvents"[mesh] OR "sulfates/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "therapeutic irrigation"[mesh] OR bisacodyl[ti] OR "bowel cleansing"[ti] OR cathartic*[ti] OR clean[ti] OR cleans[ti] OR cleaning[ti] OR cleaned[ti] OR cleanse[ti] OR cleanses[ti] OR cleansed[ti] OR cleansing[ti] OR "cleaning device"[ti] OR "cleaning devices"[ti] OR "colon cleansing"[ti] OR "colonic cleansing"[ti] OR enema*[ti] OR gatorade[ti] OR golytely[ti] OR klean-prep[ti] OR laxative*[ti] OR magnesium[ti] OR MedJet[ti] OR miralax*[ti] OR moviprep[ti] OR PEG[ti] OR "PEG+ASC"[ti] OR "PEG-asc"[ti] OR "PEG-ELS"[ti] OR "PEG-EA" [ti] OR "polyethylene glycol"[ti] OR "polyethylene glycols"[ti] OR prep[ti] OR preparation[ti] OR preps[ti] OR preparations[ti] OR prokinetic*[ti] OR saline[ti] OR senna[ti] OR sennoside*[ti] OR spasmolytic[ti] OR phosphate[ti] OR phosphates[ti] OR phospho-soda*[ti] OR "olive oil"[ti] OR pico-salax[ti] OR picolax[ti] OR picosulphate*[ti] sulfate*[ti] OR NPO[ti] OR "nothing by mouth"[ti] OR "liquid diet"[ti] OR "liquid diets"[ti] OR "clear liquids"[ti] OR fasting[ti]) AND (colonoscop*[ti] OR "colonoscopy "[majr] OR precolonoscop*[ti] OR pre-colonoscop*[ti])

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mebendazole and albendazole -- MeSH and keywords

Terms from the MeSH entry term list and from Martindale's (via MICROMEDEX 4/14/13)

