Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Dose-finding studies or reviews discussing same

The search strategies below are just initial attempts to produce search strategies that focus on dose-finding studies.  Proximity searching is very useful for this topic.  Neither of the PubMed strategies below comes close to being comprehensive.

(dose* OR dosage*) NEAR/4 (find* OR rang* OR escalat* OR 'phase i' OR 'phase 1' OR 'phase 2' OR 'phase ii') NEAR/7 (stud* OR trial* OR group*)

("dose finding" OR "dose escalating" OR "dose escalation" OR "dose ranging")

(dose*[ti] OR dosage*[ti]) AND (find*[ti] OR rang*[ti] OR escalat*[ti] OR "phase 1"[ti] OR "phase i"[ti] OR "phase ii"[ti] OR "phase 2"[ti]) AND (stud* OR trial* OR group*)