("Mebendazole"[Mesh] OR mebendazol* OR "Albendazole"[Mesh] OR albendazol* OR Mebendatsoli OR R-17635 OR R17635 OR "R 17635" OR  31431-39-7   OR Aduar  OR Alworm  OR Amatol OR Amibriz  OR Amoebriz  OR Amycil  OR Antiox  OR Anti-Worm  OR "anti worm" OR Ascariobel OR Ascaritor OR Ascarobex  OR Athelmin  OR Averpan OR Bantenol OR Banworm OR Belmirax OR Benda OR Bendacor OR Bendamen OR Bendazole OR Bendrax OR Benedaxol OR Benfu OR Bensolmin OR Bensolmin OR Bestelar  OR Bivalem OR Carbatil OR Cecurin OR Certovermil OR Cessaverm OR "De Worm" OR Cipex OR Crisdazol OR Daben OR Dazomet[tiab] OR Diacor OR Diazolen OR Divermil OR Docmebenda OR Drivermide OR Ductelmin OR Eben OR Edivertin OR elmetin OR Elmin OR Eprofil OR Eraverm OR Exaverm OR exbenzol OR Exelmin OR Exteny OR Fanciadazol OR Feller OR Flemdazole OR Flenverme OR Forverm OR Fuben OR Fugacar OR Gavox OR Geophagol OR Hedazol OR Helmacon OR Helmib OR Helmiben OR Helmidrax OR Helmint OR Helmintol OR Helminzole OR Helmizil  OR Ibdazol OR Idibend OR Josverm OR Kindelmin  OR Anti-worm   OR Lomper OR Lumbicid OR Lupimeb OR Madicure OR Marben   OR Meba OR Meban OR Mebandozer OR Mebazole OR Mebeciclol OR Mebelmin OR Meben OR Mebendan  OR Mebendazole OR Mebendazotil OR Mebendicin OR Mebendil OR Mebenlax OR Mebensole OR Mebental OR Mebentiasis OR Mebentine OR Mebentral OR Mebenvet OR Mebenzole OR Mebex OR Mebiozol OR Mebutar OR Mebzol OR Medazol* OR Menbel OR Mendazole OR Metiaben OR Mindol OR Mizolmex OR Moben OR Multielmin OR multizol OR Necamin OR Nemapres OR Nemasole OR Neomex  OR Neovermin OR Novelmin OR Noxworm OR Octelmin OR Ovex[tiab] OR Oxitover OR Oxizole[tiab] OR panfugan OR Pantelmin OR Panverm OR Panvermin OR Paranzol OR Paraverm OR Parelmin OR Pentazole OR Pival OR Pluriverm OR Plurivermil OR Poliben OR Polidazol[tiab] OR Politelmin OR Pripsen[tiab] OR Probendazol OR Prodazol OR Profenzol OR Profium OR Prohelmin OR Quemox OR Quemox OR Quintelmin OR Revapol OR Rioworm OR Septinalis OR Sifbem OR Sirben OR Soltric OR Sqworm OR Sufil OR Surfont  OR Tamixan OR Telmin OR Tesical OR Tetrahelmin OR Thelmox OR Toloxim OR Trotil  OR Vagaka OR Vermalon OR Vermazol OR Vermepen OR Vermiben OR Vermicidin OR Vermicol OR Vermidil OR Verminon OR Vermirax OR Vermol OR Vermonon OR Vermoplex  OR Vermoral OR Vermox  OR Versid   OR Vertizole OR Verzol OR Warca OR Wormex OR Wormgo OR Wormin OR Wormkuur OR Wormob OR Wormstop OR Zoldaben OR Zoles OR Albendatsoli OR SKF-62979 OR  54965-21-8 OR ABD OR abentel   OR ABZ OR Abzole OR "ABZ " OR Adazol OR "AH-1" OR Alba-3 OR Albacos OR Albamaa OR Albasym OR Albatel  OR Albazole OR Albekon OR Albel  OR Albemed  OR Alben  OR Albenda  OR Albendol OR Albendoral OR  Albendrox OR Albendy OR Albenix OR Albensil OR Albent OR Albentel OR Albenz OR Albenza OR Albenzole OR Albenzonil OR Albesan OR Albest OR Albestar OR Albex OR Albezin OR Albezol OR Albezol OR Albezole OR Albicar  OR Albol OR Albosym OR Alboven OR Albrodo OR Alda OR Aldamin  OR Aldazole OR Alminth OR Altec OR Alvect OR Alworm OR Alzad OR Alzel  OR Alzental OR Alzoben OR Alzol OR Amplozol OR Andazol OR Antheda OR Anthel  OR Antiworm OR Ariban  OR Asibend OR atbend OR aviband OR Avizole  OR Bandy OR Banthel OR Bendapar OR Bendex OR Bendol OR Benrod  OR Bentiamin OR Benyad OR Benzol[tiab] OR Benzole[tiab] OR Benzys OR Bevindazol OR Bilutac OR  Biwom  OR Bradelmin OR C-Band  OR C-Bend OR Ceprazol  OR Cidazole OR Conthel OR Cuwarm OR Dabenzol OR Dazo OR Dazocan OR Dazol OR Dazolin OR Dezabil OR Digezanol OR Dispel OR Disthelm   OR Ebex OR Ejectil OR Elbend OR Eleben OR Elminex OR Elminova OR Emanthal OR Enbenol OR Endoplus OR Entoplus OR Eradix OR Eskazole OR Euralben OR Falben OR armiver OR atel OR Flatezol  OR Foben OR Gascop  OR Gekare OR Gendazel OR Getrid OR Helal OR Helmintal OR Helmisons OR Hymin OR Ilides OR Imavermil OR Imectin  OR Iverzole OR voral OR Janbol OR Kaybend OR Kidi OR Kiraza OR Kolexan OR Labenda OR Loveral OR Lumbrifar OR Lupibend OR Lurdex  OR Manozide  OR Masaworm OR Mebenix OR Mesin  OR Metiazol[tiab] OR Milibend OR Monozol OR Morband OR Mycotel OR N-Bend OR NBWorm OR Nemaban OR Nemofex OR Nemozole  OR Networm OR Noworm OR Nubend OR Oben OR Odal OR Olban OR Olbendital OR Olworm OR Omnitel OR Oxal OR Paranthil OR Parasin OR Parazol  OR Prodazole OR Rivazol OR Sanoxal OR Serbendazol OR Sostril[tiab] OR Synparyn OR Taron OR Tenibex OR Thelban OR Totelmin OR Valbazen OR  Vastus OR Vemizol OR Vendazol OR veranzol OR Verdazol OR Vermiclase OR ermilan  OR Vermisen OR Vermital OR Vermixide OR Vermizole OR Vermoil OR Vetoben OR Vormil OR Wormadole OR Zeben OR Zela OR Zelfin OR Zenaxin OR Zendal OR Zenmex OR Zentel OR Zenzera OR Zoben OR Zolben  OR Zoldan)

I excluded the following hyphenated or multi-word terms because they were "not found" by PubMed and could cause retrieval of irrelevant results:Adco-Wormex OR Big-Ben OR Combantrin-1  OR D-Worm OR Eraverm-T   OR Gran-Verm  OR Helmi-Ped OR Hero-Benson OR L-Ombrix   OR Masaworm-1 OR M-Bentabs OR Mebenda-P OR Meb-Overoid  OR Rid-O-Worm OR Rolab-Anthex  OR Vermin-Dazol  OR Zol-Triq  OR Ablaze-IM OR Albacos-IR  OR Alben-Hero   OR Alben-VC OR Albosym-IR  OR Anthel-UP OR Benrod-I OR "D-Worms"  OR Combantrin-A   OR C-Trop 
OR D-Worm OR E-Bend  OR Ectin-A  OR Elect-A  OR Getrid-I  OR Ivecop-AB  OR Ivercid-A OR Leo-400  OR Mesin-C OR San-San  OR "Threadworm Tablets" OR "KB Bendazole" OR "Neo Mebend"  OR "Tru Compuesto" OR "Tru M" OR "Ascapil A"  OR "C Cobistal" OR D-Worm OR "Eris Plus" OR "Macbi Plus" OR "Vermin Plus"

I excluded the following and a few additional terms with common meanings unrelated to their use as a name for mebednazole or albendazole:
Vermin OR Vertex